The Best Pressure Cooker Recipes for 2019

If you do any bit of cooking around the house you’ll probably find your way to the pressure cooker at some point and start looking for a few good pressure cooker recipes.

These days pressure cookers are making a resurgence – a comeback if you will. And it’s no surprise either. Families are stretched to the limit for time these days and pressure cookers can often provide a one-pot meal in much less time than traditional cooking methods.

Here on Corrie Cooks I am a firm believer in pressure cooking and I have answered a really large pool of frequently asked questions regarding this cooking method. I continue to do so to this day too!

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t prominently feature all of the best pressure cooker recipes I come across… so I’ve decided to do so right here. Alternatively you can click through to read my Instant pot cookbook reviews or my pressure cooker cookbook reviews.

If however you are looking for one good recipe as opposed to a full cookbook of recipes then I’m sure you’ll find one nestled below in any of the curated pages listed below.

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The Best Pressure Cooker Recipes – Updated for 2019

Below you’ll find this big list of recipes and meals sorted into categories. Please pick the type of cooking you are are doing at home, it will make your life easier because details matter. After all, pressure cooking in an Instant Pot is different from using a stovetop pressure cooker. The times and temps are different. Choose your method and keep things as simple as possible for you in the kitchen.

electric pressure cooker recipesElectric Pressure Cooker Recipes – Are you looking for a good recipe for your electric pressure cooker? There are literally thousands of awesome recipes for electric pressure cookers ranging from Instant Pot, to Power Cooker XL, to Cuisinart. Some of the best recipes are quite complex while many other recipes are super easy-easy enough for a beginner to make with no trouble at all. If you have an electric pressure cooker you need to understand that they are different from stovetop models so the recipes should be a bit different too. See this post for more on the differences between electric and stovetop pressure cookers.

Stovetop Pressure Cooker Recipes – Anyone who has pressure cooked a time or two knows this – instrcutions for stovetop pressure cooking are different than they are for pressure cooking in an electric pressure cooker. Thsi is because electric models cook at a lower PSI (temperature) and as a result cooking times are different. Some electric models can’t saute or brown foods and many stovetop models use different types of pressure release methods making the instructions for food prep different. Here I’ve taken the time to show only my favorite stovetop pressure cooker recipes. In some cases these will be more varied because I use small larger cooker/canners. Each obviously makes different types of foods. You’ll catch on though, I’m sure.

Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

Pressure Cooker Chicken Recipes

Healthy Pressure Cooker Recipes

Pressure Cooker Recipes for Beef