Instant Pot Egg Roll in a Bowl


This Instant Pot Egg Roll in a Bowl is a light and healthy one-pot meal. This dish is a powerhouse of protein and fibers while being a low-carb and ketogenic.

All you need is the Instant Pot, ground meat and broccoli slaw. (As well as spices and chicken stock or other liquid for the cooking process…)

Is it crack slaw?

Yes. Instant Pot crack slaw and Instant Pot Egg Roll in a Bowl are basically the same recipe.

They are just 2 different names for the same dish.

Does it contain eggs?

No. Although the name may indicate it contains eggs, this Instant Pot egg roll in a bowl recipe do not have any.

Still, you can add egg in it. Not during the cooking, but during the serving. Top the meal with hard boiled egg slices.

Do I have to use chicken stock?

You can use other types of stocks or broth and even water. If you do by chance overseason your ground meat, you can fix it by using water instead of stock.

What else can be used instead of beef?

For this recipe, you can use shredded chicken, ground beef, ground pork, , or even turkey. The cooking time is the same.

How to serve?

Serve with spring onions and Sriracha sauce on top.

How to make Egg roll in a Bowl

Gather your ingredients:

Brown beef in Instant Pot on Saute. Add garlic powder, ginger powder, and tamari sauce.

Add in sesame seeds oil, rice vinegar, and chicken broth. Stir well and cook on saute for 1 minute.

Turn off the Saute option. Add broccoli slaw or cabbage slaw over the meat. Do not stir.

Press the Pressure Cook/Manual button, or dial, then press the +/- button or dial to select 0 minutes (yes, zero). High pressure. As soon as the cooking cycle has ended, do a Quick Release of the pressure.

When the pin in the lid drops down, open the lid and give the mixture a good stir.

Instant Pot Egg Roll in a Bowl
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Course: dinner, lunch
Cuisine: Chinese
Keyword: BBQ Beef Brisket, broccoli, cabbage, Instant Pot Apple Streusel, slaw
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 8 minutes
Servings: 4
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp ginger powder
  • 3 tsp rice wine vinegar
  • 2 tbsp toasted sesame oil
  • 2 tbsp tamari sauce
  • 14 oz broccoli slaw or cabbage slaw
  • 2 spring onions sliced
  • 2 tsp Sriracha
  • 1/2 cup chicken stock
  • Select the Saute option on Instant Pot.
  • Brown the beef in Instant Pot. Add garlic, tamari sauce, sesame seeds oil, and chicken broth.
  • Cook for 1 minute on "saute".
  • Pour in the stock, sesame oil, and rice wine vinegar. Stir well. Press Cancel to turn off the Saute option.
  • Add the broccoli slaw on top of the beef.
  • Lock the lid into place. Press the Pressure Cook/Manual button, then press the +/- button or dial to select 0 minutes (yes, zero).
  • When cooking time ends, turn the steam release knob to the Venting position to do a Quick Release of the pressure.
  • Stir again and serve.
  • Top with Sriracha and sliced spring onions.

Instant Pot Egg Roll Bowls

This recipe is part of our 1001 Instant Pot recipes project, a huge collection of free, easy and delicious recipes.

15 thoughts on “Instant Pot Egg Roll in a Bowl

    1. Oh no! That’s quite a different color and taste, so I’m not sure. Red wine vinegar lasts a long time though and I have many other recipes that use it, so it won’t go to waste 🙂

    1. This was SO good! Will definitely repeat! My broccoli slaw came in 12oz. bags, so I put in 1 1/2 bags, 18oz. I would add both full bags next time, and it would not seem like too much. We took Romain lettuce leaves and used this as a filling. It was so tasty.
      One note: your written directions in the (jump to) recipe are missing the garlic powder and rice wine vinegar. (Your instructions with the photos include these ingredients.)
      Thanks for a great meal!

      1. Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you liked it! And thanks for pointing that out– I will update the recipe 🙂

  1. Looks good. I haven’t made eggshells in decades.
    I did see any wrapping it in anything. Like burrito shells

    1. That’s right! This recipe gives you all the flavor of egg rolls without the wrapper. You could always make this filling and then use it to make egg rolls with egg rolls wraps if you prefer.

  2. Amazing!! I used ground pork, and everything else as listed, and drizzled homemade Asian-style mustard over the top.
    I will definitely be making this again!

  3. I have to go to the store for groceries… It’s all GONE!!
    A few questions: I have tamari sauce (because of course I have tamari!) but also have soy and liquid aminos. Are they interchangeable, or was tamari used for a reason? Also, I had a lot of liquid left in the bottom of the pot. I used water instead of broth. I might try powdered/granular broth flavoring with much less water. Do you thicken it up, enjoy it as is, or not have liquid left over at all? And I’m probably going to double up on veggies as is my wont; shredded carrots, thicker slices of cabbage, maybe another bag of broccoli slaw added after pressure release and stirred in for five minutes.
    And I’m going to need a lot more hot mustard powder!!
    Five stars for this recipe!!

    1. Those all sound like great ideas– it’s pretty flexible. I’d say tamari, soy sauce and liquid aminos are all interchangeable in terms of flavor and consistency, so you should use what best suits your dietary needs. There’s always a little liquid left on the bottom since the Instant Pot requires liquid to cook. If you want, you could thicken it with cornstarch, but I usually just enjoy it as is! Hope that helps! 🙂

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