Instant Pot Ramen

Bowl of ramen with hard boiled eggs and chicken.

This Instant Pot Ramen is a simple and easy dump-and-go recipe you can make in only 10 minutes!

Who knew that packaged Ramen noodles could taste this good?

Bowl of ramen with hard boiled eggs and chicken.

Add in some eggs for protein and a few other delicious ingredients, and you can rest easy knowing that your next bowl of ramen noodles is going to be simple and delicious.

It's so simple to make this pressure cooker ramen that you literally just have to add all the ingredients into your Instant Pot and let it take over and do all the work.

Why This Recipe Works

I love this Instant Pot Ramen recipe because it’s a warm hearty soup that feels like comfort food, but it’s actually filled with healthy ingredients.

Fresh ginger, garlic, and mushrooms provide a ton of antioxidants and other nutritional benefits. They also combine perfectly to create that rich and delectable umami taste that keeps you coming back for more.

  • Hearty dinner that everyone will love
  • A fast and simple way to make the perfect bowl of ramen
  • Flavorful and easy to change up ingredients as needed

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Recipe Ingredients

Top view of eggs, mushrooms, ramen noodles, spices and more Ingredients needed to make ramen soup.

Mushrooms – use any type of mushroom you like or a combination! Some of my favorites are white mushrooms, cremini, and shiitake.

Ginger – fresh ginger adds a lot of flavor and aroma, but you can use 1 tsp. of dried ginger as a substitute if you need it.

Chicken stock – if you want to make a vegetarian version of this recipe, you can use vegetable stock instead.

Soy sauce – I prefer low-sodium soy sauce. Try substituting tamari and using gluten-free noodles to keep this recipe gluten free!

Coconut milk – use canned, full-fat coconut milk for best results.

Vinegar – you can use rice wine vinegar, white distilled vinegar, or white wine vinegar in this recipe.

Red curry paste – this super flavor-packed ingredient usually contains a combination of red chili peppers, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, spices, and often shrimp paste or fish sauce. Check the ingredients if you are concerned about them containing seafood.

Chicken – the chicken is optional. You can leave it out or replace it with another protein if you prefer.

Ramen noodles – make sure you buy unseasoned ramen noodles for this! Fresh or dried noodles both work.

Serving bowl full of ramen noodles, mushrooms, and egg.

How to Make Instant Pot Ramen

Make sure that you have all your ingredients on hand before starting. This recipe is perfect with everything added together - I promise!

Step One: Add 3 cups of chicken stock to your Instant Pot.

Step Two: Add ¼ cup of soy sauce.

Step Three: Pour in 1 cup of coconut milk.

Instant Pot Ramen

Step Four: Add 1 T of white vinegar.

Step Five: Add the chopped mushrooms into the Instant Pot to create a hearty texture.

Instant Pot Ramen

Step Six: Add minced ginger into the Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Ramen

Step Seven: Next, add the chopped green onions.

Instant Pot Ramen

Step Eight: Add 1 T of red curry paste.

Instant Pot Ramen

Step Nine: Add ½ chicken breast and 2 eggs to make your Ramen more hearty and meaty! Put on the lid and set it to High Pressure for 6 minutes.

Instant Pot Ramen

Step Ten: Once the cooking time has passed, do a Quick Release, and then add the dried noodles.

Instant Pot Ramen

Step Eleven: After giving the noodles some time to cook, you're going to take the chicken and eggs out. Slice the chicken into pieces.

Step Twelve: Peel the eggs, and cut them in half.

Step Thirteen: Put the cooked noodles into a serving bowl.

Instant Pot Ramen

Step Fourteen: Top each bowl with broth, followed by eggs, chicken, and any other toppings. Enjoy!

Instant Pot Ramen


Add more veggies - If you want to add in onions or chives, go for it.

Leave out the eggs - Some people don't care for eggs. If you're one of them, that's fine. just leave the eggs out of them.

Add tofu - If you want to add more protein, you can add tofu in place of the chicken OR in addition.

Add Narutomaki - For a rich fishy taste, you can add narutomaki for topping. For more info, you can check out What Does Narutomaki Taste Like.

Helpful Tips 

  • This recipe is so easy to customize with toppings or additional vegetables! A common addition is bok choy. Add a handful to the pot and cook until just wilted.
  • Try customizing your ramen with some of these ingredients, too: tofu, diced pork, carrots, bell pepper, and mung bean sprouts.
  • If you wish to make your ramen a little spicy, add in some red pepper flakes, sliced jalapeños, or sriracha sauce as you desire.

How to Serve Ramen

For a healthy supper and a simple weeknight dinner, this really is a complete one-pot meal. Top your ramen with fish cake (narutomaki), hard-boiled eggs, sliced spring onions, or sesame seeds.

You can add extra veggies like Instant Pot Kale on top for added nutritional value, or you can serve them on the side.

One variety that you could also add is rice to the bottom of the soup bowl.

If you are looking for more ideas, check out What to Serve With Ramen.

How to Store

If you have ramen noodles leftover, just save them for the next day! You just need to add them to a container with a lid and store them in the fridge. They'll be ready and waiting for you!

Eat any leftovers within 4-5 days.

How to Reheat

To reheat leftover ramen, the fastest method is to use the microwave. Just a short amount of time will have your noodle bowl piping hot and ready to enjoy.

Recipe FAQs

What is Ramen?

You've probably heard the word a million times but do you know anything about it? Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup. It’s often served with a variety of toppings like delicate chicken, gooey eggs, and vegetables. It's widely popular and there are actual ramen chefs out there who spend years perfecting their craft.

Can I boil the eggs separately?

Yes, you can. For me, I like to do it all in one go to make things easier and quicker, but the choice is up to you. You can boil the eggs on the stove and then add them in later as the recipe states.

Can I make it ahead of time?

Yes – you can cook this Instant Pot Ramen recipe up to 3 days ahead of time. Just be sure that you eat it within a few days of cooking it for the best flavor and taste.

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Instant Pot Ramen

Instant Pot Ramen

Instant Pot Ramen is going to be your new favorite obsession!
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Course: lunch, Main Course, party
Cuisine: modern
Keyword: egg noodles, Instant Pot Ramen, Ramen, Ramen Eggs
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 4
Author: Corrie


  • 2 green onions chopped
  • 1 cup mushrooms sliced
  • 1 tablespoon fresh ginger minced
  • 3 cup chicken stock
  • ¼ cup soy sauce
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 2 tablespoon red curry paste
  • ½ chicken breast
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 pack noodles


  • Pour the chicken stock into the Instant Pot.
  • Next, add the soy sauce, coconut milk, white vinegar, and mix.
  • Once mixed, add the sliced mushrooms, diced green onions, ginger, curry paste, and garlic powder.
  • Add the chicken breast and the eggs and put on the Instant Pot lid.
  • Cook on high pressure for 6 minutes.
  • Once the cooking time is complete, do a quick pressure release.
  • Remove the chicken and slice it. Set it aside.
  • Remove the eggs, peel them, and cut them in half. Set them aside.
  • Add the dry noodles into the Instant Pot and stir for 2 minutes.
  • Serve the noodles in a bowl and add in the chicken, eggs, and toppings!


Calories: 449kcal Carbohydrates: 84g Protein: 17g Fat: 4g Saturated Fat: 1g Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g Monounsaturated Fat: 1g Trans Fat: 0.01g Cholesterol: 82mg Sodium: 38mg Potassium: 281mg Fiber: 4g Sugar: 3g Vitamin A: 119IU Calcium: 36mg Iron: 2mg



  • This recipe is so easy to customize with toppings or additional vegetables! A common addition is bok choy. Add a handful to the pot and cook until just wilted.
  • Try customizing your ramen with some of these ingredients, too: tofu, diced pork, carrots, bell pepper, and mung bean sprouts.
  • If you wish to make your ramen a little spicy, add in some red pepper flakes, sliced jalapeños, or sriracha sauce as you desire.
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    1. Thank you! I used just the standard size, I think 3 ounces, but you can double if you like more noodles in it.

  1. 5 stars
    Made tonight. Absolutely delicious. Living on a tight budget I always have ramen on hand. This recipe jazzed it up but cheaply.

    Many thanks for the hard work Corrie, putting these recipes out here for all of us to enjoy.

  2. First time making ramen for me. I Have King Soba 3-PACK Gluten Free & Organic Brown Rice Ramen Noodles - 4 noodle cakes in each package. Do I use 4 cakes for 4 servings? Does Brown rice ramen need to cook longer than the regular type? A huge thank you for your instant pot recipes, my family and I have been loving them.

    1. Thank you!! Yes, use 1 package (4 cakes) for 4 servings. I'm not sure if the cook time would be different... I would refer to your package instructions. Or try them after 2 minutes like this recipe, and continue to cook them on the keep warm function if they still need to be softened. Hope that helps!

      1. can i use the normal instant ramen noodles without the seasoning? Or do I have to buy different noodles

  3. thank you so much for sharing part of your beautiful and inspiring life! I pray that his school and peers continue to be a great fit. Keep on doing what your doing, Momma, because it sounds like your doing it right!

    I made your Ramen Noodle recipe tonight and I just wanted to make sure I gave you a big Thank You! It was absolutely delicious!!

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