33 Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Recipes

french fries, chicken wings, avocado fries, ham, fried mushrooms, onion rings and more air fried food

Welcome to the best Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid recipes of 2024!

Easy and tasty recipes you can make any time you want something crispy and healthy.

Best recipes for beginners!

french fries, chicken wings, avocado fries, ham, fried mushrooms, onion rings and more air fried food

Easy recipes with simple instructions and a video guide. Just scroll down and enjoy the best air fryer recipes on Corrie Cooks.

1. Instant Pot French Fries

Instant Pot French Fries

The most popular air fryer recipe on Corrie Cooks!

These fries make for a quick homemade snack, loved by everyone on the table. I only use salt, pepper, and paprika for seasoning because I like potatoes’ natural taste.

Feel free to use garlic powder, onion powder and anything you like.

2. Instant Pot Crispy Chicken Wings

Instant Pot Crispy Chicken Wings

Delicious chicken wings that softens in your mouth and you can have them in less than 20 minutes!

3. Instant Pot Chicken Nuggets

Instant Pot Chicken Nuggets

Crispy nuggets just like in your favorite restaurant! Kid-friendly recipe using only simple ingredients.

4. Instant Pot Bacon

Instant Pot Bacon

The easiest recipe on our list that requires only 1 ingredient: bacon!

5. Instant Pot Banana Chips

Instant Pot Banana Chips

Sweet and natural snack you can have easily using the Air Fryer Lid.

Feel free to add cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, paprika, chocolate and anything you like.

6. Instant Pot Country Style Ribs

Instant Pot Country Style Ribs

The ultimate way to make ribs. Combine the magic of the air fryer lid with the special spice mixture and get a delicious main dish for dinner.

7. Instant Pot Cornish Hen

Instant Pot Cornish Hen

One-pot meal for dinner. Starting with pressure cook and than use the air fryer for extra crispy chicken skin on the outside.

For extra taste, use a mix of red and sweet potatoes!

8. Instant Pot Chocolate Chip Cookies

Instant Pot Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yes, you can even make cookies using the Air Frye Lid! Don't forget to add sprinkles or crushed peanuts on top.

9. Instant Pot Mozzarella Sticks

Instant Pot Mozzarella Sticks

One of the best party foods you can make. Serve with homemade dips and get the ultimate treat! You can use other types of cheese as well.

10. Instant Pot Lasagna

Instant Pot Lasagna

No more messy kitchen! Get a complete dinner in only 10 minutes by using only your Instant Pot. Sauce, creamy and super easy to make.

11. Instant Pot Onion Rings

Instant Pot Onion Rings

Delicious onion rings that melt in your mouth.  Much better than takeout!

You can use classic bread crumbs or panko.

12. Instant Pot Stuffed Mushrooms

Instant Pot Stuffed Mushrooms

If you are into cheese, these stuffed mushrooms are perfect for you!

They look fancy and they will impress your guests for sure.

13. Instant Pot Crab Cakes

Instant Pot Crab Cakes

Another healthy version of something we usually deep-frying. You can make the same cakes as in the photo above in only 6 minutes!

14. Instant Pot Crispy Tofu

Instant Pot Crispy Tofu

Vegan recipe that full with taste and protein. All you need is extra-firm tofu, soy sauce and a little oil.

15. Instant Pot Hot Dogs

Instant Pot Hot Dogs

Last month I discovered I have been cooking hot dogs the wrong way. The right way, as you can guess, is by using the Air Fryer Lid.

16. Instant Pot Potatoes and Carrots

Instant Pot Potatoes and Carrots

The ultimate side dish! Add roast beef or chicken for a complete and healthy meal.

17. Instant Pot Chicken Leg Quarters

Instant Pot Chicken Leg Quarters

The best way to make skinless chicken legs. Super easy recipe - all you need is chicken broth, garlic powder and a little oil.

18. Instant Pot Sugar Cookies

Instant Pot Sugar Cookies

Simple cookies you can make in only 15 minutes total. Great option for Christmas or Halloween - just add decorations on top and get a homemade treat!

19. Instant Pot Chili Chicken

Instant Pot Chili Chicken

For this recipe we are doing the opposite - first we Air Fry the chicken, and then add vegetables and sauce for a complete dish. Feel free to add corn, beans or mushrooms.

20. Instant Pot Beef Enchiladas

Instant Pot Beef Enchiladas

If you are into Mexican food. this is the recipe for you! No need for oil at all since we are using the Air Fryer lid for the tor the tortillas.

21. Instant Pot Sweet Potato Fries

Instant Pot Sweet Potato Fries

Want to diversify the classic fries? You can use yams or sweet potatoes instead!

22. Instant Pot Apple Fritters

Instant Pot Apple Fritters

Homemade treat you can have with the morning coffee.

You can add sweet sugar glaze on top but you really don't have to, since this desert is great as is.

23. Instant Pot Fried Apples

Instant Pot Fried Apples

So you have some leftover apples from the previous recipe... I think It's a great reason to make fried apples as well 🙂

24. Instant Pot Kale Chips

Instant Pot Kale Chips

Looking for something really healthy? Try this. All you need is kale, salt and 2 tablespoon of oil and you have the healthiest snack ever!

25. Instant Pot Empanadas

Instant Pot Empanadas

A delicious appetizer of the Spanish cuisine.

I made a sweet version with apples, but you can use cheese fillings, bacon fillings, beef fillings, chicken fillings etc.

26. Instant Pot Fried Pickles

Instant Pot Fried Pickles

You already have pickles, so why not air-fry them?

Special snack you have never tasted before! All you need is flour, spices and cooking spray.

27. Instant Pot Egg Rolls

Instant Pot Egg Rolls

Usually we deep-fry the spring rolls, but don't worry, since these air fryer egg-roll taste exactly the same!

For the filling I mixed chicken, cabbage and onion. You can add carrots, mushroom and even replace the chicken with tofu for a vegetarian recipe.

28. Instant Pot Donuts

Instant Pot Donuts

Moist and sweet donuts cooked in a single pot. Should I say more?

You can make big donuts if you'd like, but personally I like the smaller ones 🙂

29. Instant Pot Beef Jerky

Instant Pot Beef Jerky

Did you know you can dehydrate using your Instant Pot?

Let's use this function to make the best homemade Beef Jerky ever!

30. Instant Pot Baked Potatoes

Instant Pot Baked Potatoes

Classic side dish to make in your Air fryer - baked potatoes! Only salt, pepper and cooking spray and you get a golden skin and a scrumptious taste.

31. Instant Pot Spinach Artichoke Dip

Glass bowl filled with chopped artichoke, spinach and melted cheese

This creamy and delicious dip is a crowd-pleaser that comes together in a snap. With a blend of tender spinach, artichokes, and a mix of cheeses, this dish is perfect for game day, parties, or a cozy night in. Serve it with toasted bread, crackers, or fresh veggies for dipping.

32. Instant Pot Coconut Shrimp

Fried shrimp coated with coconut on a blue plate with chili sauce on side

Craving a tropical-inspired appetizer or a light main course? These crispy coconut shrimp are just the ticket. Using your Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid, you can achieve a perfectly crunchy coating without the need for deep frying. The succulent shrimp are coated in a delicious coconut batter and cooked to golden-brown perfection. Pair them with a sweet chili or mango dipping sauce for a true taste of the tropics.

33. Instant Pot Hash Browns

Homemade hash browns made in the air fryer laying on each other on a blue plate

No need to slave over the stovetop for crispy, golden hash browns. With the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid, you can effortlessly make a batch of perfectly cooked hash browns. The air fryer's even heating ensures a crispy exterior and tender interior, making these hash browns an ideal side dish for breakfast or brunch.

What Instant Pot Air Fryer recipes can you find here?

    1. Recipes where we are using only the Air fryer Lid, while keeping the Instant Pot unplugged while cooking.
    2. Recipes where we are using both appliances. First, with the Instant Pot and then using the Air Fryer Lid to finalize it. Most of the time, I broil the dish after cooking ends to make it crispy and tender.

These Air Fryer Lid recipes and tips will take your Instant Pot cooking to the next level — you’ll surprise yourself and your guests with these tantalizing dishes.

Can You Use the Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Without the Basket?

Yes, you can. However, there should be free air circulation in the Instant Pot to ensure that the food cooks down to the middle, as well as the top and bottom.

Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

Can I Make These Recipes Using Mealthy Crisplid?

Yes, you can use Mealthy CrispLid to make these recipes.

I thought that I had to get an Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid to match the pressure cooker. Interestingly, the Mealthy CrispLid works perfectly fine with an Instant Pot.

This particular lid  is a straightforward gadget to use — you just attach it to the Instant Pot. It has a clear screen reader and a button for you to set time and keep track of your delicious meals.

Can I Make These Recipes Using Instant Pot Duo Crisp?

Yes, you can use the Instant Pot Duo Crisp for these recipes.

It lives up to its name, “duo”, because it works as a combined Instant Pot and Air Fryer Lid. You can saute, roast, broil, bake, and air fry your meals with this device.

The cover and the inner pot combo make a great team. The Instant Pot Duo Crisp is a simple appliance to use. It has a user-friendly control panel and a frying basket to position the food in place, so that heat distribution is even.

Can I Make the Air Fryer Lid Recipes Using a Regular Air Fryer?

Yes, you can use an air fryer if the recipe asks only for the Air Fryer Lid. You can also check these air fryer recipes for more delicious ideas.

french fries, chicken wings, avocado fries, ham, fried mushrooms, onion rings and more air fried food

33 Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Recipes

Looking for a bundle of crispy and delicious recipes in Instant Pot! Surely you can fulfil your wish by using these Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid recipes.
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