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Mealthy CrispLid Review

Mealthy CrispLid cover photo with green title

If you own one (or more) of the many Instant Pot pressure cookers, you know that they didn't to support air frying on their own.

Well, things have been changed!

Mealthy CrispLid cover photo with green title

Many new products have been launched lately, so if you want both the cooker and the fryer in one product, you have 3 options:

  1. Get the Instant Pot Duo Crisp
  2. Get the Instant Pot Air Fryer lid
  3. Get the Mealthy CrispLid

You may think that you must use Instant Pot product \ accessory with your Instant Pot. To be honest I was thinking the same way.

Then I made a little research and found out that the Mealthy CrispLid designed especially to fit the Instant Pot. I purchased it and it fits great, so there is nothing to worry about.

So on this post I will tell you a bit about the Mealthy CrispLid. I used this product for some of my Instant Pot recipes and then reviewed it in details so you can read my findings.

What is a CrispLid? 

The CrispLid product is an air fryer that uses a pressure cooker with stainless steel inner pot as a base. Now, given that all Instant Pots have stainless steel inner pots, it doesn’t matter which version is closer to your heart.  

By the way, Mealthy have their own pressure cooker, and in my opinion is one of the best electric pressure cookers out there.

As the name says, the product is installed as a lid, over the Instant Pot you own, which turns the multi-cooker into an air fryer without any other tweaks. This action improves the set of features promoted by your pot, adding air frying, broiling, and crisping to the list. Mealthy CrispLid uses instant-crisp technology to deliver impressive results with each use!

Quick note: CrispLid only fits 6 and 8 quart electric cookers. This means that the 3 quart versions from models like DUO or Duo Plus won’t be a good fit.  

The device is extremely easy to use (once in place) as it only requires you to adjust the temperature (which can go as high as 500ºF) and the time. It’s also safe to use due to the fact that the fryer won’t start unless the handle is locked in the down position. 

Lastly, the lid has transparent tempered glass around the edges, which lets you see the food while being cooked. This is a really nice addition to the Instant Pot design, given that none of the models have this feature.

How To Use It?

I am going to describe the process from the point of view of an Instant Pot user, but you can use it with a different electric pressure cooker with an inner pot made from stainless steel. 

As such, start by making sure the inner pot is clean and ready to use. Place the raised trivet and the frying basket inside the pot and add the food you want to cook in the basket. Since this is an air fryer, there’s no need to add oil or grease. 

Continue by placing the CrispLid on top of the pot (instead of the regular lid) and make sure it fits well. Also, the lid should be plugged in. Next, put down the handle until you hear a click and the lid turns on (if it doesn’t turn on, it means the lid or the handle are not in the right position). 

Once everything is in place, set the temperature by first pressing the button with a thermometer icon on it and then the Plus and Minus buttons to increase or decrease the value. Do the same with the time setting, and when you’re happy, press Play. 

If you want to check the food before the cooking cycle is complete, just use the handle to lift the lid. The air fryer will stop automatically, but the lid will be extremely hot, so you must use the heat-resistant silicone mat that comes with the product. 

Once you’re done checking or turning the food, put the lid back on and reset the timer (it only remembers the temperature setting). Press Play and enjoy watching your food get cooked!

Why Do We Need It? 

CrispLid is the ideal device for people who own an Instant Pot multi-cooker and want to add air frying to the features without investing in a new kitchen appliance. The lid is less expensive than an entire air fryer and doesn’t need extra space on your counter (since it sits on top of the pressure cooker). Moreover, when you don’t use it, it’s easy to store it away. 

However, it’s important to understand that it doesn’t have all the features and functionalities featured by mid and advanced air fryers on the market. It’s more of a hybrid between a pressure cooker and an air fryer. 

Can You Air Fry In A Pressure Cooker? 

As it turns out, you can! As long as you use the tools that come with the Mealthy CrispLid, such as the fryer basket and the tongs, and make sure the pressure cooker is a good fit for it, things should run smoothly. You also need to follow the instructions for each type of food you want to fry, broil, or crisp as cooking times are different.

Of course, you need to use a pressure cooker with a stainless steel inner pot, that can resist high temperatures!

It’s also worth mentioning that, due to the shape of the pressure cooker and the way they are built, the fryer can’t circulate air as effectively is it would in an air fryer. This translates in longer cooking times and maybe slight differences in texture.

When I made these Instant Pot french fries, I needed to cook them in batches. If I had a regular air fryer, I could make them all in once. 

Still, the result is amazing, even if you have to wait a bit longer!

I honestly like to see this device as more of a broiler accessory for my pressure cooker since it’s amazing at giving those finishing touches to a delicious meal. For instance, you can have no-mess baked potatoes if you steam them in the pressure cooker and then crisp them for a few minutes. It’s also fantastic for browning a chicken after it’s been cooked in the pressure cooker or makin chicken wings from start to finish! Check out these air fryer recipes for more ideas.

CrispLid Pros & Cons


  • The lid fits on any 6 or 8 quart electric pressure cooker with a stainless steel inner pot
  • It is easy to use and doesn’t take any extra space
  • It comes with cool tools that are easy to clean in the dishwasher
  • There are built-in safety elements that protect users against accidents
  • It has a transparent area that lets you see the food being cooked
  • You can cook an entire meal from start to finish in the same pot


  • The inner space is smaller than in a regular air fryer
  • It’s not a good fit for smaller Instant Pot products
  • It doesn’t work with a ceramic inner dish
  • There are no presets
  • The cord is rather short
  • You need to turn the food so it’s evenly cooked

Should I Buy CrispLid?

In my opinion, the CrispLid air fryer is a nice addition to a small to medium kitchen. It is small, easy to clean, and doesn’t require any extra space beside the one already occupied by the Instant Pot.

However, if you usually cook for a large family, you may not find the lid as efficient as a regular air fryer. I am saying this because the space inside is rather small once you insert the basket and the raised trivet. 

Overall, if you’re using it for regular crisping, broiling, and frying, CrispLid is a great addition to your Instant Pot! 

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