20 Beef Recipes So Good, You'll Want Seconds


Beef, it’s what’s for dinner, and we’ve got the best recipes to prove it. From juicy burgers to tender roasts, these 15 beef recipes are all about big flavors and satisfying meals. Whether you're a steak lover or a slow-cooker fan, there's something here for everyone.

Burgers In The Oven

Oven-baked burgers are a simple, fuss-free way to enjoy a classic favorite. This method allows you to cook multiple burgers at once, making it perfect for feeding a crowd. The key is to season the beef well and not overcook it, ensuring you end up with juicy, flavorful burgers that rival their grilled counterparts.

Beef Braciole

Beef Braciole is an Italian dish that features thin slices of beef rolled with a filling of breadcrumbs, cheese, and herbs, then cooked in tomato sauce. It's a hearty, comforting meal that's packed with flavor. The slow cooking process makes the beef incredibly tender, and the sauce is perfect for spooning over pasta.

Mongolian Beef

Take your taste buds on a trip to Asia with this scrumptious Mongolian Beef recipe. It features thinly sliced beef in a savory, slightly sweet sauce with a touch of heat. This recipe is perfect for those who crave a little adventure in their steak dishes.

Beef and Broccoli

A popular Chinese-American stir-fry dish that's quick and easy to make at home. Tender strips of beef, crisp broccoli, and a savory-sweet sauce come together in a hearty, healthy dish. Paired with steamed rice, beef and broccoli is an all-in-one meal offering a world of flavors.

Chimichurri Steak

This Argentinian-inspired steak will transport you to South America. Grilled steak topped with fresh, tangy chimichurri sauce is a flavor explosion. The sauce, a blend of parsley, garlic, vinegar, and oil, creates a unique, refreshing contrast to the rich, smoky steak. A carnivore's delight with a zestful twist.

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon is the epitome of luxury when it comes to steak. This lean and tender cut cooks quickly and offers an unmatched melt-in-your-mouth experience. Often wrapped in bacon for added flavor, it's the star of many fine dining menus. Serve it with simple sides to let the exquisite taste shine through.

Beef Bulgogi

Beef Bulgogi is a Korean classic that's all about thin, marinated slices of beef grilled to perfection. The marinade, a mix of soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, and garlic, gives it a sweet and savory flavor that's hard to resist. It's often served with rice and veggies, making for a well-rounded, delicious meal.

Beef Stroganoff

A twist on a classic dish, this Beef Stroganoff recipe ditches the sour cream but keeps all the flavor. With savory beef, mushrooms, and a creamy sauce, it's comfort food at its best. Perfect for those who prefer a lighter taste without losing the richness of traditional stroganoff.

Beef Tenderloin

Tender, juicy, and full of flavor, Beef Tenderloin is a meal that feels like a special occasion. Cooked to perfection, it melts in your mouth and pairs well with various side dishes. Whether grilled or roasted, this cut of beef guarantees a memorable meal that impresses guests and family alike.

Salisbury Steak

This classic dish brings comfort food to a new level. Ground beef patties, seasoned to perfection, simmered in a rich, savory gravy. Paired with mashed potatoes and green beans, Salisbury steak is a delightful homestyle meal that warms the heart as well as the belly.

Cube Steak

Economical yet tasty, cube steak is a tenderized cut, cooked until it's mouthwateringly tender. Typically breaded and pan-fried or slow-cooked in gravy, it's a southern delight. Pair with mashed potatoes for a filling, comforting dish that reminds you of Grandma's kitchen.

Steak Fajitas

Spice up your life with these incredible Steak Fajitas! This Mexican-inspired dish features juicy, marinated steak strips cooked with onions and bell peppers. Wrapped in warm tortillas and served with your favorite toppings, it's a fiesta of flavors in every bite. Ole!

Philly Cheesesteak

Get ready to dive into the world of cheesy, meaty goodness with this iconic Philly Cheesesteak recipe. Thinly sliced steak, sautéed onions, and gooey melted cheese stuffed inside a soft roll - it's a sandwich lover's dream come true. One bite and you'll see why this dish has legions of fans!

New York Strip Steak

Craving a classic, juicy steak? Look no further than this New York Strip Steak recipe. With a beautiful sear on the outside and tender, flavorful meat inside, it's a true steakhouse favorite. Serve it up with your choice of sides, and you've got yourself a meal to remember.

Swiss Steak

Last but not least, let's explore the comfort-food heaven that is Swiss Steak. This slow-cooked masterpiece features tender steak simmered in a rich tomato sauce with onions and peppers. It's the perfect meal to warm your soul on a chilly evening. Give it a try, and you'll be coming back for more!

Crumbed Steak

Add a crunchy twist to your steak game with Crumbed Steak! This recipe involves coating juicy steak cuts in breadcrumbs and frying them to golden perfection. It's a delightful blend of textures and flavors that'll have you craving seconds. Great with a side of mashed potatoes or a simple salad!

Carne Asada

Carne Asada is a mouthwatering Mexican grilled steak dish that's perfect for your next cookout. Marinated in zesty flavors, this tender and juicy steak is grilled to perfection and served with a squeeze of fresh lime. Pair it with tortillas or rice for an authentic Mexican feast!

Instant Pot Steak

Short on time? No problem! Instant Pot Steak is here to save the day. This recipe utilizes the magic of pressure cooking to create a perfectly cooked, tender steak in just minutes. Top it with your favorite sauce, and you've got a satisfying meal in no time!

Beef Bourguignon

Transport your taste buds to France with this classic Beef Bourguignon recipe. This rich, slow-cooked dish features succulent beef simmered in red wine with mushrooms, onions, and carrots. It's an elegant meal perfect for special occasions or a cozy night in. Bon appétit!

Korean Beef

Spice up your steak repertoire with this tasty Korean Beef recipe. Thinly sliced beef is marinated in a blend of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, and a touch of sweetness, then quickly cooked for a burst of flavor. Serve it over rice for a quick and satisfying meal.

French Dip

Last, but certainly not least, treat yourself to the iconic French Dip sandwich. Juicy, thinly sliced roast beef is piled high on a crusty baguette, then dipped in a savory au jus sauce. It's a simple yet scrumptious meal that's perfect for lunch or a casual dinner.

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