What To Serve With Chicken Schnitzel? 15 Tasty Side Dishes

Chicken Schnitzel

There's something truly magical about a well-cooked Chicken Schnitzel, especially when it's paired with the perfect side dishes. Side dishes are like the supporting actors of a meal, they complement the main dish, elevating the whole dining experience to a new level.

But what to serve with Chicken Schnitzel? Here are my top 15 picks for the best side dishes to go with this crispy, golden delight.

Chicken Schnitzel

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The best side dishes to serve with chicken schnitzel are french fries, blooming onion, crispy green beans, brown rice and vegetables, creamed corn, potato rosti, Bavarian pretzels, sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, cheesy spaetzle, apple sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes.

Now, let's get cooking!

1. French Fries

French Fries

A classic for a reason, French fries are the perfect side for chicken schnitzel. Their salty crunch is the perfect counterpoint to the tender chicken, and a little ketchup on the side ties it all together. Plus, they're easy to make and loved by all. A little tip: sprinkle some freshly chopped herbs on top for an extra layer of flavor.

2. Blooming Onion

Air-Fryer Vegetables blooming onion

The blooming onion is more than just a side dish, it's a showstopper. The crispy, flavorful onion petals dipped in a tangy sauce are an ideal companion for the schnitzel. The contrast of flavors and textures will have everyone reaching for more.

3. Crispy Green Beans

Crispy Green Beans

Adding a bit of green to your plate, crispy green beans are a fantastic way to balance out your meal. Tossed in a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper, then roasted until just crispy, they add a hint of freshness to the dish without stealing the show.

4. Brown Rice and Vegetables

Brown rice and vegetables

If you're looking for a healthier side, brown rice and vegetables is a great choice. The nutty flavor of the brown rice combined with a colorful array of sautéed vegetables pairs wonderfully with the chicken schnitzel. Not to mention, it adds a nice splash of color to your plate.

5. Creamed Corn

Creamed corn brings a sweet, creamy element to the table. It's slightly decadent, but not overwhelmingly so, and the sweetness of the corn pairs wonderfully with the savory chicken.

6. Potato Rosti

potato rosti

A golden, crispy potato rosti is another potato side that works wonderfully with schnitzel. Its crispy exterior and fluffy interior complement the schnitzel's own crispiness, and its subtle flavor doesn't overshadow the chicken.

7. German Potato Salad

Sticking with the German theme, a tangy German potato salad can be a great choice. Unlike American potato salad, it's usually served warm with a vinegar-based dressing, which can cut through the richness of the schnitzel.

8. Red Cabbage Slaw

A vibrant red cabbage slaw brings color, crunch, and a touch of tanginess to your meal. It's refreshing and helps cleanse the palate between bites of schnitzel.

9. Bavarian Pretzels

Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside, Bavarian pretzels are a delightful accompaniment to chicken schnitzel. Serve them with a bit of mustard for dipping.

10. Sauerkraut


Sauerkraut brings a touch of sour to your plate, which can be a nice contrast to the savory schnitzel. Plus, it's another nod to the schnitzel's German roots.

11. Roasted Beet Salad

Roasted beet salad, with its sweet, earthy flavor and vibrant color, can be a lovely side dish for schnitzel. Add a little goat cheese for an extra touch of creaminess.

12. Pickled Cucumbers

These offer a tangy crunch that can be a nice contrast to the crispy chicken. They're refreshing and help to balance out the meal.

13. Cheesy Spaetzle

Spaetzle is a type of German pasta that's wonderfully comforting. Add some cheese to make it extra decadent.

14. Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes new

Last but not least, mashed potatoes. Creamy, comforting, and a classic side for just about any main dish, they complement the chicken schnitzel beautifully. Add a bit of garlic for an extra flavor kick.

15. Apple Sauerkraut

This is a slightly sweeter take on the traditional sauerkraut. The apple adds some sweetness and makes it a bit less tangy, which can be a nice counterpoint to the savory schnitzel.

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Chicken Schnitzel

What To Serve With Chicken Schnitzel

Looking for the best sides to eat with your crispy chicken schnitzel? We have 15 delicious ideas for the perfect meal.
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  • Make the best chicken schnitzel using your favorite recipe.
  • Make a side dish from the list above. You can eat chicken schnitzel with french fries, blooming onion, crispy green beans, brown rice and vegetables, creamed corn, potato rosti, Bavarian pretzels, sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, cheesy spaetzle, apple sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes.
  • Serve and enjoy a wonderful meal 🙂
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