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Best Instant Pot Trivet Guide

Since you keep asking, today I am going to tell you everything about the trivet and its purpose when you’re cooking with an Instant Pot.

And yes, in this article I am only going to talk about trivets. If you’re here because you want to know more about steamer baskets, click here for my recommendations and complete guide.

Instant Pot with silicone trivets and metal rack

What is a trivet?

The trivet is a metallic rack with legs and handles (the handles are optional) that fits inside the inner pot and keeps everything above the water.

This way, the steam can be produced (during the pressurization step) and the food doesn’t get spoiled by it since it cooks in steam and not in boiling water.

The trivet is very useful for when you do pot-in-pot cooking (like it happens with creme brulee or when you’re steaming veggies).

Does Instant Pot Come with a trivet?


The standard Instant Pot is delivered with a few accessories, among which you will find this metal trivet:

How do I use Instant Pot trivet?

  1. Place the trivet inside the Instant Pot.
  2. Place another pot on top of the trivet or placing pieces of food directly on it.

I guess it's clear that the trivet goes first inside the inner pot. It can even go before the water since you can pour it in after the trivet is in place.

Once everything is in place, lock the lid and set the time and pressure (high or low) according to the recipe. When the cooking stops and the lid can be removed, you can use the trivet’s handles (if yours has such devices) to remove the entire thing from the pot.

What Can I cook using Instant Pot trivet?

Anything that needs a pot-in-pot approach and anything else that needs to stay above the water level.

As such, you can cook steamed rice by placing the rice in a heat-resistant bowl and the bowl on the trivet. The rice won’t get watery and it will get a better-defined structure than when you boil it. You can baked bread and you can even make this super easy cheesecake (only 4 ingredients!).

Of course, you can keep it simple and use the trivet to boil eggs (no other pot necessary) or steam potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, or asparagus without using a special basket. The results are impressive 🙂

Healthy recipe I like is the Instant Pot Spaghetti Squash below:


What is a trivet used for when roasting meat?

If you’re looking for a protein-rich dinner or lunch recipe, I like to recommend a roasted chicken or a pot roast. The Instant Pot does a fantastic job in reducing the cooking time and delivers that melt-in-mouth texture that everyone loves.

Now, it’s best to make sure the meat is cooked in the steam and not in the water. This way, all the natural juices are preserved and the added spices penetrate the skin, leaving their flavor. For this, it’s enough to add the water or broth, put the trivet in, and then add the meat - no other pot needed.

Quick tip - before you put the meat in the pot, rub it with spices.

If you have a trivet with handles, it will be easy to get the meat out after it’s cooked. Next, place it in a pan and pop it in the hot oven or under the grill to get some crispiness (if you don’t have an air frying lid).

What is a trivet used for when cooking chicken?

When you’re cooking a whole chicken, the trivet is perfect to support the bird in a vertical position. This way, the meat cooks from all sides and the steam can go through it quite easily.

If you’re cooking chicken wings or legs, the trivet can be used as metallic support. Usually, the wiring is neat enough to support even smaller pieces of meat.

Can I use a silicone trivet in my Instant Pot?


The standard trivet that comes with the pot is metallic, but if you fear it will scratch the pot or you simply don’t like it, you can get a silicone trivet. In fact, I reviewed several such products and I really enjoyed using them (check my reviews below).

Can I use the Instant Pot Trivet for steaming?

Yes, if it is tall enough to keep the food from reaching in water. As long as the veggies or meat don’t fall through the wiring, you can place the food directly on the trivet. If you’re steaming rice or beans, it’s best to use an additional pot or heat-resistant bowl.

Why is it called a trivet?

The word comes from the Latin “tripes”, which means “tripod” and its main purpose is to protect a surface (like the table or countertop) from a hot pot or pan. Basically it’s a support that allows the heat to dissipate.

The devices used in an Instant Pot don’t always have three feet, but their job is to keep the food and pots out of the water at the bottom of the inner pot.

What's the difference between Instant Pot trivet and Instant Pot rack?

Both are accessories that go in the inner pot, but the rack can have two or three layers and is usually taller than the trivet. Racks are useful when you want to cook several layers of food at the same time (meat at the bottom and veggies at the top) or when you want to dehydrate fruits.

If you want to know more about trivet vs rack, make sure to check out my article here.

What is the best Instant Pot trivet?

And now, the answer to your most burning question: which one is the best trivet?

There are a few good options on the market, including the standard one that is delivered with the IP. However, everyone’s choice is different as you also have to consider the size of your pot, whether or not you want handles, the material, and the price.

I have used many trivets over the years, so I tried to review a wide series of products, so everyone can have a choice. So, without further ado, here are my top 6 trivets:

1. Instant Pot Stainless Steel Official Wire Roasting Rack

This is the trivet that comes with most IP pressure cookers (the 6 and 8-quart versions). This is a metallic (durable, corrosion-resistant 18/8 stainless steel) trivet, with a simple build, four legs, and two handles. The grid-like surface allows you to use it with pans, pots, bowls, and steamer baskets that are compatible with the pressure cooker.

Also, you can place veggies and meat directly on the trivet, and any grease or oils will be drained right out.

Verdict: It’s a rather simple trivet, but it has a durable build and it doesn’t cost you anything (it comes as an accessory). However, the metallic legs and handles can scratch the bottom of the pan if you’re not careful.

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2. Aozita Stackable Egg Steamer Rack Trivet

If you’re cooking for a large family and you like hard-boiled eggs, this egg steamer may come in handy. It is made from food-grade stainless steel and the wiring is designed to accommodate seven eggs per layer.

The reason I like it so much is that it keeps the eggs in one place (no risk of accidental breaking). But it can also be used as a trivet or a steaming rack. The top and bottom layers can be separated into two trivets - one for inside the pot and one for outside (to let the food cooldown).

Both trivets are dishwasher safe and fit inside a 5, 6, and 8-quart pressure cookers. However, I would’ve liked it better if it had a handle.

Verdict: I like that it has two layers that separate. This way, this product can be a trivet, a steamer, or support for eggs. Of course, you can get creative and use it as you see fit. However, the metallic legs can scratch the inner pot if you don’t handle it with care.

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3. Silicone Trivet For Instant Pot

Designed from food-grade silicone (BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free, and Lead-free), this interesting-looking trivet is perfect for inner pots with a non-stick coating that scratches off easily.

The handles come together in a curbed shape and use a button-type enclosure to close them around the food or the pot. The bottom has a honeycomb shape that supports the pot or tray and keeps it away from water. Also, the side that gets in contact with the inner pot has some ridges that serve as legs and allow the air and water to move freely and create steam.

Lastly, you can use the honeycomb shapes of the bottom to boil eggs, but this time, you can’t place a pot or other foods on top.

Verdict: I like the shape and color, and the fact that it’s made from silicone, which is a very gentle material for any pot (not just IP’s inner pot). I also enjoy the way you can use the handles to keep the food in place (when you’re steaming pieces of meat or big pieces of veggies.

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4. Silicone Egg Bites Molds With Built-In Handles and Trivet

This is a trivet mold made from food-grade BPA free silicone, with two trays, each with its own individual lid. It fits all 5, 6, 8 qt Instant Pot pressure cookers but can also be used in a regular pot.

The bottom mold has feet, to keep the food out of the water and heat resistant handles that help keep the second mold in place and get them out of the pot safely.

As you see, the shape of the molds and the fact that it has a lid at the top doesn’t allow for a great variety in the type of foods you can cook using this product. But it’s perfect for boiling/cooking all sorts of eggs, muffins, quiche, and even baby food.

Verdict: While it’s not the kind of trivet you can use for everything, I like the shape of the molds and the lids. Since there are two trays, you can cook extra and keep it in the fridge for later.

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5. HapWay Steamer Rack Trivet

Simple and efficient, this trivet is perfect for 6 and 8qt Instant Pot pressure cookers with a stainless steel inner pot. It is made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel, it ha four legs, and vertical wiring that can accommodate trays, bowls, pots, and big pieces of meat and veggies/

The handles are covered with heat-resistant silicone and you can fold them flat, for easier storage.

Verdict: If you’re looking for a low-cost but quality trivet for your IP, this one is a great option. It’s easy to use and store and it’s not easily damaged by heat or intense use.

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6. Lakatay Round Steamer Rack Stand

This is a multi-functional trivet that also works as a steam rack or a stand (outside the pressure cooker). It can be used with a steam basket, to steam veggies, fish, chicken, and more, but it also supports bowls, trays, and other kitchenware items.

It durable (made from 4 mm durable food-grade stainless steel) and all the ends are smooth and round, to avoid any scratching. It’s easy to store in a drawer, cabinet, or even on the wall, hanging in a nail.

Verdict: If you have an IP with a stainless steel inner pot, this trivet is a great choice. It is solid enough to use it as a pot stand in the counter and fits most 6 and 8 qt pressure cookers.

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Wrap Up

In my opinion, the trivet is a must-have accessory when you do most of your cooking with an Instant Pot. Obviously, IP brand managers had a similar thought, which is why this device is included as a standard accessory.

Still, if you’re not happy with the one you received in the box, there are lots of options out there (as proven by my reviews above). You can choose different materials, shapes, and more, so make sure to read my thoughts before you decide which one to buy.

10 thoughts on “Best Instant Pot Trivet Guide

  1. Hello Corrie.
    Thank you so much for your blogs, I'm reading most of them as my husband bought me an IP as a surprise but as you said I've let it sit in the box for a while. Now I feel quite confident and I know that following your recipes I will achieve good results (fingers crossed).
    My question is, our IP (Kasanova) did not come with any accessories, what are the best accessories to buy as the inner pot has a non stick finish that I wouldn't want to scratch.
    Thank you in advance and good day

    1. Yes, I believe it should. From what I have read, the diameter is just over 7.5" so it should fit just perfectly.

  2. I just got the red silicone sling and I’m confused. Do I use it WITH the metal trivet (that came with the IP), or WITHOUT? Thanking you in advance!

    1. You should be able to use it without the metal trivet as long as there is a bottom part like in pictures. The silicone trivets are meant as a replacement for the metal trivet if you are concerned about scratching the pot.

  3. I rec’d an Instant Pot Novo Duo Mini for Christmas. The trivet that came with it has no handles. Can you tell me please if the HapWay steamer rack will fit? If not, how do I get something boiling hot out of the pot??

    1. I am not sure, but I don't think it would fit. I can't seem to find any trivets with handles that are compatible with the mini. I would try carefully pulling the steamer rack out with two sets of tongs on either side.

      1. You might try making a sling with aluminum foil. Pull out two lengths of foil. fold each lengthwise, then fold in half. slip each "sleeve" under the edge of your trivet one on each side. When your meal is done, simply lift out holding onto the sleeves of foil.

  4. I find that the stock instant pot trivet does not get the food up high enough out of the liquid. Are there trivets with longer legs that would get the food farther up from the liquid? Although I did crumple up tin foil to make 4 4 balls to lift the trivet higher from the liquid.

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