What To Serve With Blue Cheese? 16 Best Side Dishes

blue cheese

Blue cheese is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of food, but for those who adore its bold, complex flavors, it's nothing short of culinary heaven. If you're looking to complement this tangy cheese with the perfect side dishes, you've come to the right place.

Here are 16 amazing sides that pair beautifully with blue cheese, bringing out its best qualities while offering a variety of textures and flavors.

blue cheese

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The best side dishes to serve with blue cheese are cranberry sauce, gluten-free bread, coconut shrimp, fruit dip with Cool Whip, birria quesadillas, fig jam and brie, seed crackers, raspberry jam, homemade wine, caramelized onions, apple slices, pomegranate seeds, marinated olives, roasted almonds, and pretzel bites.

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1. Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce isn't just for turkey dinners. The tartness and slight sweetness of this classic condiment make it a great companion for blue cheese. The fruity flavors of the cranberries really pop against the rich, creamy backdrop of the cheese. A small spoonful of cranberry sauce on a cracker topped with blue cheese? It's a flavor bomb waiting to explode.

2. Gluten-Free Bread

Gluten free bread

For those who are gluten-sensitive or just prefer a lighter option, gluten-free bread offers a great base for your blue cheese. Whether toasted or fresh, the bread's subtle flavors and chewy texture act like a blank canvas, letting the complex flavors of blue cheese take center stage. Add a light spread of butter for an extra layer of richness.

3. Coconut Shrimp


Surprisingly, the sweetness and crunch of coconut shrimp can really set off the flavors in blue cheese. A nibble of shrimp followed by a crumble of cheese might seem like an unusual combo, but it works! The tropical, crispy shrimp pairs wonderfully with the creamy, tangy bite of blue cheese.

4. Fruit Dip with Cool Whip

A fluffy fruit dip made with Cool Whip can serve as an excellent pairing for blue cheese. Light and sweet, it contrasts well with the strong, assertive notes of the cheese. Try dipping apple slices or strawberries into the whip, then take a bite of blue cheese for a contrasting taste sensation.

5. Birria Quesadillas

Birria Quesadilla

A richer, meaty option, birria quesadillas bring in flavors of slow-cooked beef, spices, and melted cheese. Enjoy a piece of birria quesadilla followed by a bite of blue cheese. The strong flavors of the meat and spices hold up well against the potent tang of blue cheese.

6. Fig Jam and Brie

Though brie is a cheese in its own right, when combined with fig jam, it offers a creamy, sweet counterpoint to blue cheese. Spread a little fig jam on a slice of brie, add some blue cheese, and you've got a trifecta of flavors that hit all the right notes.

7. Seed Crackers

Seed crackers provide a nutty, earthy base that complements the strong, tangy qualities of blue cheese. They offer a crunchy texture that contrasts nicely with the creaminess of the cheese. Top a seed cracker with a slice of blue cheese and perhaps a small dollop of honey for an elegant snack.

8. Raspberry Jam

Like cranberry sauce, raspberry jam brings a fruitiness that works well with blue cheese. Its sweet-tart flavor profile complements the pungent, salty notes of the cheese. A smear of raspberry jam on a cracker, topped with blue cheese, is a delightful, palate-pleasing treat.

9. Homemade Wine

Nothing says sophistication like pairing blue cheese with homemade wine. The complexities in both the cheese and wine can complement each other beautifully. Whether you opt for a robust red or a crisp white, the fermented grapes bring out subtleties in the blue cheese that might otherwise go unnoticed. Plus, making wine at home allows you to control the flavors, ensuring a match made in foodie heaven.

10. Caramelized Onions

The natural sweetness of caramelized onions balances the salty, sharpness of blue cheese perfectly. The soft, almost buttery texture of the onions combined with the crumbly, robust cheese creates a harmonious blend in each bite. Try it on a cracker or as a topping on a blue cheese burger.

11. Apple Slices

Fresh apple slices provide a sweet, crisp contrast to the rich creaminess of blue cheese. The natural sugars in the apple cut through the bold flavors of the cheese, making each bite an exploration of taste and texture. Green apples are especially effective, thanks to their tartness.

12. Pomegranate Seeds

These jewel-like seeds add a burst of sweet-tart flavor and a bit of crunch. The juicy pomegranate seeds can act as a palate cleanser, making each bite of blue cheese taste as impactful as the first. Sprinkle some seeds over a blue cheese salad or just enjoy them side by side.

13. Pickled Vegetables

For something tangy and crunchy, pickled vegetables like cucumbers, beets, or carrots work great. The acidity and crunch provide a stark contrast to the creamy, richness of blue cheese. Plus, pickling your own veggies allows you to tweak the flavors to your liking.

14. Marinated Olives

The briny goodness of marinated olives pairs wonderfully with blue cheese. The salty, herby olives complement the cheese’s strong flavors without overwhelming them. A small bowl of mixed olives can be a convenient and delicious accompaniment.

15. Pretzel Bites

If you're looking for something salty and slightly chewy, pretzel bites are your go-to. The salt on the pretzels combined with the bite of blue cheese is like a match made in snack heaven. Plus, their small size makes for easy snacking alongside a cheese plate.

16. Roasted Almonds

The mild nuttiness and crunch of roasted almonds work well against the creaminess of blue cheese. Whether spiced or simply salted, almonds offer an understated backdrop, allowing the flavors of the blue cheese to really shine.

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blue cheese

What To Serve With Blue Cheese

Looking for the best sides to eat with your flavorful blue cheese? We have 16 delicious ideas for the perfect meal.
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  • Get blue cheese.
  • Make a side dish from the list above. You can eat blue cheese with cranberry sauce, gluten-free bread, coconut shrimp, fruit dip with Cool Whip, birria quesadillas, fig jam and brie, seed crackers, raspberry jam, homemade wine, caramelized onions, apple slices, pomegranate seeds, marinated olives, roasted almonds, and pretzel bites.
  • Serve and enjoy a wonderful meal 🙂
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