Pressure Cooking with Corrie Duffy

I've been a huge fan of cooking for a very long time. I started out by helping my parents prepare food in the kitchen and then slowly started cooking all by myself.

Naturally it was a lot of simple stuff but by the time I was a teenager I was doing a large portion of the family dinner prep all by myself.

You can read my about page for my but let me just say that I toyed with the idea of becoming a chef but do to the long hours at less than desirable times of day I just decided to be an amateur and start my own food blog on the side.

For the time being I'm focusing a large portion of this site to pressure cooking. It's an area of interest for me because it is such a versatile way of making just about anything.

I hope you'll take the time to read through my posts, connect with me on Facebook, and come back time and time again.

The best place on the website to start is my introduction page which is always available in the navigational bar. if you want to get a good feel for the content on this website then that's the place to go.

Below you'll see a list of my most recent posts but if you want to dig right into a few posts then I recommend you start with these posts which should be some of the more popular post and relevant to most people reading this:

  1. - Is Instant Pot A Good Slow Cooker?
  2. - The Best Pressure Cookers for 2017

On those two posts you'll learn a bit about pressure cooking in comparison to the wildly popular slow cooking methods that are so common these days.

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