What To Serve With Beef Bourguignon? 16 BEST Side Dishes

Beef Bourguignon

Today, we'll be discussing the best companions for the luxurious French dish, Beef Bourguignon. Known for its rich, hearty flavors, it's only fitting that this classic dish should be paired with side dishes that enhance and complement its distinct taste.

We have carefully selected 16 amazing sides that promise to make your Beef Bourguignon meal truly memorable.

Beef Bourguignon

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The best side dishes to serve with Beef Bourguignon are mashed potatoes, mushroom risotto, grilled asparagus, jasmine rice, butternut squash, green beans almondine, polenta, garlic bread, roasted Brussels sprouts, steamed broccoli, roasted carrots, French baguette, sweet potato fries, and quinoa.

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1. Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes new

Fluffy, creamy, and buttery, mashed potatoes serve as the perfect base to soak up the luscious sauce of Beef Bourguignon. Their mild flavor complements the robust taste of the stew, allowing the beef's richness to truly shine. The comforting texture and taste of mashed potatoes add a heart-warming element to this luxurious dish.

2. Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom risotto

Mushroom risotto with its creamy texture and umami flavor pairs beautifully with Beef Bourguignon. The earthiness of the mushrooms mirrors those in the bourguignon, creating a seamless fusion of flavors. The creamy risotto also provides a delightful contrast to the tender chunks of beef, enhancing your overall dining experience.

3. Grilled Asparagus

Grilled asparagus provides a slightly charred, crisp contrast to the rich and hearty Beef Bourguignon. Its inherent earthiness matches well with the robust flavors of the stew, while its bright, slightly bitter taste adds a refreshing twist. Plus, it brings a vibrant splash of color to your plate.

4. Jasmine Rice

Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice, with its delicate floral aroma and soft, fluffy texture, serves as a wonderful accompaniment to Beef Bourguignon. The grains soak up the flavorful sauce while providing a delicate, slightly sweet flavor that pairs perfectly with the rich, savory stew.

5. Butternut Squash

Roasted butternut squash, with its sweet, nutty flavor, adds a delightful contrast to Beef Bourguignon. The caramelized edges of the squash offer a different texture and a slight crunch, providing a counterbalance to the tender beef and smooth sauce. It's a vibrant and wholesome addition to your meal.

6. Green Beans Almondine

The crispy, tender green beans, and crunchy, buttery almonds in Green Beans Almondine offer a delightful mix of textures that work wonderfully with Beef Bourguignon. The green beans' mild flavor and the almonds' nuttiness make this dish a flavorful and sophisticated side that's perfect for any occasion.

7. Polenta

Creamy polenta is another fantastic base for Beef Bourguignon. Its mild, corn flavor and silky texture offer a pleasant contrast to the rich, meaty stew. It's an Italian classic that pairs wonderfully with this French dish, marrying two European cuisines in a harmonious culinary union.

8. Watermelon Cucumber Salad

Watermelon Cucumber Salad

For a refreshing, palate-cleansing side, try a watermelon cucumber salad. The crisp cucumber and juicy, sweet watermelon provide a light, refreshing contrast to the hearty Beef Bourguignon. It's a cool, crisp side dish that adds a delightful freshness to your meal.

9. Garlic Bread

A crunchy piece of garlic bread is a delightful companion to Beef Bourguignon. The buttery, garlic-infused loaf does an excellent job of mopping up the savory sauce, ensuring that none of it goes to waste. The bold garlic flavor and crusty texture make it an irresistible side that everyone will enjoy.

10. Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels sprouts, with their charred edges and tender centers, offer a taste and texture that wonderfully complements Beef Bourguignon. Their slight bitterness and earthy flavor harmonize with the hearty stew, while the caramelized exterior adds a delightful crunch.

11. Steamed Broccoli

Light and healthy, steamed broccoli serves as a contrasting side to the rich Beef Bourguignon. Its vibrant color and crisp-tender texture provide a welcome freshness. Furthermore, the subtle flavor of the broccoli allows the Bourguignon to shine, making it a humble yet effective side dish.

12. Roasted Carrots

Sweet, tender roasted carrots enhance the overall flavor profile of Beef Bourguignon. The inherent sweetness of the carrots contrasts beautifully with the savory stew, while their soft texture harmonizes with the tender pieces of beef. Roasted to perfection, this side dish is a classic addition.

13. French Baguette

A freshly baked French baguette, with its soft interior and crisp exterior, is perfect for scooping up Beef Bourguignon. The simple flavors of the bread allow the complex tastes of the Bourguignon to take center stage, creating a fulfilling and balanced meal.

14. Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potato fries

For a fun twist, serve sweet potato fries with your Beef Bourguignon. The sweet, crispy fries offer a unique and delightful contrast to the rich, savory stew. Their slight sweetness and crispy exterior add a touch of whimsy to this sophisticated dish.

15. Pear and Blue Cheese Salad

A pear and blue cheese salad provides a unique, refreshing contrast to Beef Bourguignon. The sweet, juicy pears and the tangy, creamy blue cheese create a symphony of flavors that excites the palate, making it a wonderful side dish that cuts through the richness of the stew.

16. Quinoa

Nutty and fluffy quinoa can act as a nutritious, gluten-free alternative to rice or potatoes. Its mild flavor and delightful texture make it a great base for the hearty Beef Bourguignon, soaking up the sauce and creating a satisfying, wholesome meal.

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Beef Bourguignon

What To Serve With Beef Bourguignon

Looking for the best sides to eat with your flavorful beef bourguignon? We have 16 delicious ideas for the perfect meal.
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  • Make the best beef bourguignon using your favorite recipe.
  • Make a side dish from the list above. You can eat beef bourguignon with mashed potatoes, mushroom risotto, grilled asparagus, jasmine rice, butternut squash, green beans almondine, polenta, garlic bread, roasted Brussels sprouts, steamed broccoli, roasted carrots, French baguette, sweet potato fries, and quinoa.
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