Instant Pot Black Eyed Peas

Black eyed peas are delicious, nutritious, and thanks to your pressure cooker, you can have dried beans on your dinner table in less than an hour—no pre-soaking required! Making black eyed peas or any other beans or lentils using the Instant Pot is super easy and saves a ton of time!

Part of the legume family, black eyed peas are low in fat, and filled with protein and dietary fiber. In addition to their high nutritional value, black eyed peas are extremely economical and versatile! If you like beans, you should definitely try this Instant Pot Black Eyed Peas recipe!

Can I Use Canned Black Eyed Peas?

This recipe is meant for dried beans. Canned beans are already cooked, so they don’t need to be cooked further before eating.

We highly suggest dried beans over canned beans for a number of reasons. In addition to being more economical, dried beans will provide a superior taste and texture. Plus, canned beans usually are very high in sodium.

Can I Add a Ham Hock?

Cooking beans along with a ham hock is traditional and adds a ton of flavor. If you are vegetarian, there are other ways to add more flavor to your broth, such as adding a bay leaf. Be sure to remove it before serving!

Can I freeze Black Eyed Peas?

Yes! Cooked beans are very easy to store in the freezer. Just put them in a freezer-safe container and top with enough cooking liquid to fully cover the beans.

You can label the container with the date and keep it up to 4 months!

How Can I Make a Smaller Batch?

You can half the amount you make (1/2 pound of black-eyed peas and 3 1/4 cups of broth) and keep the cooking time the same (25 minutes+ natural release).

You should also consider making a full batch and freezing the extras!

What can I do while waiting?

You can enjoy this song 🙂

What Should I Serve With Black Eyed Peas?

As I mentioned earlier, Instant Pot Black Eyed Peas are extremely versatile! I like to serve them with cooked kale. They also make an excellent side dish for maple glazed ham.

Instant Pot Black Eyed Peas
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Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: international
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 6 cups
  • 1 pound dried black-eyed peas
  • 6.5 cups broth of your choice
  • Add all ingredients into the Instant Pot.
  • Close the lid and cook on high pressure for 25 minutes.
  • When cooking time ends, wait for a natural pressure release.
  • When the float valve drops, mix a bit, take it out and enjoy!


This recipe is part of our 1001 Instant Pot recipes project, a huge collection of free, easy and delicious recipes.

5 thoughts on “Instant Pot Black Eyed Peas

  1. I love black-eyed peas over rice and day of the week or every day of the week, with just a little bit of butter to boot, plus seasoning…

  2. Black Eyed Peas are New Year’s Day tradition along with Corned Beef. I am 73 years old. My mother said I had these two when I was 2 weeks old (BD 12/17). She mashed everything and fed it to me and my twin. I have had it every year since. I love the recipe.

  3. Will the pot automatically cook the peas 25 minutes? I set it according to a black bean recipe and it’s gotten to where it’s noisy but, it’s just on on.

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