What To Serve With Charro Beans? 15 Best Side Dishes

Charro beans - frijoles charros

Charro beans (frijoles charros) are a hearty favorite, known for their rich blend of spices, beans, and pieces of meat. To complement such a flavorful dish, it's key to choose sides that can stand up to its boldness while offering a variety of textures and tastes.

Here you can find 15 amazing side dishes that pair beautifully with frijoles charros, each adding its own unique touch to create a well-rounded and satisfying meal.

Charro beans - frijoles charros

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The best side dishes to serve with charro beans are Spanish rice, tostadas, carne asada, shrimp tacos, birria quesadillas, nachos, taquitos, lazy enchiladas, pico de gallo, tostilocos, chicken tortilla soup, cornbread, cilantro lime rice, guacamole, and fajita vegetables.

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1. Spanish Rice

yellow rice in tomato sauce topped with parsley leaves in a blue plate

Spanish rice is a colorful and aromatic dish that pairs wonderfully with charro beans. Its fluffy texture and blend of tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers not only add a vibrant contrast to the beans but also soak up their savory juices. This side dish brings a subtle sweetness and a hint of spice, making it a balanced addition to your meal.

2. Tostadas


Tostadas offer a crunchy base that works excellently with the softness of frijoles charros. You can top them with lettuce, cheese, and a dollop of sour cream, creating a dish that combines textures and flavors in every bite. The crispiness of the tostadas contrasts with the beans, providing a satisfying crunch that complements the meal.

3. Carne Asada

Carne Asada

Carne asada brings a smoky and tender element to the table. Marinated and grilled to perfection, this meat adds a robust flavor that pairs perfectly with the rich taste of charro beans. The combination of the savory beef with the hearty beans creates a fulfilling and protein-rich side that elevates the entire dish.

4. Shrimp Tacos

shrimp tacos

Shrimp tacos are a light and flavorful option that adds a seafood twist to your meal. The shrimp can be seasoned and cooked with a hint of lime and chili, wrapped in soft tortillas, and topped with fresh cilantro and avocado. This side dish introduces a zesty flavor and a different texture, making it a refreshing complement to the charro beans.

5. Nachos

Nachos, layered with cheese, jalapeños, and a scoop of charro beans on top, create an irresistible side dish. The crunchy chips, melted cheese, and the spice from the jalapeños offer a perfect texture and flavor contrast to the beans. This side is ideal for sharing and adds a fun, communal aspect to the meal.

6. Taquitos

Taquitos are crispy, rolled tacos filled with beef or chicken and fried until golden. They provide a crunchy texture and a meaty filling that pairs excellently with the soft and savory charro beans. Dipping them into guacamole or sour cream adds an extra layer of flavor, making this side a popular choice for any meal featuring charro beans.

7. Birria Quesadillas

Birria Quesadilla

Birria quesadillas are a mouthwatering choice, filled with tender, stewed meat and melted cheese. The juicy birria and the creamy cheese inside a crispy tortilla make for a rich and satisfying side that wonderfully matches the smokiness and spice of the charro beans. Each bite is a delightful mix of flavors and textures.

8. Lazy Enchiladas

Lazy enchiladas offer a comforting and easy-to-make side that perfectly complements charro beans. By layering tortillas with a mixture of cheese, chicken, or beef, and enchilada sauce, then baking until bubbly, you get a dish that's rich in flavor and texture. This simpler version of traditional enchiladas provides a hearty addition to your meal, with the creamy cheese and savory sauce enhancing the beans' robust flavors.

9. Pico De Gallo

Pico De Gallo

Pico de gallo adds a fresh and zesty touch to the meal. This chunky salsa, made with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lime juice, introduces a bright contrast to the deep, smoky flavors of charro beans. Its freshness cuts through the richness of the beans, offering a light and refreshing side that balances the overall taste of your dish.

10. Tostilocos

Tostilocos are a fun and unconventional side dish, combining Tostitos chips with a variety of toppings like cucumber, jicama, peanuts, lime juice, and hot sauce. This mix creates a crunchy, savory, and slightly spicy snack that pairs wonderfully with the hearty frijoles charros. The diverse textures and flavors in Tostilocos make them a delightful addition to any casual dining experience.

11. Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken tortilla soup brings warmth and richness to the table. Its savory broth, shredded chicken, and Mexican spices complement the earthy flavors of frijoles charros. Topped with crispy tortilla strips, avocado, and cheese, it adds layers of texture and taste, creating a cozy and satisfying pairing that enhances the comforting nature of your meal.

12. Cornbread

Cornbread, with its sweet and buttery flavor, offers a delightful contrast to the savory charro beans. Its moist and tender crumb absorbs the beans' juices, creating a perfect blend of tastes in every bite. This side dish adds a Southern twist to the meal, providing a comforting and filling addition that's hard to resist.

13. Cilantro Lime Rice

Cilantro lime rice is a light and fragrant side that pairs beautifully with charro beans. The zesty lime and fresh cilantro brighten up the dish, offering a citrusy counterpoint to the beans' richness. This rice is not only a flavorful addition but also a visually appealing one, with its vibrant green flecks of cilantro scattered throughout.

14. Guacamole


Guacamole is a creamy and flavorful side that complements charro beans with its rich texture and taste. Made from ripe avocados, lime juice, onions, and cilantro, it adds a cool and refreshing element to the meal. The creaminess of the guacamole balances the beans' spice and smokiness, making it a popular choice for adding depth to your dish.

15. Fajita Vegetables

Fajita vegetables, sautéed with onions and bell peppers, bring a colorful and crunchy side to the table. Seasoned with Mexican spices, they add a sweet and smoky flavor that pairs excellently with charro beans. This side dish introduces an extra layer of texture and nutrition, making the meal more balanced and enjoyable.


What To Serve With Charro Beans

Looking for the best sides to eat with your flavorful charro beans? We have 15 delicious ideas for the perfect Mexican meal.
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