What to Serve with American Goulash? 15 BEST Side Dishes

American Goulash

American Goulash, a classic one-pot comfort food full of macaroni, ground beef, and a tomato-based sauce, is a perfect dish for any meal. Its robust, hearty flavors make it a hit at family dinners.

But what do you serve alongside this beloved dish? Here are 15 outstanding side dishes that complement American Goulash aka slumgullion.

American Goulash

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The best side dishes to serve with American Goulash are crispy green beans, country gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, butternut squash, watermelon cucumber salad, caramelized carrots, Tabasco sauce, corn salsa, grilled asparagus, cornbread, roasted Brussels sprouts, cucumber salad, garlic bread, biscuits, and macaroni salad.

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1. Crispy Green Beans

Crispy Green Beans

Crispy green beans are a great accompaniment to American Goulash. The crunch of the beans adds texture to your meal, while their natural green flavor offers a fresh contrast to the rich goulash. You can season them with garlic and a little salt for extra taste.

2. Country Gravy

Thick and creamy country gravy, loaded with flavor from black pepper and sausage, makes a delightful side. Its creaminess balances the tomato-heavy goulash and it's especially good if served with a side of biscuits. It can also be drizzled over the goulash to add a different flavor profile.

3. Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Mashed sweet potatoes bring a slightly sweet, earthy flavor that pairs perfectly with the savory goulash. They are smooth, creamy, and comforting, making them a wonderful side dish. Add a little butter, cream, and a pinch of salt for the ultimate taste.

4. Butternut Squash

Butternuts quash cubes in a white bowl topped with parsley

Roasted butternut squash, with its sweet and nutty flavor, is a great side dish for American goulash. It brings a touch of sweetness that complements the savory goulash, and its soft texture is a pleasant contrast to the macaroni's chewiness.

5. Watermelon Cucumber Salad

A watermelon cucumber salad is a refreshing and light side dish that balances out the hearty goulash. The sweet watermelon, crunchy cucumber, and tangy feta cheese create a side dish that's as tasty as it is beautiful.

6. Caramelized Carrots

Caramelized carrots, with their sweet, slightly smoky flavor, offer a delightful contrast to American goulash. The caramelization brings out the natural sugars in the carrots, complementing the savory, meaty flavors in the goulash.

7. Tabasco Sauce

Tabasco Sauce

For those who prefer their goulash with a kick, Tabasco sauce is a must. The heat from the Tabasco sauce cuts through the richness of the goulash, adding an exciting flavor dimension. Plus, it allows each person to adjust the spiciness to their preference.

8. Corn Salsa

Corn salsa is a colorful, zesty addition to any meal with American Goulash. It's full of fresh flavors from sweet corn, tangy lime juice, and ripe tomatoes. The crunchiness of the salsa provides a delightful contrast to the softer textures of the goulash.

9. Grilled Asparagus

A side of grilled asparagus adds a light, slightly smoky flavor that works well with the goulash. Grilling the asparagus brings out a slightly sweet taste, which is a wonderful contrast to the savory, hearty goulash. Add a drizzle of lemon juice or balsamic reduction for an extra pop of flavor.

10. Cornbread

Cornbread and goulash is a classic combination. The sweet and crumbly cornbread is the perfect counterpoint to the meaty and tomato-rich goulash. Whether you prefer it plain or with bits of jalapenos for some heat, cornbread is a side that everyone can enjoy.

11. Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels sprouts, with their caramelized outer leaves and tender interior, make a great side dish. Their earthy, slightly bitter taste complements the rich flavors of the American goulash. Toss them in olive oil, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, and roast until golden for best results.

12. Cucumber Salad

A crisp cucumber salad, possibly with a tangy vinaigrette, offers a refreshing counterpoint to the rich, hearty goulash. Its crunch and fresh flavors balance out the meal and make it feel less heavy. Plus, it's an easy and quick side dish to prepare.

13. Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is always a crowd pleaser. Its crunchy exterior and soft, warm, garlicky interior is the perfect thing to mop up the goulash sauce with. Plus, the robust garlic flavor goes well with the hearty goulash.

14. Biscuits


A batch of freshly baked biscuits makes a comforting side dish. Their fluffy, buttery layers are perfect for sopping up any leftover goulash sauce, and they add a lovely touch of home-cooked love to your meal.

15. Macaroni Salad

A chilled macaroni salad, filled with crisp veggies and a creamy dressing, can be a nice contrast to the warm, hearty goulash. It's a different way to enjoy pasta as a side dish, and you can customize it with your favorite vegetables.

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American Goulash

What To Serve With American Goulash

Looking for the best sides to eat with your flavorful American goulash? We have 15 delicious ideas for the perfect meal.
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  • Make the best American goulash using your favorite recipe.
  • Make a side dish from the list above. You can eat American Goulash with crispy green beans, country gravy, mashed sweet potatoes, butternut squash, watermelon cucumber salad, caramelized carrots, Tabasco sauce, corn salsa, grilled asparagus, cornbread, roasted Brussels sprouts, cucumber salad, garlic bread, biscuits, and macaroni salad.
  • Serve and enjoy a wonderful meal 🙂
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