What Do Chia Seeds Taste Like?


Do you often come across these tiny black seeds in the healthy-food aisle of your favorite grocery store? If yes, do you know what these are?

Also known as Salvia Hispanica, chia seeds have many health benefits and are rich in nutrients.

Chia seeds are mild and nutty in flavor, so you can add them to any recipe and enjoy their goodness. For example, you can add them to your favorite raspberry jam without affecting the flavor. 

Moreover, you can either soak them in water or eat them raw. Chia seeds are a superfood, making a great addition to your pantry.

However, this guide may be handy if you are still unsure about their flavor. Before you head out to a store to get these seeds, read through this article to decide whether you would use them.

Chia Seeds

What Are Chia Seeds?

The word chia belongs to the Mayan language and stands for strength. Chia seeds have been a crucial part of the diet of people such as the Mayans and Aztecs. Most Aztec warriors used to consume these seeds daily to gain strength.

Today, this superfood is a favorite among fitness freaks, athletes, adventure enthusiasts, and commoners who like staying energetic throughout the day. Since chia seeds enhance endurance, they are loved by people who are always on the go.

When dry, it is very hard to see the black seeds properly. However, as soon as they are mixed with liquid, the tiny seeds expand and start looking like black pearls.

Also, these seeds have an impressive quality of absorbing almost ten times more water than their dry weight.

Contrary to common belief, there are two main types of chia seeds, black and white. Both belong to the plant Salvia Hispanica which belongs to the family of mints. You may also spot brown chia seeds, but these are usually immature.

As mentioned earlier, chia seeds have many fantastic benefits. For instance, they are rich in fiber, antioxidants, omega fats, calcium, minerals, and proteins.

Fats help lower cholesterol levels and also improve the circulation of blood. In addition, proteins in these seeds keep the skin healthy and glowing and maintain muscle tissue strength.

Many people consume these seeds to increase their iron and calcium intake. In addition, the antioxidants in this power-packed food help keep heart diseases and cancer at bay.

Finally, these seeds' reasonable amount of fiber keeps the digestive system healthy. Besides, fiber is pretty helpful in weight loss management.


How Do Chia Seeds Taste Like?

Chia seeds have a very mild and nutty flavor. Since these seeds are pretty bland, you can add them to both savory and sweet dishes without affecting the taste results.

Additionally, chia seeds don't have a smell. This means they don't interfere with the aroma of other ingredients in a recipe.

Chia seeds are pretty similar to flaxseed and poppy seeds. The raw ones have a dense and crunchy texture.

Most people think that the flavor of black chia seeds varies from white ones. However, that's not true.

Both white and black chia seeds have a similar neutral flavor and can be used in the same manner.

According to some, chia seeds taste bitter. However, that's only when the seeds have gone bad. Fresh chia seeds don't have a strong flavor, so they often make a place in most breakfast bowls.

If you don't like the crunch these seeds offer, you can grind them to make a powder. Then mix the powder with water or your preferred liquid to make an instant pudding.

Black chia seeds


How to Use Chia Seeds?

Whether you want to use them in your cakes or falafel, chia seeds are versatile but taste the same in all dishes. Here are some ways to use these seeds to reap their benefits.

  • You can use chia seeds as one of the ingredients in your homemade raspberry or fig jam.
  • The seeds can also be added to your almond milk yogurt, enhancing the overall benefits of this recipe with a delicious smoothie.
  • If you fancy peach cobbler or strawberry cobbler in your breakfast, add chia seeds to make it a good energy source.
  • Soaked chia seeds make a great addition to your breakfast cereal bowl. They help to make your breakfast fulfilling and wholesome.
  • You can add seeds to your baked goods, such as chocolate muffins, protein balls, and granola bars. Chia seeds can be a part of your cake as well.
  • You can sprinkle chia seeds on your meals if you prefer them raw.
  • The seeds can also be added to rice, burgers, and stir-fried vegetables.

Regardless of how you use these seeds, ensure to be careful about one thing. Chia seeds can cause side effects when consumed in large quantities because they expand in your stomach and lead to bloating.

To prevent that, make sure that you increase your water intake. This helps improve digestion and save you from painful episodes of constipation.

Chia seeds with fruits

How to Store Chia Seeds?

If you think chia seeds are exactly what you need, bring them home as soon as possible. However, store them properly, so they don't get bad quickly.

Add them to an airtight jar to increase their shelf life. You can also store them in a freezer or refrigerator.

While doing so, ensure the seeds don't sit close to each other. Under light and heat, the seeds often clump together.

What Can We Conclude?

Chia seeds may taste bland on their own, but their benefits are worth having in your pantry. These seeds don't ruin the flavor of other ingredients. Moreover, they increase the nutritional value of any dish.

What's more, chia seeds are readily available. So, get a pack or two and elevate your food game to a new level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Ok to Eat a Spoonful of Chia Seeds?

Yes, you can easily eat a spoonful of these seeds. But be careful, as they often tend to stick to the teeth.

What Is the Best Way of Eating Chia Seeds?

You can add chia seeds to your smoothies and salads. Moreover, they are a great ingredient in your baked goods, and you can enjoy them in your chia drinks.

You can also add the seeds to homemade jams and popsicles.

What Do Chia Seeds Taste Like In a Smoothie?

Chia seeds taste pretty subtle in a smoothie. They add a slightly nutty flavor to the drink.

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