What Does Honeycomb Taste Like?


If you are a honey lover, then you will surely like the idea of eating honeycomb. And yet, you must be wondering what honeycomb tastes like. Of course, that's understandable, given that this delicacy has a slightly different look and texture than everything else.

Honeycomb has the exact same taste as honey, but with a bit different texture as there are small pieces of wax in it. Therefore, honeycomb is sweet and refreshing for those who have a sweet tooth.


Many people think that honeycomb isn't edible. However, not only is it edible, but it is very healthy, and it has a rich taste and a lovely texture. Keep reading for must-know details about honeycomb flavor.

What Is Honeycomb?

Honeycombs are wax cells built by bees and wasps in a hexagonal shape. In other words, it is the home of bees. Bees build combs by clinging to the ceiling of the hive and hanging one after the other to create a curtain. Then they make wax and glue it painstakingly row by row to build honeycombs.

It takes one bee about 2 minutes to process a small ball of wax and stick it, so many worker bees must participate in this work, which is replaced as soon as one has finished its work.

Raw Honeycomb

Beeswax, pollen, royal jelly, and propolis are usually part of the honeycomb. These ingredients are rich in healthy nutrients that are great for our organisms. In addition, each has its own function in strengthening immunity and other health benefits. Also, a big plus is that it is natural raw honey, i.e., a natural bee product without additives and processing.

Namely, most kinds of honey that are available (especially in stores) have passed through a large number of filters. When honey goes through filtering and other processing processes, it loses its medicinal properties, natural taste, and aroma.

Honey you can buy directly from beekeepers is usually not subject to such processing and is much healthier and tastier. You can also get honeycomb at beekeepers, which is even more beneficial than honey because it does not go through cleaning and filters. It contains everything processed honey doesn't usually have, both pollen and royal jelly.

In addition, honeycomb can be eaten by itself and with many other foods such as cheese, yoghurt, fruit, salads, etc. Before you try it alone or in combination, you want to know what honeycomb tastes like.

Honeycomb Is Good For Your Heart

In case you didn't know, honeycomb is great when it comes to boosting your overall health, especially the heart. It's great for reducing cholesterol since there are good acids and alcohol found in it. According to some research, those who consume honeycomb for 30 days will lower their bad cholesterol by 5 to 7%.

Also, if you eat at least 30 grams of honeycomb daily, there will be a visible change in your overall diet. In most cases, your stomach will have a hard time processing food with high levels of fat and bad cholesterol.

What Does Honeycomb Taste Like?

Honeycomb tastes like honey, but with the addition of a piece of wax. The wax gives a delicate and sweet taste but isn't too intense. You will be surprised by how refreshingly sweet the honeycomb tastes.

Considering that there are several types of honeycomb, each has a slightly different taste. That taste is always sweet but differs in shades depending on where the bees collected the nectar. Nectar from flowers varies, affecting honey and honeycomb taste and color.

Honeycomb and honey on the table

Some combs are a little more intense, others milder, others are sweet with a touch of bitterness, etc. It depends on the comb type and the region where the bees collect nectar.

When all the honey is sucked out of the comb, it loses its taste and becomes a waxy mass that is somewhat rubbery. However, we rarely eat honeycomb without honey (although you can if you want). Also, you can eat honeycomb wax if you like the slightly coarser texture. However, eating at least a little wax here and there would be good.

What  Texture Does Honeycomb Have?

The honeycomb consists of beeswax and honey, so the structure is rigid, and the internal spaces are rich with honey. The honeycomb texture is crunchy and sticky but chewy. When you bite into the honeycomb, the sweet honey will ooze everywhere.

Honeycomb texture

You will experience that juicy feeling and the combination of crispness and liquid honey. When the honey is freed from the wax, it will have a slightly grainy texture that will fill your mouth. Your mouth will be full of sweetness and crunch unique only to honeycomb.

Cooking With Honeycomb 

When it comes to cooking this sweet delicacy, there are plenty of recipes you can try out. In most cases, all recipes are usually something sweet, so you'll rarely find any dish that combines meat and honeycomb. Anyhow, here are some of the best ways to cook honeycomb:

  • Add honeycomb in fruit salads - This is the best way to make your fruit salads even juicier. Namely, add 2 tablespoons of honeycomb to the cup that is already full of fruit. Also, consider fruit like bananas, cherries, mango, and pear as they make an excellent combination with honeycomb.
  • Use it in pancakes - Another great way to use honeycomb is to add it to pancakes. The best part is that you can add it where ever you find it fit. For example, some people love adding honeycomb to their pancakes while some like to leave it on the side and mix it in every bite.
  • Honeycomb with chicken - Possibly the best type of meat to eat with the honeycomb is chicken. Therefore, add this delicious ingredient to any chicken dish that's served with rice or potatoes. Take the Instant Pot Honey Sesame Chicken recipe for example, it's rich with different flavors and it's quite tasty.
  • Add sweetness to your drinks - Lastly, you can use honeycomb to make your drinks sweet and juicy. This is actually the best way to neutralize the sour taste of lemon or other citruses if you like making vitamin mix drinks. Also, another great recipe to add honeycomb to is the Instant Pot Ginger Ale.

How Healthy Is Honeycomb?

Honeycombs in which honey is placed have some irreplaceable benefits that are good to know about. It's composed of beeswax and is used to store honey in its purest and raw form.

It has many benefits for human health. It is suitable for strengthening the immune system, improving energy balance, and obtaining valuable antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids.

Healthy Honeycomb

Honeycombs, like honey and bee pollen, contain substances that strengthen immunity and help to overcome annoying colds and viral infections faster, so it is mandatory to add it to the list of immunostimulating products. Honeycomb has a positive effect on alleviating some of the most characteristic symptoms - runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing. Chew on pieces of honeycomb before allergy season begins.

Although it is so healthy, please don't overdo it. As always, balance is essential.

What Can We Conclude?

Honeycomb has many vital nutrients for our organism's healthy development. In addition to health benefits, honeycomb's sweet and sensational taste will delight you. You can use it as a substitute for sugar completely. This way, you will revive your body and enjoy the divine taste of honeycomb, honey, and beeswax. I know you're already fantasizing about a mouth full of juicy honey flavor. Well, there's nothing left but to find your piece of honeycomb and enjoy.

Honeycomb FAQs

What Does Honeycomb Taste Like?

Honeycomb taste like honey, but with the addition of a piece of wax. The wax gives a delicate and sweet taste, but not too intense; on the contrary, the taste is refreshing.

Is Honeycomb Healthy to Eat?

Honeycomb is highly healthy to eat. It is excellent for strengthening the immune system and improving the energy balance and intake of antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids in our body.

Can I Eat Honeycomb or Just Chew It?

You can only chew Honeycomb, but you can also eat it. It has a crunchy texture and a sweet, refreshing taste.

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