9 Best Oaxaca Cheese Substitutes

If you live outside of Mexico, you might be hearing about this cheese for the first time.

And if you are already acquainted with it, you must know how hard it is to find Oaxaca cheese. 

Therefore, if a recipe calls for Oaxaca cheese, in that case, it's time for you to find a proper oaxaca cheese substitute.

So, without further ado, let us first give you an overview of Oaxaca cheese. Then we will share its best possible alternatives with you. 

What Is Oaxaca Cheese 

Oaxaca cheese is an underrated, extremely adaptable, delicious cheese that is Mexican in origin. It is mainly made from cows and sometimes from goat's milk. 

You might know Oaxaca cheese as Mexican mozzarella, Oaxacan-Style String Cheese, or Queso Oaxaca.

It is soft, gooey, and creamy in texture and has a mellow, buttery, and somewhat salty flavor. Besides this, it is famous for its quick melting ability.  

Oaxaca doesn't have a strong flavor. Therefore, it is mainly used in Chile Relleno, Enchiladas, Quesadillas, and Tacos, food that does not need an overpowering flavor. 

Moreover, its mild, meltable, and stretchy nature makes it perfect for a Cheese Dip, Pizza Topping, Grilled Sandwiches, and Lasagna. 

This is all there is to know about this fantastic yet not-so-easily accessible cheese. Now, let's find the best substitutes for Oaxaca cheese. 

Best Oaxaca Cheese Substitutes

1. Mozzarella 

Texture-wise, mozzarella is the xerox copy of Oaxaca cheese. It has the same chewy, stringy melting feel, which makes it perfect for baking pizza and making quesadillas. 

Mozzarella is widely available in supermarkets, so it tops the list of the best substitutes for Oaxaca cheese. However, it may be slightly bland in flavor compared to Oaxaca cheese.

Therefore, the best approach to substitute mozzarella for Oaxaca cheese is to season it with salt. This will enhance the flavor of the cheese and will save your dish!

2. Muenster Cheese 

The American Muenster cheese is a semi-soft, melting cheese with a mild flavor. Because of its mild taste that is comparable to Oaxaca cheese, Muenster is on our list.

Thus, without worrying about anything, you may use Muenster cheese in any Oaxaca recipe to get that similar taste. 

Muenster cheese is available locally. Remember that the ratio of Muenster cheese to Oaxaca cheese is 1:1. 

3. Monterey Jack Cheese

Monterey Jack cheese is a semi-hard, white cheese. Like Oaxaca, Monterey Jack has a mellow flavor, making an excellent replacement.

However, remember the aged Monterey Jack may not work well in all Oaxaca cheese recipes because it has a strong flavor profile. 

On the other hand, unaged Monterey Jack tastes just like Oaxaca cheese. It will work well in both Mexican and non-Mexican recipes.

4. String Cheese

This Standard American String cheese melts quickly, can be grated or shredded, and is widely accessible at most supermarkets. 

String cheese has a creamy, salty flavor and a stretchy texture, just like Oaxaca cheese. As a result, it is an excellent alternative.

Furthermore, it is incredibly adaptable and can be used in any recipe where you don't want your cheese to overpower the original flavor of the dish. 

5. Manchego

Rather than being gooey and stringy like Oaxaca, Manchego is a little rougher and more yellowed due to being matured for two years. 

While Manchego has a stiffer texture due to the use of sheep's milk, it keeps much of the rich buttery flavor that Oaxaca is known for.

This makes it less suitable for food like dip sauces, but it's wonderful for baked dishes like baked pasta!

6. Queso de Chihuahua

Queso de Chihuahua is a semi-soft cheese. It is one of Mexico's best-melting cheeses besides Queso de Asadero.

Chihuahua cheese does not come in string form; it comes in the shape of balls, rounds, and braids. 

It is also drier than Oaxaca cheese. It makes it the best Oaxaca alternative. When you need a chees you can slice, shred, grate, and dice without hassle. 

7. Asadero Cheese

Asadero is another cheese mainly made in Chihuahua that employs a kneading procedure similar to Oaxaca.

When cooked, this gives it its trademark soft texture and stringy quality. It has a more delicate flavor than Oaxaca. 

However, suppose you're preparing pasta or quesadillas. In that case, there are plenty of options to achieve that more extraordinary flavor from other components. 

8. Queso Blanco

The Spanish Queso Blanco is created from curdled milk that has been let to drain. This technique imparts the cheese's distinctive white color and hard texture.

Queso Blanco is noted for its mild flavor in addition to its versatility. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative for people seeking a less salty cheese option.

This cheese can replace Oaxaca in soups, salads, and stews well. It is also often used in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine.

9. Cheese Curds

Cheese curds are formed during the manufacturing of actual cheese. We get this creamy mixture from the whey when we boil milk to make cheese. 

Cheese curds are semi-firm and are not aged. However, they are incredibly creamy with a mild flavor, making them a great substitute for oaxaca cheese. 

Cheese curds enhance the flavor of the other ingredients in any recipe. They are an ideal replacement to use as a melting cheese in any Oaxaca recipe.

Choosing the Right Substitutes for Oaxaca Cheese

The mild flavor of Oaxaca cheese and its silky and stringy texture make it different from a variety of cheeses. 

It's simple to discover a substitute that can help you attain the flavor or texture of Oaxaca cheese. 

While looking for a suitable oaxaca cheese replacement, we also have to keep in mind the ease of availability. 

However, it is nearly impossible to find an Oaxaca cheese stand-in that have all these three characteristics altogether. 

So, here's a quick breakdown of which alternatives have one of these attributes.


Muenster cheese is a suitable Oaxaca cheese replacement. It has that distinctive mild taste that will make the recipes flavorful. 


Mozzarella is the best option because it is stringy and gooey. It will be the perfect Oaxaca cheese alternative in recipes that needs the right cheesy texture. 


String cheese is by far the most widely available Oaxaca cheese stand-in. Because it is frequently used in school lunches, you should be able to get it almost anywhere.

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