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Electric Pressure Cookers That Make Yogurt

It might happen that one day you want to buy a new electric pressure cooker and making yogurt is one of your needs. It is obvious that you would search for a pressure cooker that can make Yogurt.

However, once it happened to me, I realized how hard it was to find a good electric pressure cooker with a great quality like the Instant Pot that would let me make yogurt with ease at the same time. It also became hard for me to find out too many models which would provide me with the means of making yogurt with ease.

Why is the Yogurt Maker an important feature?

The Yogurt maker might not be an important feature to everyone. But for those who use it or need it, it is a really important thing. It is so important that they might buy an entirely different model than the one they were looking for if they can cook it with greater ease there.

Again, yogurt is actually pretty hard to make even with stovetop pressure cookers. This makes Electric pressure cookers with an ability to prepare it really great for people who plan to make yogurt.

At the end of the day, while it is irrelevant for those who do not want to make Yogurt and go for comparatively cheaper models such as the Bella Electric Pressure Cooker or even for more expensive models without this ability such as the Breville Fast Slow Pro, it is really a deal breaker for those who actually are looking for it.

What Are Some Good Electric Pressure Cookers That Can Make Yogurt?

Well, now that we have come so far, let us actually get started with the main thing. Although not many models provide you with the ability of cooking yogurt, there are some that let you cook Yogurt with ease when it comes to it. Let us take a look at these models which let you cook Yogurt:

1. Instant Pot Duo

Instant Pot IP-DUO60The first thing that we must begin with is the Instant Pot, all the Instant Pot Series provide you with the Yogurt Maker but they are strongly different from one another, making it really important that we list them separately  for you to be able to consider them properly (in case you’re wondering how different two models might be, click here for the difference Instant Pot DUO and DUO PLUS.)

Among them, however, the Instant Pot DUO is one of the most well known series. It is also able to provide you with the Yogurt Making feature.


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GoWise XXL Electric Pressure CookerAnother Electric Pressure Cooker that can make Yogurt is the GoWISE USA electric pressure cooker. You might wonder why I listed it between two instant pot models. This is to specifically make you aware, that while the Instant Pot is famous for the Yogurt Making feature, the Instant Pot LUX isn’t able to make Yogurt.

However, the GoWISE USA Electric pressure cooker is one of those pressure cookers that you might want to consider if you are looking for an Yogurt Making feature because of all the other advantages it offers you at the same time.


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3. The Instant Pot Ultra

Instant Pot Duo UltraThe latest additions to the list of Instant Pot Products, the Instant Pot Ultra as well as the Instant Pot Plus 60 are able to provide you with the Yogurt making function and you can plan it even more easily with their new simpler interfaces which are far more beautiful than any other ones in the market.

You can see pricing for the IP-Ultra on Amazon here.

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4. Fagor LUX

Fagor LUX Multi-CookerWe might now take a look at another electric pressure cooker which is famous for the Yogurt Making Feature, we might take a look at the Fagor LUX.

The Fagor LUX is one of the only models outside the Instant Pot line of products that can make Yogurt. Besides being the specific series that also provides you with a large aesthetic choice when you decide upon it, it is also filled with special features such as this one, making it one of the best electric pressure cookers available out there.

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5. GeekChef Electric Pressure Cooker

GeekChef Electric PRessure Cooker 6 quart

The Geekchef Electric Pressure Cooker also provides you with the option to make Yogurt besides all the other functionalities that it offers you with.



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What Do Others Usually Choose?

Well, while the right one would always depend for you upon your needs, there is a reason why people follow leads. This is because it makes the process a little more simple and gives you a reference to rely upon. It’s like having an invisible friend who aids you with the choice should the need arise.

Well, it is evident from the fact the the Instant Pot is a bestseller famous for the Yogurt Maker that people have received most kindly to the Instant Pot. However, fate has not completely turned down the Fagor LUX either. It is also a great electric pressure cooker.

A Potential New Choice En-Route!

There’s a special new model that Fagor is coming out with, the Fagor LUX 360 (coming out in May 2017). According to what we know already about it, it might contain the Yogurt Maker as well. This model is going to be one of the breakthrough models in the industry directly challenging the Instant Pot Ultra (click here for the differences between the Instant Pot Ultra and the Fagor LUX 360)

What should I go for?

Once again, we’re back to where we started from. But now we might just be able to find an answer to this question with what we came to know.

Well, first of all, it’s obvious that all of these models are really great models and you just can’t go wrong with any of them. All of them are going to be serving you perfectly. However, what you want are not great models that don’t fit your needs. What you want is a model that would serve all your needs within your budget. This makes it really important for you to understand your needs and judge the best model for yourself according to them.

Again, if you want, you might wait a few more days for the upcoming new model of Fagor to see how it’d stand out before you go ahead and buy the right model for yourself!

Here at Corrie Cooks, we try our best to give you the information which might help you accomplish this task. We hope that you would take the time to look at our articles related to your inquiry and would not hesitate to contact us if you need any help. Looking forward to having you in your next article!

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