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Instant Pot Ultra Review

Instant Pot Ultra cover photo

In this article I'll be reviewing the Instant Pot Ultra, one of the best electric pressure cooker models from one of the most renowned companies in the electric pressure cooker industry.

Instant Pot Ultra cover photo

Instant Pot Ultra (6-quart) is a product which is bound to take the market by storm, be an industry leader, and top the best seller list in their category.

Also, this post shows the difference between Instant Pot Duo and Instant Pot Duo Plus.

A New Product From the Bestselling Instant Pot Brand?

Yes! This is another product from the very same Instant Pot brand you've come to trust, and can be purchased online via Amazon and many other websites.

The Ultra is completely in line with the other Instant Pot products, it does everything they can do and quite a bit more too. The main difference is that this multi-cooker is a lot better at just about everything. It's modernized, beautiful, and with the new functions it is better than ever.

Instant Pot has always been famous for the huge amount of functionalities that it provides. This Electronic Pressure Cooker, the Instant Pot Ultra, gives you everything that the earlier models gave and a lot more. You can still cook yogurt in this pot, pasturize milk, sanitize accessories, and even do you sous-vide cooking too!

Do you live at a higher elevation? Yep, this unit even has a way of dealing with your altitude adjustments so that you don't have to manually figure it all out.

The Technical Features of the Instant Pot Ultra

Instant Pot Ultra60
The main technical features (specifications) of the Instant Pot Ultra that we know of are:

  1. It has only one declared model so far, the IP-ULTRA60, from which we know has a volume of 6 quarts.
  2. It has a body of stainless steel.
  3. It has a wattage of 1000.
  4. It is also covered by a warranty of 1 year.

The Main PROS of This Product:

Besides having all the features that the earlier Instant Pot products offered, this has even more. It has more modernized features which are far easier to operate and more functional including that super attractive control dial.

The main features that puts it at a benefit over older models are as follows:
Instant Pot Ultra Screen

  • It has all the features that the earlier Instant Pot models offered you. So, if you choose this one, it would serve the purpose of choosing among Instant Pot. In fact, it has more, and thus you are bound to get an advantage of choosing even other Instant Pot products.
  • The Instant Pot Ultra boasts of a greater flexibility and versatility than ever before. It can serve as many functions as you want, if only you wish to go ahead and give it a try.
  • We know you will have the ability to do a version of sous-vide cooking in this pot although this cooking function is not going to be as accurate as dedicated sous-vide cookers.
  • The new "Ultra" button is basically the same thing as a "Manual" button would do. The difference however is that this pot actually gives you a lot of manual control that other pots lack in terms of pressure settings, temperature, and time.
  • In addition to manual control you can set your altitude into the on-board computer so that the pressure cooking is tweaked for accuracy. No longer will higher elevation homes have to manually adjust recipes for their specific altitude.
  • This model has the largest digital display and management system ever. In fact, that makes it really easy to operate and really the ideal thing to cook for if you are looking to cook without worrying about everything. Cooking at ease was never so easy!
  • There is a cooking process indicator which serves to show you how much your food has been processed, this makes it easy to keep an eye out on the progress of your meal preparation.
  • The temperature and pressure are also variable and you can set any of your choice. While the exact temperature selection is entirely in your hands, the pressure also gives you three choices to select from: none, low and high.
  • You can even detach the power cord for easy storage and convenience.

The CONS of this product:

As great as this product is, there are always a bit of room left for improvement, and while it does not do to be skeptical even with such a great model, we must consider the CONS when we consider purchasing this product. The main drawbacks of this model, the Instant Pot Ultra, are as follows:

  • The greatest negative is perhaps the price. Although the Sur la table is currently selling it for $149.95 for now, it may be assumed that this product will be priced higher than that in the future, so, if it is priced even higher (which it more or less is bound to be, looking at all the features) that would be a con for anyone on a tight budget.
  • The second disadvantage is the lack of extreme versatility. That kind of versatility which we find in the Breville Fast Slow Pro. While the Instant Pot Ultra is very versatile, it is not the most versatile in the industry.
  • This model lacks some special features that other models have, such as the Flavor Infusion technology that the Power Cooker XL provides you with.

Whom would this model be the right choice for?

Instant Pot Ultra Dial

  • Given the fact that this model gives you a huge amount of versatility, this model is the ideal choice for people who are looking at the versatility they can get on a comparatively new model.
  • This model is coming out on the 11th of this month, everywhere there are enthusiasts who are on the lookout to experience the latest products, so it is a preferable model for them.
  • For people who are already using Instant Pot, there is no question of thinking about shifting, because of the huge amount of functionality it provides, if they ever need to buy a new model, this is the one to go for.
  • Finally, this model would also be the choice for those who are buying out a good electronic pressure cooker for the first time.

The safety, warranty and functionality of the Instant Pot brand combines with extreme modernization in this model along with all the little perks like the drip catcher and the detachable power cord, making this unit a really great model to choose from for experienced pressure cookers and beginners alike.

Products that you might also consider if you are considering this:

If you are considering this model, you surely are looking for the specific things that this model has to offer. Thus, we can look at them and see how the other models which are reputed for those qualities measure up to it.

1. Functionality: If you are considering the functionalities that are offered, then this model is one of the best. However, the only models that I can consider to be a competitor to this model in that aspect is the Breville Fast Slow Pro or the IP-Smart Bluetooth which you can program all the presets you could ever imagine from your phone.

2. Modern Interface: If you are looking for a model that would have a modernized interface, there are quite a few models available that offer you that. However, among them as well, the Fagor, Elite Platinum and Breville Fast Slow Pro are also prominent.

I wouldn't blame you however if you just ordered yours on pre-release today. I know I'm picking one up for myself; I just hope it doesn't take too long to get to my doorstep. At the pre-release price I'm not hesitating.

Alternatively there is also a new model releasing on Amazon this month. The IP-DUO Plus60 will be available very soon and it will be cheaper although it will lack the amazing display with selector dial and it won't be able to make sous-vide like the Ultra model will.

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