10 Foods That Will Make You Lose Weight Like Magic

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AUTHOR: Boloere Seibidor

Weight loss can seem like an impossible journey. The thing is that different bodies process different foods in different ways, so while you may speak to a healthcare professional before you begin your weight loss journey, there are a few things you can do on your own — including eating the right foods.

1. Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

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It shouldn't be surprising that fruits and vegetables are first on the list. They are some of the healthiest foods one can consume.

Fruits are healthy, nutritious, and quite delicious, as far as avocados are concerned! Several studies have shown that people who eat the most fruits are healthier than those who don't. They contain great nutrients that would help in anyone's weight loss journey.

Vegetables, on the other hand, are high in fiber and are also very filling. They also contain a lot of protein, making them perfect for weight loss. Although some people argue that fruits contain natural sugar, it doesn't change the fact that they are equally high in micronutrients. So, please help yourself to varieties of them.

2. Beans

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Beans are one of the healthiest foods people can consume. They are high in protein and fiber, two nutrients that make food filling; this is why you can go an entire day feeling full after eating baked beans.

Although they can cause gas and bloating in some people, the side effects can be reduced if adequately prepared. A tip is to try soaking them for a while before preparing them.

3. Oats

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They help promote satiety, are super rich in dietary fiber, help with digestion, and can stabilize your blood glucose level. Oats are perfect meals for people who want to lose weight. They can be eaten as breakfast or dinner.

Guess what? It doesn't matter how you choose to prepare them. They will still keep you full while helping you lose unwanted weight.

4. Potatoes

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Potatoes are excellent for weight loss for so many reasons -— they contain a little bit of almost all the nutrients your body needs.

Potatoes contain potassium, antioxidants, Vitamins C and B6, magnesium, and resistant starch. They are also very filling. Talk about a versatile root vegetable that has it all!

5. Corn

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Corn is one of those underrated foods that have so much to offer. They comprise protein, soluble fiber, and water and are easy to digest. No wonder it is one of the essential crops in the world.

Now, you know that loading up the cob with butter and toppings that contain high calories won't work for losing that extra weight, yes? A plain cob of roasted or boiled corn would do the trick.

6. Nuts

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Nuts contain balanced healthy, unsaturated fat, protein, fiber, and other excellent compounds. Not only do they help with weight loss, they also improve metabolic health.

Studies have shown that most people who eat nuts are at a healthier weight than the people who don't. Still, you must be mindful of the amount you consume, as they are also high in fat.

7. Eggs

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Eggs are high in protein and healthy fats and can satisfy you for hours. Most people used to be terrified of them because they are high in cholesterol, but look at them making a glorious comeback.

Studies have shown that eating eggs for breakfast or adding them to your meal can significantly increase weight loss. Of course, you should avoid consuming more than you need.

8. Chicken

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The subject of meat is still up for debate. For various reasons, some people choose to avoid them, and since we have yet to agree on whether meat is healthy, chicken wins the day.

This famous meat is high in both protein and iron. Although skinless chicken breasts may be tasteless, they are healthy and have less saturated fat.

9. Honey

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Whenever I remember where honey comes from, I get a little skeptical. Still, I can't deny that it is a perfect alternative to refined sugar.

Honey contains enzymes that help with digestion, which in turn aids the weight loss process. However, consuming too much daily might increase your calories, so be careful how many spoonfuls you take.

10. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate
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Yep, you read that correctly.

Dark chocolate contains compounds that are healthy for the body, therefore putting it on this list. They have been linked to help improve heart health, decrease inflammation, and even enhance brain function.

They may reduce cravings and make you feel satisfied. My favorite is that they can positively affect one's mood and mental health, which has been linked to being beneficial to weight loss. But (because there's always a but) they are incredibly high in fat and calories, so eat cautiously.

Source: Quora.

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