Top 10 Garbage Foods That Are Honestly Delicious

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AUTHOR: Saad Muzaffar

Ah, garbage food: the stuff we know we shouldn't eat, but we can't help ourselves. It's like that one ex we know is terrible for us, but we keep returning to anyway. And you know what? That's okay. Sometimes, garbage food is just what we need to lift our spirits and fill our bellies. Here are 10 disgustingly delicious foods.

1. Taco Bell

Sure, some people may have digestive issues after eating there, but that's a small price to pay for a budget-friendly feast. And who can resist a good Chalupa? Plus, as one person pointed out if you order from the dollar menu, you can get two burritos for the price of a single green smoothie. Talk about a steal!

2. 7-Eleven Hot Dogs

Next, we've got the 7-Eleven Roller Hot Dogs - the ultimate mystery meat spinning on that roller machine since dawn. And yet, somehow, it's still surprisingly tasty. As one person commented, they taste good enough to keep them coming back long after they've quit their job at 7-Eleven.

3. Grape Soda

Who even needs fancy grape juice when you've got grape soda? Now I know it may not taste like real grapes, but it definitely tastes purple, whatever that means. All that artificial sugar is where all the fun lies.

4. Kraft Mac and Cheese

Kraft Mac and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food for college students and broke adults everywhere. Some folks mentioned that adding instant ramen to the mix can take things up a notch. Whether you call it "cheesy-chicken" or "ramenmac," this magical concoction of two budget-friendly staples is surprisingly decent.

5. Little Caesar's Pizza

Little Caesar's Pizza may not be as good as the big boys, but someone pointed out it is one-third of the price and fairly delicious. Another person brought up their delicious bread; it's like a garlic and parmesan explosion in your mouth. Someone went as far as to call it better than Olive Garden's breadsticks, and that's saying something.

6. American Cheese

I know this one gets a lot of hate, but hear me out. Sure, it may get a bad reputation, but as someone emphasized, it's the perfect cheese for a burger or grilled cheese sandwich. It melts like a dream in your mouth. Take that, fancy-pants Gruyere!

7. Velveeta Cheese Dip

And let's not forget about Velveeta cheese dip - the ultimate party staple that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Fun fact: it's not even real cheese! But hey, judging from all the comments, it appears to be a favorite! 

8. Del Taco Chilli Fries

And if you're feeling extra indulgent, go for some chili cheese fries from Del Taco. They’re the food of the gods. As someone said, they may look like puke but taste like a bundle of joy.

9. Corned Beef

Have you ever tried corned beef in a can? I know what you're thinking - "ew, canned meat?" But trust me, there's something magical about frying up some extra-crispy corned beef and throwing in an over-easy egg. One person recounted the joy of adding some ketchup to the mix and watching their fingers swell up, thanks to all the sodium. As bad as it is, something about that salty, crispy, greasy combo just hits the spot.

10. Poutine

Last but not least, we've got poutine - the Canadian classic that's basically a silly concoction of whatever's in the fridge. But hey, if it tastes good, who cares how it looks? And let's be honest, anything with cheese and fries is a winner in our book.

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