What To Serve With Japanese Curry? 17 Best Side Dishes

Japanese Curry

Japanese curry is a rich, flavorful dish known for its thick, hearty sauce and tender meat. It's a beloved comfort food in Japan and beyond. But what are the best sides to serve with it?

Here are 17 tasty side dishes that complement Japanese curry perfectly, enhancing its flavors and adding variety to your meal. From classic pairings to more inventive options, these sides are sure to impress.

Japanese Curry

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The best side dishes to serve with Japanese curry are jasmine rice, edamame, scrambled eggs, Alaska roll, green beans, Las Vegas roll, chicken udon noodles, ramen, Japanese rice balls, coffee jelly, crispy tofu, Japanese cheesecake, ginger carrot salad, miso soup, tempura vegetables, sesame spinach, and pickled radish.

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1. Jasmine Rice

Cooked jasmine rice in a brown bowl with fork on side

Jasmine rice is the perfect base for Japanese curry. Its fragrant, slightly floral aroma and soft, sticky texture make it an ideal counterpart to the thick curry sauce. The rice absorbs the flavors beautifully, providing a simple yet essential element to the dish. Plus, its subtle sweetness balances the spices in the curry, creating a harmonious blend of flavors in every bite.

2. Edamame


Edamame adds a fresh, lightly salted element to the meal. These young soybeans, usually steamed and served in their pods, offer a great contrast in texture to the curry. They're not just tasty; they're also packed with protein and fiber, making them a healthy and satisfying side. Their mild, nutty flavor complements the curry without competing with it.

3. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs might seem like an unusual choice, but they work wonderfully with Japanese curry. Lightly scramble the eggs so they're soft and slightly runny. They add a creamy, rich texture to the meal, and their mild taste balances the strong flavors of the curry. It’s a comforting addition that blends well with the other components.

4. Alaska Roll

alaska roll

An Alaska roll, typically made with smoked salmon, avocado, and cucumber, is a refreshing side to Japanese curry. The smokiness of the salmon, creaminess of the avocado, and crunch of the cucumber offer a delightful contrast in flavors and textures. This sushi roll adds a touch of elegance to the meal and pairs nicely with the hearty curry.

5. Green Beans

Green Beans

Green beans, lightly sautéed or steamed, are a simple yet effective side. Their crisp texture and fresh, earthy flavor add a nice balance to the rich curry. You can season them with just a bit of salt, or add garlic for an extra flavor boost. They’re not only delicious but also add a pop of color to your plate.

6. Chicken Udon Noodles

Chicken udon noodles

Chicken udon noodles offer a hearty, comforting side. The thick, chewy udon noodles mixed with tender chicken pieces and a light broth provide a different texture and flavor profile. This side dish complements the curry by offering a milder flavor, which can be a welcome contrast to the curry's intensity. It’s a filling and enjoyable addition to any Japanese curry meal.

7. Ramen

Ramen is a great side for Japanese curry, offering a different noodle experience. A simple bowl of ramen, with its flavorful broth and soft noodles, complements the thicker, heartier curry. The broth's savory taste and the noodles' smooth texture offer a soothing contrast. It's a comforting addition, especially on colder days, making your meal even more satisfying.

8. Las Vegas Roll


A Las Vegas roll is a fun and indulgent side. This sushi roll is typically deep-fried and filled with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and avocado. The crispy exterior and creamy interior provide a delightful contrast to the smooth curry sauce. Its rich flavor complements the curry, making for a luxurious and satisfying addition to the meal.

9. Japanese Rice Balls

Japanese rice balls, or onigiri, are a classic and convenient side. Made with sticky rice and often filled with ingredients like pickled plum (umeboshi) or salted salmon, they're wrapped in nori for easy handling. These rice balls provide a simple, slightly salty or sour taste that balances the richness of the curry, adding a traditional touch to your meal.

10. Coffee Jelly

Coffee jelly is an interesting and delightful dessert to follow up a Japanese curry. It's a jiggly, sweet treat made with coffee and gelatin, often served with cream. The bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the jelly create a refreshing palate cleanser, offering a light end to a rich meal.

11. Crispy Tofu

Crispy tofu is a delicious vegetarian option. Fry or bake tofu until it's golden and crispy, then season it lightly. Its crunchy exterior and soft interior provide a pleasing texture contrast to the curry. Tofu's mild flavor also means it can absorb the curry sauce well, making it a tasty and healthy addition.

12. Japanese Cheesecake

Fluffy crustless cheesecake slice on a white plate with strawberries on side

Japanese cheesecake is a soft, fluffy dessert that's lighter than its Western counterpart. Its airy texture and subtle sweetness make it an excellent choice to conclude a meal with Japanese curry. This cheesecake isn't overly sweet, which makes it a perfect, gentle finish.

13. Ginger Carrot Salad

A ginger carrot salad is a refreshing and light side dish. Grate some carrots and dress them with a zingy ginger dressing. The salad's crispness and the dressing's tangy flavor offer a bright contrast to the deep, spiced flavors of the curry, adding a healthy and flavorful component to your meal.

14. Miso Soup

Miso Soup

Miso soup is a comforting, traditional Japanese side. Its warm, savory flavor, with tofu and seaweed bits, pairs well with curry, offering a soothing and familiar taste. This soup is light, which helps balance the heartiness of the curry.

15. Tempura Vegetables

Tempura vegetables bring a crunchy, light aspect to the meal. Batter and fry a variety of vegetables like sweet potatoes, bell peppers, and broccoli. They offer a delightful crunch and a mild, sweet taste that complements the spicier curry.

16. Sesame Spinach

Sesame spinach is a quick and easy side. Blanch spinach and then toss it with sesame oil, soy sauce, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. This dish adds a vibrant color and a nutty, savory flavor to your curry meal, making it more wholesome.

17. Pickled Radish

Pickled radish is a bright, tangy side that cuts through the richness of the curry. Its crisp texture and sharp flavor cleanse the palate and add a refreshing note. Simple to prepare, it can be a colorful and zesty addition to your table.

Japanese Curry

What To Serve With Japanese Curry

Looking for the best sides to eat with your flavorful Japanese curry? We have 17 delicious ideas for the perfect meal.
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