What To Serve With Deli Sandwiches? 15 BEST Side Dishes

Deli Sandwiches

Deli sandwiches are versatile and satisfying, loaded up with your favorite meats, cheeses, and veggies. But a great sandwich deserves an equally fantastic side dish.

Whether you're munching on a classic turkey and Swiss or a spicy Italian sub, these 15 side dishes are perfect companions for any deli sandwich you choose.

Deli Sandwiches

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The best side dishes to serve with deli sandwiches are french fries, blooming onion, butternut squash soup, butter lettuce salad, sweet potato fries, roasted zucchini, potato wedges, avocado salad, sautéed mushrooms, coleslaw, garlic bread, pasta salad, pickles, quinoa salad, and chili.

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1. French Fries

French Fries

Can you ever go wrong with French fries? Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, they're a classic side for a reason. Whether you go for the traditional salted variety or spice them up with some herbs and parmesan, French fries are the ultimate comfort food sidekick to a hearty deli sandwich.

2. Blooming Onion

blooming onion

A blooming onion is not only a feast for the eyes but also for the taste buds. This deep-fried delicacy is sliced to bloom like a flower and comes with a side of dipping sauce. It's crunchy, it's fun, and it's packed with flavor, making it an instant crowd-pleaser next to your sandwich.

3. Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash soup

For those looking for a warm, comforting side, butternut squash soup is a lovely option. Its creamy texture and slightly sweet, nutty flavor make it a cozy and delicious companion to any sandwich. It's especially good with turkey or chicken-based sandwiches, offering a different texture to contrast with the bread and fillings.

4. Butter Lettuce Salad

Light, crisp, and refreshing, a butter lettuce salad can bring some balance to your sandwich . Dressed with a simple vinaigrette and a scattering of fresh herbs, it's a palate-cleansing side that offers a healthier counterpoint to heavier, meaty sandwiches.

5. Sautéed Mushrooms

Sauteed Mushrooms
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A plate of sautéed mushrooms can add an earthy, savory note to your sandwich spread. Cooked in a bit of butter or olive oil with a dash of garlic, they bring a luxurious touch to the table. These mushrooms are especially great alongside sandwiches stacked with roast beef or turkey, where their umami kick can really shine.

6. Roasted Zucchini

Roasted zucchini, seasoned lightly with olive oil, salt, and perhaps a sprinkle of Parmesan, offers a slightly more nutritious side without sacrificing taste. Its tender, mild flavor complements a wide range of deli sandwiches, from ham and cheese to a veggie-loaded sub.

7. Potato Wedges

potato wedges crispy
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Thicker and heartier than regular fries, potato wedges bring a rustic charm to your meal. Season them with your choice of herbs or spices, and you've got a side dish that's as flavorful as it is satisfying. They pair particularly well with sandwiches that have bold, robust flavors.

8. Avocado Salad

For a splash of color and a dose of healthy fats, an avocado salad is a splendid option. Chunky avocados mixed with tomatoes, onions, and a squeeze of lime make for a zesty and creamy side that can lighten up any deli sandwich feast.

9. Sweet Potato Fries

If you're a fan of fries but want to try something a little different, sweet potato fries are a fantastic alternative. Their natural sweetness provides a delightful contrast to savory deli meats, and their bright orange color adds a splash of vibrancy to your plate.

10. Coleslaw

For a classic, tangy side, coleslaw always works. The crunchy texture of the shredded cabbage and carrots, combined with the creamy, zesty dressing, offers a refreshing contrast to any sandwich. It's especially well-suited to go with meat-heavy subs or sandwiches featuring fried components.

11. Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread

Garlic bread, warm and buttery with just the right amount of garlic, is comfort food at its finest. Perfect for sopping up any leftover sandwich juices or sauces, it's a carb-lover's dream. Plus, it's versatile enough to accompany all kinds of deli sandwiches, from classics to modern twists.

12. Pasta Salad

A chilled pasta salad, loaded with veggies and dressed in a light vinaigrette, can be a delightful addition to your sandwich meal. The pasta offers a chewy texture, while the veggies bring a burst of freshness. It's a particularly good match for Italian subs or any sandwich filled with salami, ham, or other cured meats.

13. Pickles

Sometimes, it's the simplest sides that steal the show. A dish of pickles, whether dill, bread and butter, or even spicy, can add a crunchy, tangy element that pairs exceptionally well with deli sandwiches. They offer a quick palate cleanser between bites, making each mouthful of sandwich even more enjoyable.

14. Quinoa Salad

For a healthier twist, why not opt for a quinoa salad? Tossed with a variety of veggies and perhaps a protein like chickpeas, it's a nutritious and delicious side dish. The nutty flavor of the quinoa and the crunch of fresh vegetables make it a refreshing counterpart to a hearty sandwich.

15. Chili

If you're in the mood for something hearty and warming, a bowl of chili can be a fantastic side. Whether it's a meaty version or a vegetarian chili, the spiced, rich flavors make it a standout companion for a wide array of deli sandwiches, adding a robust, satisfying component to the meal.

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Deli Sandwiches

What To Serve With Deli Sandwiches

Looking for the best sides to eat with your flavorful deli sandwiches? We have 15 delicious ideas for the perfect meal.
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  • Make the best deli sandwiches using your favorite recipe.
  • Make a side dish from the list above. You can eat deli sandwiches with french fries, blooming onion, butternut squash soup, butter lettuce salad, sweet potato fries, roasted zucchini, potato wedges, avocado salad, sautéed mushrooms, coleslaw, garlic bread, pasta salad, pickles, quinoa salad, and chili.
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