What Does Mayo Taste Like?

Mayonnaise taste

Just a few people haven't tried mayo aka mayonnaise yet. It is an integral part of sandwiches, salads, and other dishes.

However, some still haven't tried it for some reason. For everyone, we have prepared a detailed description of what mayo tastes like.

Mayo served in a bowl

To be honest, even if you eat mayonnaise and know what it tastes like, it will be interesting to get to know the different tastes depending on the variations of mayonnaise. Well, let's find out more about mayo.

Do You Know What Mayo Is?

Mayo is a creamy, thick sauce or dressing made from egg yolks, oil, lemon juice/vinegar, and other additives such as mustard. We use it in sandwiches, tortillas, wraps, and different variations. It is known for its white-yellowish color and specific taste.

And do you know where mayo comes from? There are two stories about the origin of this sauce, which is used by the Spanish and the French.

The first story says that back in 1756, in France, a chef named Marie-Antoine Carame was the first to make a sauce that he served under the name Menon's House of Taste in his restaurant. He made it from egg and oil.

Another legend says the Spanish were the authors of this sauce and that the French stole the recipe and sold it as their own. According to the Spanish, the sauce was called Mahonese. Regardless of its origin and history, today, this sauce is known worldwide and served in different ways.

So, mayonnaise is an emulsion created by combining two liquids that do not mix. That's achieved by slowly adding one ingredient to another, mixing quickly, giving the mayo a specific texture and taste.

What Does Mayo Taste Like?

Mayo has a slightly sour and salty taste, which usually depends on the ingredients used for its preparation. If we want to look for flavors that mayo is most similar to, they are sour cream and Greek yogurt (although mayo has a more intense taste).

Mayo taste

Mayo has an intense, aromatic, slightly tangy taste. Usually, the taste depends on the amount and type of ingredients added to the dressing.

For example, the taste and smell will be sharper if there is more mustard and garlic. If these ingredients are fewer, the flavor is somewhat milder. Also, the taste will be a little sweeter if there is a little garlic in the mayo.

What Does Mayo Smell Like?

Mayo has a distinctive smell. Those who regularly use mayo can easily recognize it only by its smell.

This smell is usually sour, intense, and fermented. Mayonnaise has that strong smell and robust aroma from mustard, eggs, and acid. Adding spices, like garlic, can reduce the intensity of the scent.

What are the different types of mayonnaise?

There are countless variations of mayonnaise today. But the essential thing you need for a good mayonnaise is the following ingredients:

  • Egg yolks
  • Oil
  • Lemon juice or vinegar
  • Salt

You can add many spices and additives such as mustard, lemon zest, herbs, etc. Some interesting mayo variations are:

Lime Mayo

Lime mayo

If you add lime to regular mayonnaise, you will get a smooth texture and a slightly sharper taste. For extra flavor, add some lime zest, salt, and pepper. The taste will get a new note of sourness and sharpness, enough if you want to introduce some novelty into the mayo sauce. It goes well with Mac and Cheese and French Fries.

Spicy Mayo

Spicy Mayo

If you want to enrich the mayonnaise with additional spicy flavors, you can do it with the spices you have at home. But you can also buy ready-made spicy mayo. In this combination, Worcestershire and tabasco sauce are added to the mayonnaise. We don't even have to explain how much it will enrich the taste, which will go well with fried shrimp or hot dogs.

Sesame Mayo

Sesame Mayo

Sesame mayo is an interesting variation because it is easy to make and tastes great. Mix soy sauce, oil, mayonnaise, and sesame oil - and that's it. You have made a great combination with burgers or wraps, such as pork tacos or Birria Tacos.

Miso Mayo

Miso Mayo

Add a little white wine vinegar and as many teaspoons of miso as you put the egg yolks to get the perfect miso mayo. Miso will add a savory flavor to your mayo.

Is Mayonnaise Good For Health?

The question of how healthy or unhealthy mayo is is delicate for us. Certainly, mayonnaise contains ingredients that provide some useful nutrients for our bodies. Such nutrients are vitamin E and vitamin K. Lemon provides vitamin C, and egg provides healthy fats., proteins, and vitamin B12.

However, many store-bought may contain preservatives and numerous additives that are not healthy for our bodies. Also, mayo includes a large proportion of fat and calories. It has as many as 100 calories per tablespoon. That can be a problem for people on a diet who should not be eating carbohydrates and fats.

Undoubtedly, buying a jar of mayo isn't the healthiest choice. Due to the addition of additives, aromas, fats, and low-quality oil, store-bought mayo isn't the best option. Yet, if you make your own mayo at home, it can be a much healthier alternative.


Whether store-bought or homemade mayo, the taste and aroma are unique and give a completely new note to your dish. You can also enjoy the different mayo flavors when you get bored of the regular ones. That way, you will always have a new sauce or dressing for your sandwich, burger, salad, or tortilla.

However, be careful not to overdo it with mayonnaise. Due to the high-calorie content, you must pay attention to the amount you take into your body. However, some delicious mayonnaise will complete your dish and satisfy your taste buds.

Mayo FAQs

What Does Mayonnaise Taste Like?

Mayo has a slightly sour and salty taste. Also, the taste is somewhat sharp, aromatic, and tangy, depending on the ingredients used for preparation.

Is Mayo Healthy to Eat?

We cannot say that mayonnaise is healthy because it contains many calories and fat. However, it also includes beneficial nutrients such as protein and vitamins K, E, and B12. However, moderate consumption is better, especially for people on diets or special food regimes.

What Is Mayo Made Of?

Mayonnaise is rich in egg yolks, oil, lemon juice or vinegar, and (sea) salt. It is the base to which you can add different spices.

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