What Does Triggerfish Taste Like


Are you a fish lover? There is one sort of fish that is attractive for several reasons. It's a triggerfish. Triggerfish belongs to the family Balistidae of the order Tetradontiformes. It has a characteristic shape, bright colors, quality meat, and an interesting taste. It's one of the favorite challenges for fishermen, and many enjoy fishing for this species.

In addition, triggerfish have white filets, with a mild taste. Big, thick fish filets are great when baked, grilled, or fried. Also, triggerfish is a great way to include sorts of fish in your menu.

So, if you want to know more about what type of fish it is, which triggerfish you should not eat, what triggerfish tastes like, and how healthy it is - keep reading.

What Is Triggerfish?


Triggerfish is a type of fish you can find in tropical and subtropical waters. It's a sea fish with a very interesting oval shape. These fish have big heads, small mouths, small eyes, and teeth. The triggerfish species are identified by a dorsal fin spine are popular for their dorsal spines, from which they got their name. These spines serve as a defense mechanism used to hide from threats when they feel threatened.

During the warmer months, you can find triggerfish under the floating layers of seagrass, but when it gets colder, fish descend toward reefs, wrecks, and other habitats.

In addition to their cute appearance, bright colors, and oval shape, they also have high-quality meat. So, many excellent fishermen enjoy fishing for this species, and they can catch them all year round.

The most popular type of triggerfish is the gray triggerfish. Gray triggerfish is gray olive or gray. It is usually small, their usual length being about 17 inches. And, there are most of them in Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Besides the Gray Triggerfish, there are about 40 species, but the most popular are:

  • Redtoothed Triggerfish
  • Reef Triggerfish
  • Queen Triggerfish
  • Black Triggerfish
  • Lagoon Triggerfish

As you can see in the image bellow, lagoon Triggerfish, aka Picasso triggerfish, are brightly colored fish with lots of cool shapes.

Lagoon Triggerfish 

Is Triggerfish Edible Fish?

Some types of triggerfish can be toxic, such as titan triggerfish and clown triggerfish. This type should be avoided because it can be toxic. Other types of these fish are edible, and the most famous among them is the gray triggerfish.

Not only are triggerfish edible, but it’s also so delicious and healthy. But if you've never tried these fish, you're probably wondering what they taste like and what you can expect.

What Does Triggerfish Taste Like?

Triggerfish has a rich flavor. Since it's known for its pure white meat, it has a mild taste, similar to Amberjack. It is usually eaten raw or cooked. So, it is very popular in Japanese cuisine. However, if you are trying this type of fish for the first time, experts recommend starting with gray triggerfish.

Triggerdish has as sweet flavor, similar to a sweet crab meat, so it will give depth and a new dimension to your dish. There is a slight sweetness to it, but not too intense.

Many seafood lovers consider triggerfish to be one of the tastiest fish eaten raw. However, it is up to you to decide what type of fish suits you best. So feel free to make fried fish or cook it anyway you like.

Cooked Triggerfish

Cooked Triggerfish

When cooking triggerfish, you need to keep in mind how long you will be cooking it. If overcooked, the fish may lose its flavor and become rubbery. However, when you cook it well, triggerfish has a sweet, mild flavor.

When cooked triggerfish is seasoned with spices and herbs, it tastes even better. But, add just a small amount of herbs so that the fish retains its unique taste.

Raw Triggerfish

Raw Triggerfish

Japanese cuisine is famous for raw fish. As they say, triggerfish have a special taste when eaten raw. According to some experts, hardly any fish can surpass that taste. When you eat triggerfish raw, it’s not necessary to add many spices. By itself, fish has a great taste, and there is no need for other ingredients to disturb that balance of flavor. The fact that this fish doesn't have that intense fishy smell makes it even more popular.

What To Serve With Triggerfish?

It's such a delicious fish that almost any side dish will work. Some ideas:

  • Green vegetables like broccoli or zucchini.
  • Tomato salad
  • Mashed potatoes
  • French Fries

Any side dish for Halibut or Mahi Mahi will work as well 🙂

What Is the Best Way to Eat Triggerfish?

As you have seen so far, you can prepare it in several ways. You can cook triggerfish and combine it with different spices and herbs. This sort of fish can be boiled, fried, or grilled. With each of these cooking methods, it will release its soft and unique flavors. Triggerfish is good tasting by itself, so it doesn't require much seasoning.

Grilled Triggerfish

Also, triggerfish is a delicacy that is often used in sushi, sashimi, and ceviche. Well, because of its popularity in Japan, you can find these fish fresh at markets. They are usually already chopped and ready to prepare raw dishes.

What you must always keep in mind is to avoid species that are toxic, as well as avoid large triggerfish. Larger fish are more prone to parasites and bacteria, so it is always safer to use smaller triggerfish.

How to catch triggerfish?

The best places to catch triggerfish are in the Mexican Gulf offshore or in the waters of Florida.

Please note that this is an aggressive fish, so maybe the best option for you is to get a store-bought one...

Final Thoughts

If you are a fish lover and have not yet tried triggerfish, be sure that you will be delighted. In addition to the fact that this fish has a unique look, colors, and structure - it's also unique in its taste. It's so mild, with an attractive texture, that there is no need to season it much. Its flavor is enough in itself to delight your taste buds.

So what does triggerfish taste like? With this sort of fish, you can cook various dishes. Each of these dishes will have a unique taste. You can bake it for one week, grill it for one week, and then try it raw in sushi or sashimi. Isn't that great?

So you have only one task these days - try triggerfish in any way you want. You won't regret it.

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