What Does Kiwi Taste Like?


Whether it's flu and cold season or you want refreshment, kiwi is the perfect fruit. Since it's very versatile, it's a favorite of many people.

It's a vital part of all fruit salads, cakes, juices, and other delicacies. If you have never tried a kiwi before, you must be interested in what kiwi taste like. Kiwi has a unique taste that's refreshing and sour at the same time. Also, there's a certain dose of sweetness combined with an acid-like taste.


Although it doesn't look so lovely from the outside when cut, it has an attractive appearance, with green flesh dotted with black seeds. If you want to know more about this juicy fruit, keep reading.

What Is Kiwi?

Kiwifruit or kiwi is an edible plant with an oval shape, the size of a quail egg. It has thin, firm, and light brown skin. The skin is covered with a thin layer of hair. When you cut a kiwi open, you will be surprised by what it looks like inside. The flesh is light green or golden and decorated with black seeds.

Sliced kiwi

This fruit originates from eastern and central China, dating back to the 12th century. Later, the production was transferred to other countries, such as New Zealand. Today it is popular in almost all parts of the world. Many eat kiwi in different variations, fruit salads, cakes, juices, smoothies, etc.

Also, there are several types of kiwi, some of the most famous: green (fuzzy), golden, red, and hardy kiwi.

Let's take a closer look at each type and its flavors.

What Does Kiwi Taste Like?

Kiwi is a fruit with a refreshing, sweet, and sour taste. It contains a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. When you bite into a soft slice of kiwi, your mouth will be filled with juicy fruit juice.

The primary taste you will feel is citrusy, light, and then sweet, and juicy. When the kiwi is less ripe, the sour taste will predominate a little. However, the taste of kiwi varies slightly depending on the type.

1. Green Kiwi (Fuzzy kiwi)

Green kiwi

Green kiwi is the most popular kiwi available in almost every grocery store. The skin is firm, hairy and brown. The flesh is light green, and black seeds are arranged inside. Green kiwi has a slightly sweet-sour taste. However, it is incredibly juicy and refreshing which is perfect for fruit salads and desserts.

2. Golden Kiwi

Golden Kiwi

On the other hand, the golden kiwi has hairless skin and golden flesh. There aren't even that many seeds inside. The taste is sweeter than golden kiwi and has more vitamin C and acidity. Given that the skin has no hair, you can eat it more easily with the rest of the kiwi. You will be in delight by the unique taste and texture this kiwi is providing.

3. Red Kiwi

Red Kiwi

Unlike other kiwis, red kiwis have dark brown skin and green shades. When you cut the fruit tree, the flesh is red with many seeds. The taste of red kiwi is sweet and somewhat reminiscent of berries. But, this type of kiwi is not that popular in cuisine as it's hard to slice and it doesn't go very well with other ingredients that are most popular in dishes.

4. Hardy Kiwi

Hardy Kiwi

And finally, an attractive type of kiwi that is even grown in colder seasons - is the hardy kiwi. The fruits of this kiwi are much smaller than the others, so you can eat them instantly. It has a juicy sweet taste with aromatic nuances.

What Texture Does Kiwi Have?

The skin, the flesh, and the kiwi seeds are edible. However, usually, people peel the kiwi and leave only the green part. They do this because the bark is tough, rough, and challenging to chew.

Also, the taste will be unique and pleasant if you eat it with the rest of the kiwi. The inside of the kiwi is soft, juicy, and a bit slippery and sticky. When you take it in your hands, it will leave a juicy mark on your fingers.

Best Ways to Use Kiwi in Dishes 

Cooking with kiwi

First of all, you should know that there's no wrong way to use kiwi in cooking. Since this fruit has such a rich, sweet, and tangy flavor, it's preferably used in fruit salads and dishes with meat. Let's take a close look at some of the best ways to use kiwi in order to further enrich your dish with its flavor.

  • Using kiwi in desserts - Because of its unique taste, kiwi is a wonderful ingredient in many different desserts. For example, you can add kiwi slices to the Instant Pot pineapple upside down cake. This way, your dessert will have a delicious taste with rich kiwi flavor.
  • Cooking meat with kiwi - Believe it or not, you can add kiwi to any dish that's mostly consisted of meat. Namely, this trend is quite popular in eastern cultures as a way to soften the meat with kiwi. As for the example, we highly recommend adding a slice or two of kiwi to the Instant Pot Swedish Meatballs dish.
  • Kiwi is great in vitamin salads - Lastly, kiwi is a great ingredient when it comes to fruit salads rich with vitamins. Some people enjoy adding bananas, kiwi, sliced oranges, and some walnuts into the mix. This combination of fruits is quite delicious if you add some sugar cream to bond everything together.
  • kiwi is great for breakfast - add kiwi slices to Instant Pot Pancakes or Air Fryer Frozen Waffles for a complete and healthy meal.

Is Kiwi Healthy?

Kiwi is rich in vitamins C, E, potassium, magnesium, and folate. It also contains a lot of fiber and antioxidants. This makes it an extremely healthy fruit. What is interesting is that kiwi has as much as 230% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C in the body. That means that one kiwi a day is enough for immune boosting.

Since it contains so many nutrients and healthy substances, kiwi helps to maintain immunity and reduce the risk of colds. In addition, it helps maintain healthy digestion and can reduce the risk of heart disease.

kiwi healthy

Most importantly, kiwi is good when it comes to asthma. Those who are suffering from asthma or have other breathing problems should eat kiwi on a daily basis. Because of the structure and vitamins inside, kiwi is great in healing lungs and preventing bacteria and other diseases to spread in this area.

After all, you shouldn't wait to try kiwi as this is one of the most popular exotic fruits on the planet. No matter the condition you have, or if you're healthy, you can highly benefit from kiwi.


As you have seen, kiwi is a unique fruit worth including in your diet. Due to its sweet and sour taste, you can combine it with all other fruits. You will get delicious treats that will suit your palate. In addition, by eating kiwi, you will introduce more than enough healthy substances into your body.

Just keep one thing in mind, kiwi contains a large amount of vitamin C. Therefore, eating more than one kiwi a day is not recommended.

Finally, enjoy your new favorite fruit and all the delicious combinations you can make.

FAQs About Kiwi

What Does Kiwi Taste Like?

Kiwi is a fruit with a refreshing, sweet, and sour taste. It has a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. You will feel the citrusy, sweet, and juicy flavor.

Is Kiwi Healthy to Eat?

Yes, kiwi is highly healthy. It contains vitamins C, E, fiber, and antioxidants, which are necessary for the healthy development of the immune system and the organism.

Can I Eat the Skin of a Kiwi?

Yes, kiwi skin is edible and rich in vitamins. Therefore, eating it together with the rest of the kiwi is highly beneficial.

Is One Kiwi Per Day Enough?

One kiwi per day will be enough for everyone. That is because kiwi contains enough vitamin C and fiber for daily intake. In this way, you will keep your immunity strong and healthy.

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