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The Best 3-Quart Pressure Cookers

Three 3 quarts pressure cookers with title

Are you looking to buy a relatively small 3-quart pressure cooker?

Only looking to feed a few people at a time? Or maybe you just need a small unit to save on storage space.

Three 3 quarts pressure cookers with title

There are actually lots of uses for a three quart pressure cookers and although they aren't the most common size there are some great models to choose from some of the top brands in the business.

Read on to see my top choices for best 3 quart pressure cookers or click here to see all the small pressure cookers I feature on the site sorted by size.

Which 3-Quart Pressure Cooker is the Best?

In my opinion there are three different types of pressure cookers made. There are stainless steel lined cookers and aluminum cookers in both stovetop and electric styles. The best models made in smaller sizes in miy opinion are the stovetop pressure cookers. In fact if you want to you can see my post where I break down all of the best stovetop pressure cookers sold today otherwise, keep reading.

No matter how you break it down there are some great options to choose from. Unfortunately it's hard to choose which on is best for your needs so please let me help you out a bit.

Here are my favorites with reviews as to why they are worth buying.

Here are my Top Choices for Two Quart Pressure Cookers

I feel like stainless steel pressure cookers are far better than aluminum. They interact with the food in a less dramatic way. They are heavy duty and will outlast all aluminum cookers by a lot and they just feel safer. Obviously this comes with a price though.

They do tend to be a little more expensive than aluminum so if you want to see some less expensive units scroll down to the next section where I've listed a few of the better alternatives. I've also listed the 3QT electric pressure cookers down below due to quality. I don't feel the electric models in this size are good enough to be called best in class. They'll do just fine but they're not my favorites.

1. Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1 

Instant Pot DUO 60 Pressure Cooker

The most popular pressure cooker in it's 3-quart version. Have many useful functions like slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute, yogurt maker, warmer & sterilizer and more.

I'm using it to make side dishes like Jasmine rice or quinoa while making orange chicken in the bigger one.

2. WMF Perfect Plus 3-Quart Pressure Cooker

This small pressure cooker by WMF is made from 18/10 stainless-steel so it's super durable. It comes with a recipe book on purchase and has a handle that stays cool to the touch throughout the cooking process. The handle can be removed for thorough cleaning. The Transtherm base is designed to heat evenly and can be used on all cooking surfaces including glass top stoves and induction burners. This pressure cooker is made in Germany and feels like a well built cook pot. By far the best.

3. Hawkins Stainless Steel 3.0 Litre Pressure Cooker

This is another beautiful stovetop pressure cooker by Hawkins. It is 3-liters which is basically the same as three quarts. Made again from heavy duty stainless steel this pressure cooker is a whistling model which will let you know when your dish is up to temperature. It has easily replaceable parts like the o-ring and lid and it costs a fraction of the WMF Perfect Plus featured above. It's not as good mind you but it is probably the best value and definitely worth looking into.

4. Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Top Model Energy Efficient Pressure Cooker

This is such a cool pressure cooker, it captures the best of both aluminum and stainless steel.The base is aluminum at it's core which aids in spreading the heat evenly and conduction. The main construction of the pot however is an 18/10 stainless steel composition and the entire unit is manufactured in Switzerland. It is exceptionally well made. This pot has five safety releases and it features a spring loaded steam release valve which keep the noise level to a minimum. In fact for a stovetop pressure cooker this is one of the quietest you can find. The price is getting up there but when you want the best you pay for it.

5. Magefesa Practika Plus Stainless Steel 3.3 Quart Super Fast Pressure Cooker

Here's another 18/10 stainless steel model that's priced a bit lower so it should fit most people's budgets. It doesn't scream quality like the Kuhn Rikon but it will do just fine. What I like about this one so much is that it has two pressure settings, high and low, that it can cook at. This can be really handy for cooking certain types of foods that may be a bit more fragile or delicate. It was designed in Spain and also has the same sandwich steel/aluminum base for even heating. If you have a smaller budget then this is a a really great option, one of the best.

Now I understand that stove top cookers aren't on everyone's wish list, so I'd like to offer you at least one electric 3-quart model which is a good option. Unlike the regular medium sizes, like 6 or 8 quarts, smaller electric pressure cooker are very rare, so there are not much options available.

6. Gowise USA - 6-in-1 Electric Stainless-steel Pressure Cooker/slow Cooker


If you are not set in stone on a 3QT pressure cooker then please take the time to look at the other sizes on this site.

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