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The Quietest Pressure Cookers On The Market

Andes mountains with flamingos and Instant Pot on top

Looking to buy a really really quiet pressure cooker?

I've got a bunch of nearly silent pressure cookers featured below.

Andes mountains with flamingos and Instant Pot on top

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If you've ever used a pressure cooker before you know they can be quite loud when operating at full pressure. If you have small kids in the house this can sometimes be a problem too. Some kids can be scared of the noises coming from the kitchen and the noises can sometimes wake up napping kids!

Shoot, even if you don't have kids it's just nice to have a relatively quiet home while cooking. It makes for easier conversation, reading, or easier listening to the TV.

Considering basically all stove top top pressure cookers make noise the quietest of all pressure cookers by type are the electric versions. In fact almost every electric pressure cooker is virtually silent. They all make only the smallest bit of noise when they vent steam and the very end of a cooking cycle.

The absolute quietest pressure cooker that will be the best value to the most amount of people will probably be the Instant Pot IP-LUX 60 V3. This is the third generation LUX model so it's got a few extra bells and whistles but it doesn't cost much more.

These Quiet Electric pressure Cookers Make Almost No Sound

If you are looking for the quietest pressure cooker possible then it's probably best to stick to high end electric pressure cookers like the following options listed below.

1. Instant Pot DUO

2. Crock-Pot Multi Use

3. Mealthy MultiPot

These are The Most Quiet Stovetop Pressure Cookers For Sale

If on the other hand you really want a stovetop model then the following are about the quietest stovetop pressure cookers you can find. They will of course still make noise, just not as much as some of the alternatives.

1. Presto 01362

2. All-American Pressure Cooker

3. Mirro 92122A


Why Do Stovetop Pressure Cookers Hiss But Electric Pressure Cookers Dont?

Common observation shows us that stovetop models make more sounds than electric models do. Stovetop models typically have pressure release valves that hiss as they slowly release steam. The valves may wobble around making light knocking sounds and some are still made to whistle.

Electric pressure cookers do not make any of these traditional sounds because their internal pressure is regulated with a computer chip monitoring the heating element and internal pressure. As internal pressure gets close to 11 psi most electric pressure cookers cycle down the heat to maintain operational pressure at or just below 11 psi. Stovetop models do not have computer chips monitoring the cooking process so excess steam must be released to maintain safe internal pressure.

Some Stovetop Pressure Cookers Make Less Noise Than Others

In recent years there has been small advances in the pressure release valves installed on many high end stovetop pressure cookers. These new release spring valves allow for steam to release at high pressure without making so much noise. The spring is compressed as pressure builds leading to eventual pressure release, as pressure drops the valve closes again resulting in a much more quiet experience.

Yeah, there are plenty of cheaper pressure cookers but for keeping the noise level down these top of the line units units with spring valves are your best bet. If you don't want to spend so much then you will likely have to deal with the typical sound of a hissing pressure cooker because most lower end models don't use these valves.

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