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All American Pressure Canner Review

All American Canner cover photo

So far, we've discussed several products such as Pressure Cookers, Air Fryers, Deep Fryers and whatnot. In several pressure cooker models such as the Power Pressure Cooker XL, we've asked you to not use them for canning. We've always suggested you to use actual canners because of the safety that comes with them.

All American Canner cover photo

So, in today's article, we are going to take a look at the main canner models from one of the most prominent companies. The All American Pressure Canners are here since the 1930s! This makes them a really old and reputed company that you can actually trust.

A Model-Wise Study of the All American Pressure Canners

Of course, while All American doesn't have as many canners as the Instant Pot has products, it still has quite a few. Of course, all of them are suitable based on different needs. In order to find the best one for ourselves, we have to understand which one is the most needed and when it is so. So, let us take a look at the main models and their main features so that we can find out the right ones for us:

1. All American 910 10 Quart

The All American 910 10 Quart Pressure Canner is as small as they come. While 10 Quart is actually a pretty large size which is not common in some cases, it is really small here somehow. Anyway, several people still love this model a lot and go for this one adamantly. Let us take a look at the main features of this model now:

  • First of all comes quality. This model has an Extra Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum body to ensure that you're always safe while using it.
  • This model also has 2 automatic venting features which provide an extra margin of safety (the safety control valve & over-pressure plug).
  • Of course, you can control the pressure. There are settings for 5, 10 and 15 PSI. For a comparison, the T-Fal ActiFry Air Fryer doesn't let you control temperature.
  • However, the main limitation of this model is that you can't can fish using this model.
  • This model can hold 7 Pint Jars (4 Quart Jars).

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2. All American 915 15 Quart

This is the second most popular from the All American line of products. But besides that, this model is really similar to the last model. For example even in quality, this model also uses the same good quality aluminum. In fact, there are only a few small differences that set these two apart. Let us take a look at these main differences:

  • This model has a capacity of 15 Quarts while the last one had a capacity of 10.
  • This model is larger than the last one in terms of dimensions.
  • This model can hold 10 pint jars (7 Quart Jars).

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3. All American 921 21.5 Quart 

The third model in terms of size would be the All American 921 21 Quart Pressure Canner. This model is really similar to the last model. For example even in quality, this model also uses the same good quality aluminum. This canner is actually free from the only main limitation that the earlier mentioned canners have. In this product, you can also can fish. This makes this canner entirely versatile and thus it's preferred by a lot of people.

However, problems start to come at the same time. This canner is also pretty large, means that you can't simply use it on all the burners because it may damage the sides of the burner. So, you have to be really careful. This isn't usually a problem with the previous sizes above. This model can hold 19 Pint Jars (7 Quart Jars).

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4. All American 925 25 Quart

This model is exactly the same as the last model except in terms of capacity. It has the same aluminum body, the same features and the same everything. Only a few things are different in this case:

  • First of all, the capacity, as I said, is larger in case of this model. Please do note that this naturally means that it will have a larger dimension too.
  • And secondly, this model costs slightly more than the earlier model. Larger models cost more than smaller ones because of the more material that goes into making them.
  • This model can hold 19 Pint Jars (7 Quart Jars).

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5. All American 930 30 Quart

Now, if you thought 25 Quarts wasn't enough for you, no problem. They also got the 30 Quart model just for you! This model, like usual, is also the same as the earlier models.

This model, however, can hold 19 Pint Jars (14 Quart Jars).

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6. All American 941 41.5 Quart

And finally, the largest size of the All American Pressure Canners. The All American 941 41 Quart Pressure Canner is one of the miracles in the market.

This is the biggest pressure canner available and moreover the largest pressure cooker on the market today.

Let us take a look at the main features of this one as well:

  • This model boasts of a 41.5 Quart Capacity.
  • This model has an aluminum body too.
  • The model can hold 32 Pint Jars (19 Quarts).
  • It's also incidentally one of the most expensive models when it comes to Pressure Canners!

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Of course, just because All American is a great company doesn't mean that you must go for only it. There are quite a few other companies out there that are cool as well, so of course, you gotta do your research.

Of these companies, the most prominent ones are naturally the main competing models for All American. And as such, those are some alternative choices for you as well! The main competitors are as follows:



5 thoughts on “All American Pressure Canner Review

    1. Who makes the 80 litre unit. I have 7 units of the 941 and I find it often too small for my use, sterilizing grain for mushroom spawn.

  1. I picked up an All American 921 canner with a rather funky & stained up lid at an auction but haven't used it yet. Since then, I've picked up an All American 915 canner with a very nice looking lid. I mounted the 915 lid to the 921 body and it seems to be a perfect fit. The 915 lid rotates to the locking position on the 921 body effortlessly & the T handles glide through the 915 lid's slots with ease leaving plenty of slack between T handle bottoms & the lid's surface where the T handle tightens down on. Is this combination safe to use as I still haven't tested this combo yet!!!!

    1. Honestly... I'd try it. Of coarse, I am not telling you to use anything unsafe. Pressure cookers are expensive and I would be sure the safety features are maintained (the steam pipe is clean and clear... the knobs are not damaged and they are all present and functioning, etc.) But in my opinion if it locks properly then you have to simply test it to see if it will maintain pressure... two different models may actually be just enough difference in the manufacture that it may leak pressure. Leaking pressure in my opinion is safer than getting stuck and building pressure like a bomb so it is something I would test if it were me. I would read the operating instructions online from the manufacturer and I'd be sure not to skip steps when testing it out. But that is just me.... You would be safest to have a unit that is made complete if it is stained or not in my opinion but I like to try things out too... Use good common sense as always when preserving food (working with heat, flame, boiling liquid, hot steam, glass jars... etc.) or when doing anything, right? Best of luck!

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