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T-Fal Pressure Canner Review

T fal pressure canner with a green title

T-fal is one of those line of products that you must have heard of!

We have the T-fal ActiFry Air Fryer, we have T-fal Pressure Cookers and whatnot!


T fal pressure canner with a green title

In fact, T-fal is just like the Instant Pot, dealing in everything that you can name. There are barely any products for your kitchen that T-fal doesn't have for you!

Anyway, in today's article, we are going to talk about the T-fal Pressure Canner. As I was saying, T-fal makes every kitchen appliance for you. This includes Pressure Canners, as is obvious. T-fal, however, has only one Pressure Canner available for you, making it even easier for you. How? Because now you don't have to compare a hundred models to choose the right one! So, let's take a look at the main features of this model in this article.

So, the main features of the T-fal Pressure Canner

As I just said, several lines of products have a lot of products. But T-fal has only one pressure Canner out there: The T-fal P31052 22 Quart Pressure Canner. However, instead of shortening anything on our part, it makes it even more important for us to consider this model with all our attention. When there are a lot of models, we have to distribute our attentions but in this case we have only this one.

So, the main features of this model might be discussed as follows:

  • First of all, as the name makes it obvious, this model has a capacity of 22 Quarts. This is a fairly large capacity and as

    such it can help you can a lot of food.

  • Next comes the question of the material that goes into making it. The same also shows the quality of the overall product. Well, you don’t have to worry the least bit about that in this case because it is made of good quality aluminum!
  • Next comes the functionality level of the model, of course, the model is super functional and you can can food really easily with the help of this model.
  • Selective pressure control with 3 cooking-pressure options: 5, 10 or 15 PSI; overpressure steam-release safety components
  • Includes two canning racks to hold 16 pint-size jars or 26 half pint-size jars when double-stacked or 7 quart-size jars.
  • And of course, this model doesn't come with weights. As you can see from the adjoined picture, ti comes with its very own pressure gauge. This makes it a lot safer and actually a lot easier to operate. It also makes it easier to keep an eyes on. For comparison, the All American Canner also comes with the same.
  • So, this model not only provides you with functionality but also with ease of use.
  • Finally, this model also has the cost advantage. Most buyers agree that it’s worth more than it costs. This makes the model a real favorite for a lot of people. It also makes it accessible for those on a conservative budget. This makes this model widely loved by all the people.

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What are the main thing you see people complaining about?

Of course, it seems like a great model right now. but that doesn't mean that it's free from it's own set of flaws. And these are usually the ones that make most people turn away from a series and line of products even as great as this one. So, these are the most important things to consider or at least AMONG the most important things to consider when considering this model. So the main limitations of this model are as follows:

  • First of all, this model is only one model. This means that this model doesn't have any variants in terms of capacity. So you're just stuck with this size. So, you have to use it regardless of the quantity of food that you want to cook. Thus, it is basically as if the company forces this capacity on you.
  • Next comes the fact that it doesn't have the weight system. For some people, it's a good thing (so we've listed it in the positive feature list too) but for some people who want a system like the Mirro Pressure canners, it's not as good. So, for them, this model is perhaps not the best choice. They might want to go for the Mirro Pressure Canners.

T-Fal Pressure Canner Review

So, is this model worth it?

While we might say that there are a few negative points, those are just things that it doesn't have. So, technically, it doesn't really pose a problem if you're fine with the specifications of this model. If those comply with your needs, then this model is the right one for you.

Anyway, in my opinion, this model is actually worth it. It provides you with quality and functionality at an affordable rate. As most users say, it's worth more than it costs! So, I basically see no reason to give it a shot. But be sure to check out the specifications first and see that they serve you properly.

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What are the main competing models?

It might appear at the first glance that this model is just too great. You might be thinking that this is one of the models that have no competition. You might also be thinking that T-fal is one of those lines of products which barely face any competition. But that is not the case at all. This line of products also has quite a few competitors. As usual, those are also the best alternatives that you an find. So, it is always important to know about them and to consider them. In fact, it’s important to even compare them before you actually go out and buy a model.

You must keep in mind that the best model for you isn’t importantly the best one in the market. Nor is it the bestselling one like the Instant Pot (in case of Pressure cookers). The best model for you is the one that serves all your specific needs at the most affordable price.

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