What Does Plum Taste Like? Does it taste good?

Different Plums

Do you wish to eat a fresh plum but are unsure what it tastes like? Plums are one of the sweetest and juiciest fruits on this planet. They are also pretty versatile, meaning that you can find them in different colors and can be used in many ways.

Plum is usually a primary ingredient in things such as jams and wines. And that's because of the fruit's distinct flavor.

When eaten unripe, a plum has a hint of tanginess. Moreover, when enjoyed with skin, the fruit tastes sweet and sour. 

If you can't wait to include plums in your next dish or enjoy them raw, read below to learn more about their flavor so that you can use the fruit adequately.


What Is Plum?

You may have come across plum chutneys and desserts. Often loved by people, these delicacies increase the value of a lunch/dinner menu and taste great. However, what is a plum, and how does it taste without any extra ingredients?

A plum is a fruit with a sweet and sour flavor. The fruit has a very thin skin that becomes pretty soft when ripe.

Interestingly, the plum is one of the first fruits that humans cultivated. It is available in many variants, each with a different taste, color, and appearance.

For instance, you can find light brown, purple, yellow, and green plums. The flesh of this fruit also varies in taste and color. For example, certain varieties have yellow flesh, while others have white flesh with seeds.

On the outside, plums are heart or oval-shaped fruits, available from August until October. They are grown on trees that can easily grow up to 30 feet.

While this fruit tastes and looks great, it also offers its eater many amazing health benefits. For instance, this fruit is free of calories and fat and contains antioxidants and Vitamin C.

What's more, plums also have small amounts of manganese, Vitamin K, potassium, and copper.

If you haven't eaten a plum before, you might be intrigued to try one by now. But before we tell you what they taste like, know that plums are one of the most underrated fruits. They have a lot of amazing characteristics and can be used in more than several ways than we already know.

Basket of plums

What Does a Plum Taste Like?

Since there are wide varieties of the plum, you may experience different flavor with each one. For example, Moyar plum has a tart and sweet flavor, similar to apricot. You can recognize it with its yellow flush and purple skin.

On the other hand, Damsons plums have a dark purple exterior and a yellow-greenish interior. This fruit is comparatively sour than other types.

Often found in Japan, the Elephant Heart plums have juicy and sweet flesh. Their skin is dark red and pretty easy to spot.

Greengage plums are also quite popular. They have purple skin with yellow spots and are known for their honey-like sweetness.

If you want to enjoy a plum's authentic flavor, ensure to buy it during its season. Out-of-season fruit usually loses its taste and nutritional value.

Also, if you want to eat raw fruit, wait for it to ripen properly to enjoy its amazing flavor and juicy interior.

Different Plums

How Do You Eat Plums?

If you don't mind the fruit's skin, you can enjoy a plum by slicing it into wedges and creating pieces. You can then add them to your cereals, oatmeal, or yogurt. Plums taste great when mixed with whipped cream that you use as a topping for your pancakes.

However, ensure you rinse and wash the skin under running water and remove all the dirt.

Do you fancy smoothies? If yes, shake plum pieces with winter melon, strawberries, bananas, and grapes to make a wholesome fruity drink.

Your chicken and pork dishes can also taste great with plum sauces. Plum sauce, often known as chutneys, uses sugar, water, and plums cooked on heat to create a thick mix.

Since plums are versatile, many people use them to make homemade jellies and jams. This fruit's sour and sweet flavor gets along with all the ingredients, and as a result, you get a hearty treat at the end of a long cooking process. A plum jam tastes quite like strawberry jam.

You can also use them to diversify many sweet recipes like peach cobbler or poached pears.

How Can You Store Plums?

There are many methods if you like the flavor of plums and want to store them for your bad days.

First, inspect them for any spoilage and bruising as soon as you buy plums. Bruised plums are hard to store, so discard them as soon as possible.

Just like apricots, when a plum touches the other, it tends to rot easily. You can also use separate containers to avoid early rotting.

To maintain the crispy texture of plums, use plastic wraps or airtight containers to store your fruit. Label the container with the name of the fruit and the storage date. This way, you can discard all the overripe items easily.

Purple plums

What Can We Conclude?

Plums are one of the juiciest and sweetest fruits available, provided you get the right variety. In addition, plums can be used in many different ways, making them one of the most versatile fruits.

If you want to enjoy the authentic flavor of plum, ensure to eat it raw. However, if you like the fruit with other ingredients, you can use plums to make jellies, jams, and sauces.

Plums not only look exotic but taste divine too. So, if you are looking for a new, refreshing fruit to try, go and get loads of plums now.

Plums FAQs

Are Plums Very Sweet?

In general, this fruit is juicy and sweet. It also gives a tart aftertaste when enjoyed with its skin. Some varieties are too sweet and often used to make jellies and jams.

What Does Plum Taste Good With?

Plums get along with many different things. For instance, you can pair the fruit with wine, cinnamon, hazelnuts, almonds, and even black pepper.

What's more, you enjoy plum pieces with yogurt, goat cheese, and berries for a refreshing treat.

Is Eating Plum Healthy?

The plum is a healthy fruit and an excellent source of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and minerals. When consumed in adequate quantity, plums can keep many chronic diseases at bay.

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