15 Smoked Cocktails for Your Next Party

Smoked cocktails are sensational, and they have become quite popular in a short duration. You can find herbal, fruity, and bold cocktails. However, every flavor is unique and amazing.

If you are tired of making basic cocktails, now is the time to add a smokey touch to your drinks. A smoked cocktail is worth an Instagram post and can also introduce you to different flavors.

So, if you are a mixologist or someone craving to learn the art of creating cocktails, start with the smoked cocktail recipes below. We are sure that you will fall in love with every creation and simultaneously, woo your guests.

Easy Smoked Cocktails

There are many different techniques used to smoke your cocktails. For instance, some people go for smoking guns while others use a smoking box to do the job. A few people also just torch their spices and herbs used for garnishing.

The best method is one that helps you create a smoky flavor as per your desires. Keep practicing making cocktails at home, so you know which method works for you.

Dig in for the best-smoked cocktails.

1. Spicy Mint Margarita with Smoking Gun

Mint Margarita is a common and delicious cocktail readily available in cafes and restaurants now. This drink is quite popular because of its refreshing flavor. However, many people haven't tried this drink with a smoky flavor.

Thanks to a smoked gun, you can infuse a smoky touch to this drink. Go through the tagged recipe to see how you can achieve a perfect flavor.

2. Smoked Manhattan Cocktail

A smoke infuser can help you create a wonderful cocktail at home.  With a wood of your choice, (we prefer hickory), you can create a smoky flavor with ingredients such as whiskey, vermouth, and Angostura bitters.

Make sure to try this drink at your next cocktail party. The strong and rich flavors will make you enjoy this drink.

3. Hickory Smoked Bloody Mary

If you don't want to bore your guests with the same old cocktails and their flavors, amp up your menu.  The hickory-smoked Blood Mary is an easy-to-make cocktail and includes ingredients like hot sauce, vodka, horseradish, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and ice.

Follow the instructions to create this beautiful drink to woo yourself and your guests.

4. Smoked Cherry Cocktail

To make this delicious smoked cocktail, you need campari, cherry bitters, bourbon, lemon juice, sage syrup, honey brandy, vermouth, and cherry wood. Cherry wood helps add the perfect smoky and cherry flavor to the drink. If you have a smoking gun, you can infuse your ingredients with the much-needed smoke.

When making a cocktail, make sure to test the drink when adding the ingredients. If you think that the drink tastes bland, add a good amount of campari for a lemony and refreshing touch.

5. Campfire Cocktail

This unique cocktail is a perfect treat on a winter night. The Campfire cocktail reminds you of a bonfire in the jungles and gives you all the warmth you need from the smoky bourbon.

You will have to make a separate marshmallow syrup as per the instructions. This isn't a difficult drink to make; however, make sure to follow all the guidelines to avoid any disaster.

6. Smoked Rosemary and Blackberry Whiskey Sour

It is safe to say that this drink is an easy showstopper. The smoked flavors of blackberry and rosemary make a unique combination of flavors that can easily elevate anyone's mood on the first sip.

Also, this beverage is super easy to make. You don't require many ingredients but the results are always fantastic. However, make sure to be careful about a few things.

For instance, make sure that you only turn off the flame when the rosemary turns orange and starts smoking. Don't do it before that.

7. Smoke and Spice Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned is one of the first cocktails that was ever created. It usually contains sugar, bitters, and whiskey. This recipe is a complete revamp of a basic drink and helps you enjoy the smoky flavor to the fullest.

This article helps you find the best bourbon for this drink, so you can create magic in a glass.  Read the instructions carefully so you can be successful in creating the most amazing cocktail ever.

8. Smoked Peach Maple Bourbon Smash

This drink is a perfect delight for people who love summer. It has a fruity flavor that makes you feel like having loads of peaches on a beach.  Besides, ginger beer and soda provide a good amount of fizziness to your glass, allowing you to enjoy every sip with comfort.

You can enjoy this smoky cocktail on a warm night at home and experience the different flavors it has to offer.

9. Smoked Rose Cocktail

To make this amazing cocktail, you need to make sure that your syrup tastes as brilliant as it should be. This drink is an aromatic delight and therefore, can be a significant part of any menu. However, you need to be very careful when creating this cocktail, as a small mistake may turn this cocktail savory.

For the cocktail, you will require ingredients such as rosemary, Scotch whiskey, rosemary syrup, and Green Chartreuse liqueur. Use rosemary, sugar, and water to create a syrup that will take an hour to become perfect for your drink.

10. Hot and Steamy: Mezcal Margerita

Mezcal margarita was believed to be taught to the Mexican natives around 400 years ago as Spanish conquerors worked their way through the land. This fiery cocktail contains distilled Mezcal, a spicy blend of seedless jalapeno slices, and orange liqueur.

It’s good to note that the Mezcal margarita recipe while simple, does require a strainer and lime to garnish. Follow the instructions, and enjoy a taste of history. You could try a twist with a
CBD mezcal margarita for extra flavor.

11. Honey & Smoke Mezcal Cocktail

Mezcal has a very harsh flavor. Therefore, it is imperative to pair it with honey syrup and a small amount of lime juice to balance its impact on your drink. This recipe also uses ginger beer which adds a nutty and spicy touch to the drink.

To make this syrup, you only require honey and water. Simply mix them together and bring the mixture to a boil while whisking regularly.

The instructions for this drink are pretty simple so follow all and serve this cocktail at your upcoming party.

12. Double Smoked Maple Old Fashioned

What is better than a single-smoked cocktail? It is a double smoked cocktail that you can create at home with just a few ingredients.

For a double smoked maple old fashioned, you need bourbon, angostura bitters, maple syrup, and an orange peel. You need to start the process by smoking your bourbon using a smoking gun. To use it properly, read the instructions in the article.

This is a delicious drink and can help you earn loads of praise.

13. Bourbon Toscano

We love this drink for its unique flavors and ingredients. For instance, it contains Kentucky straight bourbon and Aperol, a combination that you didn't expect to try.

Moreover, there are spice bitters, smoked ice cubes, dehydrated rosemary sprigs, and orange wheels for garnishing.

You will have to create the ice cubes yourself. Use cherrywood chips to create smoked water and then freeze it for 30 minutes to an hour using ice trays.

14. Haunted Graveyard - A Halloween Cocktail

If you want to create a Halloween drink on this fun occasion, we can't recommend this cocktail enough. This smoked cocktail is made from ingredients such as bourbon, maple syrup, fresh orange, bitters, rosemary stems, ice, and a durable cocktail shaker.

It takes only five minutes to make this modern Australian drink but the refreshing taste stays with you for a long time. When serving, make sure to add two large ice cubes for the chilled drink and garnish it with rosemary sprigs.

15. Smoked Margarita

This margarita will definitely woo your guests. It is made from smoked simple syrup and features sugar-coated and grilled limes, that can easily elevate the flavors of this beverage.

Make sure to use silver tequila for this recipe. Besides, you will require turbinado sugar, Cointreau, and limes with other ingredients to make this cocktail a success. Ensure that you grill the limes for the duration mentioned in the instructions and follow all the tips to avoid any failures.

16. Smoked Winter Gin and Tonic

This cocktail will help you redefine a classic cocktail and give you an unforgettable drinking experience. The drink is made from sliced oranges, fresh rosemary sprigs, honey, smoked gin, and tonic water. Make sure that you also include ice as the primary ingredient, as a chilled cocktail always tastes brilliant.

Use the instructions as mentioned and make sure to drink the cocktail fresh. It isn't wise to store it as it loses its smoky flavor pretty easily.

Finally, when the cocktail is ready, serve it in a highball glass and enjoy the goodness it offers.

15 Smoked Cocktails for Your Next Party

Are you looking for the best smoked cocktails to serve at a party or simply enjoy at home? This line-up will help you find many options you have to try.
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