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What is the Smallest Pressure Canner You Can Buy?

Small pressure canner title

Are you looking to get the smallest pressure canner possible?

I've got a bunch of small canners featured down below but you should know one thing before scrolling down the page...

Small pressure canner title

Pressure canners are different than pressure cookers. Although you can buy and safely use a tiny 2 quart pressure cookers, canners on the other hand are not designed to be any smaller than roughly 10 quarts.

Why? Because the USDA and the food preservation board of America have stated that to be considered a proper pressure canner the vessel should be big enough to accommodate 4 quart size jars. This would imply a device that is labeled as a 10-quart capacity or larger pot.

Why are the Smallest Pressure Canners So Big?

To summarize the situation, pressure canning is a lot like pressure cooking but canners have to be a bit stronger and larger to safely preserve food in pint or quart size jars.

Although there are a handful of smaller products on store shelves that claim to be pressure canners they don't actually pass the USDA test.

The reasoning for this limitation comes down to safety more than anything. To properly preserve foods adequate heat and PSI must be reached and smaller units, no matter how well they are made, are simply not reliable enough to get the job done safely and consistently.

What Pressure Canners are The Smallest

Right now the smallest pressure canners fall into the 10-12 quart range. You can see more about them below.

Small Pressure Canners Compared

You can click on the above links to see these products in detail but to summarize their differences read on.

10 Quart Fagor Duo Vs 10 Quart Fago Futuro

Both of these pressure cooker / canners are made for stovetop use. They are both 10 quart and just fit the USDA requirement of 4 quart sized jars.

  • The Fagor Duo is made from stainless steel,
  • can be used on an induction cook top,
  • comes with a steamer basket,
  • and can easily be used for everyday pressure cooking

It's even got a low and a high psi setting which is pretty slick for a stovetop pressure cooker.

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The Futuro is a lot like the Duo but it is a slightly premium product.

  • The handle design is a little easier to use
  • The lid locks when under pressure
  • It is made in Spain whereas the Duo is made in China
  • The stainless steel is a heavier gauge making a bit sturdier.

Also the Futuro is shaped a bit differently which makes it look fancier while also making cleaning it a bit easier.

You can see the product sales pages for the Duo and the Futuro to see pricing and product specs.

All American 10 ½ Quart Pressure Cooker

All American Pressure Canner

This is actually the smallest of the All American line of pressure canners. It differs from the Fagor models in a few key ways.

  • This pressure canner is made from aluminum - not 18/10 stainless steel
  • it seals with a metal to metal design rather than using a gasket
  • it has three psi settings
  • it is extremely heavy gauge - built to last a ridiculously long time

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Yes it is priced a bit higher but not by that much.

Lastly, if you are looking for something smaller and don't really need to do pressure canning then make sure to see this post on small pressure cookers. This may be what you were actually looking for.

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  1. I have a National pressure canner which holds 3 qts. can you tell me any more about it. How to replace the guages, etc

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