15 Delicious Chilean Desserts For Beginners

alfajores with dulce de leche

Chilean desserts are delicious and have unique textures and flavors. The best thing about Chilean cuisine is that you can find a variety of desserts that can leave a great impact on your mind, body, heart, and soul.

If you have a sweet tooth, trying these treats should be your number-one priority this year. But where should you start from?


We had a hard time selecting the top 15 Traditional Chilean desserts because each option is pretty good. However, we spent a lot of time and now have come up with a list that can help you shortlist your favorite desserts.

Take a look and start cooking!

Easy Chilean Desserts

Chilean desserts are ideal for people with a sweet tooth. They are rich, creamy, and packed with flavors, meaning you can be in your happy place with just one bite.

1. Alfajores

You will find this dessert in many Spanish-language countries. However, Alfajores are mostly loved by people living in Chile and Argentina.

Alfajores are usually enjoyed as both snacks and desserts. They are made from two biscuits, joined together with the help of a caramel sauce. Then the biscuits are coated with either shredded coconuts or dark chocolate.

Soft caramel is famously known as dulce de leche. Many people also like to bind the biscuits with chocolate.

2. Manjar

You can find this dessert everywhere in Chile. It is loved by the local people and often attracts tourists visiting the area.

Manjar is a caramel sauce made from white sugar, water, milk, baking soda, and vanilla extract. It takes an hour and a half to make but once it is ready, you can enjoy it with many things. For instance, manjar tastes great with bread, cookies, and meringue.

That said, manjar is rich in calories, so consuming it smartly is imperative.

3. Chilean Chocolate & Caramel Cookie Sticks-Cuchuflis

We love this sweet snack and dessert for all the richness it has to offer. This dessert comprises a wafer stick filled with manjar or caramel sauce.

The sticks are crunchy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside. With every bite, you can taste the sweet caramel mixed with the wafer.

Cuchuflis are made from egg whites, sugar, butter, vanilla extracts, and flour. To make them more interesting and delicious, sticks are often quoted with dark or milk chocolate. Some sticks also feature sprinkles that make them pretty attractive.

4. Chilean Torta Milhojas (Thousand Layer Cake)

This cake is loved for its texture, flavor, and presentation. Although it doesn't contain a thousand layers, you will find many as compared to a normal cake. Some layers are thin and plain while others are filled with jams, manjar, and other ingredients.

To make this cake, there are some basic ingredients required such as butter, egg yolks, milk, water, sugar, baking powder, and all-purpose flour. The instructions are also simple but make sure that you take each step carefully, as even a small mistake can make your cake less flaky.

5. Torta Tres Leches

This cake has slowly become quite popular worldwide.  And why shouldn't it be? The soft and creamy texture of this dessert is hard to find.

Also, known as the "three milk cake", this dessert is made from three types of milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk, and whole milk. The resultant dish is incredibly sweet and soft and easily melts in your mouth.

Some people like topping the cake with heavy cream while others simply sprinkle some caramel sauce.

6. Brazo de Reina Recipe-Queen's Arm

This is a wonderful, fusion dessert that will remind you of the culture and tastes of South America and Europe. Brazo de Reina or  Queen's Arm features a thin sponge cake layered with caramel sauce and then rolled to form delicious spirals. The cake is then coated with chocolate and coconut shavings for the ultimate treat.

To make this dessert, you only require a few basic ingredients like cake flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla, salt, caramel sauce, and coconut. You can easily make this dessert at home and enjoy it with a cup of coffee or tea.

7. Pan de Pascua

This cake has Christmas written all over it. Not only it is delicious but its softness and sweet flavors will give you all the warmth you require during the cold months.

The cake is a crossover between a fruit cake and panettone. But the resultant product is magical in every way.

Make sure that you invest in the best candied fruit to make this dessert. Additionally, follow all the instructions properly, especially if you are baking for the first time.

Having this cake on the next year's Christmas dinner menu will definitely impress your guests.

8. Leche Asada (Milk Custard)

This isn't your normal custard.  In fact, it is better than any flan or pudding that you may have ever tasted before. This custard has a roasted top that makes it taste quite different and beautiful than other similar desserts.

This dessert is fluffy and soft with a slightly thin crust on top. You can serve this dessert with heavy cream and berries for a remarkable experience. Many people also sprinkle some cinnamon powder on top for a warm and nutty treat.

9. Pie de Limon (Lemon Meringue Pie)

As soon as the citrus season hits, make this amazing Chilean dessert for your family and friends. It is a no-bake dessert and highly addictive. Moreover, it is effortless to make, meaning that your teenage kid or cousin can also create it at home.

This dessert features a homemade cookie crust layered with condensed milk and cream cheese. The pie is very different from all the pies that you may have eaten before.

You can top the dessert with some fresh berries, lemons, and other fruits and give your taste buds a wonderful treat this Spring.

10. Sopaipillas

Are you a fan of fried goodies with lots of carbs? If yes, these Chilian treats will perfectly complement your taste preferences.

Sopaipillas are easy to make and mostly use the ingredients required to make a pastry. In addition, they taste great when served hot but you can also store a few in an airtight jar to enjoy later.

For best results, serve them with honey and enjoy them as a sweet snack.

11. Turron de Vino Chilean Red Wine Meringue Dessert

Consider yourself fortunate if you love trying new flavors, textures, and treats.  Turron de Vino is another fantastic Chilean dessert that is both eye-catching and addictive.

It is also convenient to make it. This means that you might find yourself making this dessert repeatedly at every dinner or lunch.

It only features four basic ingredients, walnuts, red wine, egg whites, and white sugar. Make sure that you serve this light dessert cold and in a glass for the best presentation.

Enjoy this dessert on a hot afternoon and let your body thank you for all the goodness.

12. Cherimoya Cookies

These vegetarian cookies are a treat for anyone who wants to snack on something healthy. They resemble a sorbet and have an incredibly smooth texture. The cookies are also sweet and taste great with coffee or tea.

In addition, you only need to follow a few steps to make these cookies at home. Follow the recipe to the tee and enjoy the amazing results.

13. Chilean Strawberry Kuchen

If you love strawberries and wait all year for them, make sure to try this amazing dessert. It is a tart filled with berries and a smooth mixture to make you fall in love. The steps to make this dessert can be overwhelming; however, they are so easy that you might make this dessert repeatedly.

For best results, refrigerate the tart and serve it while it is well-settled and cold. Also, enjoy it a dinner or lunch after a nice meal.

14. Chilean Empolvados or Powder Puffs

These crumby delights make a perfect sweet snack with a cup of coffee. They are quite like Alfajores except that the puffs are sprinkled with white powder instead of shredded coconut.

Some people call this dessert Snow Sandwiches because they remind you of snow. Follow the recipe to make these puffs as they can also become a great gift to give to someone.

15. Cocadas

These sweet candies are made from sugar and coconuts. There are many different versions of them but the basic ones only include these two ingredients.

Cocadas are soft, tasty, and tiny balls of pleasure, They are entirely gluten-free and also healthy. You can store them in a jar and eat them whenever there is a craving.

alfajores with dulce de leche

15 Delicious Chilean Desserts For Beginners

These desserts are delicious, different and oh-so addictive. Try them at home and make your family and friends happy.
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