10 Popular Myths You Probably Believe But Are Completely False

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It's easy to accept commonly held beliefs as truth, but not everything we hear is accurate. This list challenges ten popular myths that many people believe are true. From health misconceptions to historical inaccuracies, get ready to rethink what you thought you knew and uncover the real facts.

1. We Only Use 10% of Our Brains

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Humans only use 10% of their brains may be the most widespread myth in history. The brain is similar to a machine; each part has various functions. We use all of the parts of our brains, according to scientists.

2. It's Too Late to Fix the Climate

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An individual says that if we keep up this mindset, we won't save the planet. It's not too late to fix the climate, but we need to step it up and take action to make positive change.

3. Your Job is Your Life

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After the Industrial Revolution, Americans decided to concoct a 9-5 work schedule to build a stable household income to sustain and support a family. While at work, you were to submit to every task your job asked of you and worship your chosen career. Today, society wants to move away from that idea and toward careers of passion that don't overwork the staff.

4. Vaccines Cause Illnesses

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Every day I drive by a billboard that claims vaccines cause autism. Who can we thank for this misinformation? One random guy conducted a study that he later admitted was false. So now we must look at billboards rooted in falsehood about bizarre beliefs.

"There is zero evidence that vaccines cause autism but tons of empirical data showing they improve the health and life span of a population," someone posts.

5. Mental Illness Doesn't Exist

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It's no secret that there is a stigma around mental health. Although the stigma has dwindled in the past few decades, many people avoid therapy and taking medication for fear of judgment.

Mental health is important and a serious issue affecting millions of individuals worldwide. There is a mental health crisis, and we must nurture it rather than ignore it.

6. Aggressive Driving Gets You Home Quicker

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My best friend has a horrible case of road rage. He mistakenly thinks honking and cutting others off will get him home from work quicker. While I continue to let him indulge in this mindset, he gets home at the same time if he lays on his horn or if he waits in traffic.

7. Public Transportation is Reserved for Low Income

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I grew up in Tampa around kids who told me taking the bus meant you had no money. Firstly, you are lucky if you live anywhere with any form of public transportation. Gas is expensive, and obtaining a car is a daunting experience. Everyone should utilize public transportation to save money and, ultimately, the planet.

8. Kids Will Be Kids

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Many people think this expression takes the blame off of bad parents because if a child misbehaves and their parents say, "Kids will be kids," they slip away from responsibility. We must drop that harmful lingo and assume responsibility for our kids so they learn how to treat others correctly.

9. Customer's Always Right

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As someone who has worked in retail before, the customer is sometimes wrong. Ushering this mindset leads to issues within the workplace and can lead to danger for the workers. Instead, service workers should treat customers respectfully while explaining why they are wrong. Grab the manager if all else fails and the worker can't soothe the customer.

10. Mob Mentality

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"Us vs. them dehumanizes us and creates more anger and hatred. We are all human beings; we are all in this world together. We may not always agree, but we should still try to work together. When I was young, you could talk about differing political opinions and interests or see protesting as supportive," a user expresses.

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