10 Items You Should Never Buy Secondhand


AUTHOR: Adam Spraker

Prices for almost everything have been skyrocketing for the past three to four years, leaving everyone looking for a way to save a few bucks. Thrift shopping has become increasingly popular, with secondhand stores and flea markets popping up around the country. However, some items should still be avoided when purchasing secondhand. A group of bargain hunters discussed the items you should never buy used.

1. Motorcycle Helmets

Man with Helmet walking
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These things protect your head, people. Spend some extra money on equipment that will keep your brain safe. Helmets are made to take punishment, and over time, they can wear down, losing their ability to take a hit. Often times a single big hit can damage the integrity of a helmet. This includes a couple of drops on the concrete. Please don't risk it, spend the money on a new product.

2. Non-stick Cookware

Nonstick Cookware
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These cookware products are better off spending more money than buying used ones. Why? The pots and pans can get scratched and dented, risking you and your family ingesting harmful particles that create non-stick pans. Home chefs agree you should spend your money on cast iron or stainless steel cookware. You won't be disappointed.

3. Couches

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Experts agree that used couches should be a hard pass unless you are a college student on a strict budget. They say the risk is not worth it unless you know and trust the person you are buying the couch from. You never know what disgusting things have been done or spilled on it. Cleaning only goes so far. Avoid the funky smell and buy new!

4. Mattresses

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If you read the last item on this list and agreed with me, I doubt this entry will be any different. People spend a third of their lives sleeping, which means that used mattress absorbs a third of the disgusting things humans expel from their bodies. Sweat, dead skin, food spills, and other accidents have been soaked into the mattresses. Does snuggling up at night sound appealing?

5. Baby Products

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All my parents out there will agree with me on this one. Babys can create some serious messes. Sure, some hand-me-down clothes and cribs can save a few dollars for new parents, but certain products like car seats should always be purchased new. You want the peace of mind that your baby will be safe in your vehicle. Many department stores will take in used car seats in exchange for a coupon on a new one. Safety is the most crucial aspect of your newborn. Spend the money.

6. Bathing Suits

Woman with child wearing Bathing Suit
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How much are we willing to save some money here, people? Bathing suits fit directly on your body. I'll say that again. They fit DIRECTLY on your body. I don't care how much they are washed; used bathing suits are disgusting. I'm sure a bathing suit at a big box store isn't going to put you in the poor house. Would you buy used underwear? It's pretty much the same thing.

7. Tires

Air Compressor
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Do you realize that used tires can be hazardous, as they keep your vehicle from sliding around the road? You can definitely find some good deals, but you need to be vigilant about checking them for safety. One mechanic says, "Check the tread depth and the date of manufacture mark. If they're five years or older, don't buy them." Be smart on the road out there. Invest in a good set of tires.

8. Laptops

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Unless you are buying a used laptop from a credible source, tech experts warn people from buying a used laptop. Laptops are built to be portable, which makes them susceptible to drops and damage. Often, they will work fine until you need them the most, and they will crash. If you have an important assignment due, you need something secure to rely on.

9. Car Battery

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If you have ever been stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck, you understand how important car care is. Why spend money on a used battery when you don't know how many starts are left? A new battery costs less and should last you several years. You'll kick yourself when you're late for work because your car won't start.

10. Headphones/Ear Buds

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It can be tempting to shop for used headphones, but it is pretty gross when you think about it. Those products have been in another person's ears, which can be disgusting. Maybe you are not a germaphobe like me, but I would rather spend the money on a new pair. One shopper agrees with me, saying, "Mine get gross and waxy way down in the past the ear pieces. I would never buy someone else's. I don't even like mine that much after a year or two."

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