10 Delicious Things to Add to Your Scrambled Eggs to Make Them Extra Awesome

Scrambled eggs with vegetables

Eggs are fine on their own just like a blank canvas is fine on its own. However, like a canvas, a plate of scrambled eggs is so much better when you make it a work of culinary art.

You don't have to throw the kitchen sink in the pan. These simple additives can elevate your scrambies to a whole new level. AUTHOR: Sam Mire

1. Butter

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Adding plenty of butter to scrambled eggs isn't a well-kept secret. There's a reason why so many at-home chefs break out the butter when cracking a few eggs. The sticks of churned cream we know as butter are a cheat code for making delicious scrambled eggs.

Whether or not you plan to add more ingredients to your eggs, start with butter. Apply liberally.

2. Creme Fraiche

Naples, USA - May 17, 2022: Sign label for product of Vermont creamery Creme Fraiche as french cultured sour cream closeup macro of packaging
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Crème fraiche is a heavy cream with a rich, tangy, slightly sour taste. You can add in the fresh fraiche during the final stages of scrambling or even once the eggs have cooked. Mix in the crème until it's indecipherable from the eggs.

Renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay recommend crème fraiche and scrambled eggs for whatever it's worth.

3. Onion

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You don't need to dump half a jar of onion powder on your eggs or on anything else. Chopping and grilling one-third of an onion will pack more than enough flavor—more flavor than the dehydrated alternative ever could.

Remember, it's OK to cry when making scrambled eggs. A few tears will only enhance the flavor further, plus you'll save on salt.

4. Chorizo

Traditional spanish sausage - chorizo
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A type of sausage originating in Spain and Portugal, chorizo can be the perfect complement to scrambled eggs. Many chorizo cuts will have a bit of a kick, and the eggs can counterbalance the spice beautifully.

Life's not right without a little spice. With that said, cook some chorizo alongside your scr'eggs.

5. Chives

bunch of fresh chives on a wooden cutting board, selective focus
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The humblest ingredients can draw out taste bud-enticing flavors. That's what chives do for scrambled eggs.

A cousin of onions and garlic, chives have a similar ability to make the most of otherwise taste-minimal dishes. Next time you buy chives, chop some up and toss them into your scrambled eggs. Don't knock it 'til you chive it.

6. Chili Crisp

Chili Crisp
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I'd be lying if I said I've added chili crisp to my scrambled eggs. Life is about taking hints from others, though, and plenty of non-traditional egg eaters endorsed chili crisp as an egg-cellent additive.

This Chinese spice concoction combines fried chili peppers, aromatics, and oil, not unlike Thai chili sauce.

7. Cheese

cottage cheese in a wooden bowl
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Pick a cheese, any cheese. While cheddar is the go-to choice for most scrambled egg connoisseurs, there's no rule against using Swiss, feta, mozzarella, pepper jack, or any other cheese of your choosing. Before you whisk the eggs and toss them in the pan, make sure you cut (and shred) the cheese.

8. Cream Cheese

Tasty cream cheese with basil and knife on white wooden table
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Distinct from the other cheeses that seem like more logical additions to scrambled eggs, creamed cheese was an unlikely fan favorite. Once you've tried (and enjoyed) cream cheese in your scrambled eggs, try adding creamed cheese to your next grilled cheese.

Is cream cheese a sneakily universal ingredient? You probably don't want it on your steak or salad, but cream cheese is more versatile than it gets credit for.

9. Spinach, Mushrooms, and Other Vegetables

Homemade mixed veggie and cheese omelet on the table for breakfast
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Make your momma proud and toss some vegetables in your next batch of scrambled eggs.

10. The Jacques Pepin Method

Scrambled eggs with vegetables
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Some cultured diners endorse the Jacques Pepin method of preparing scrambled eggs. It involves butter, cream, chives, tomato, mushrooms, and a specific way of tending to the eggs as they cook. Consider using  this comprehensive method next time you're in the mood for eggs.

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