10 Foods We Miss from Our Childhood That Need to Return


Are you ready for a trip down memory lane? In this post, we'll be revisiting 10 discontinued foods that hold a special place in our hearts and taste buds.

These mouthwatering morsels may have vanished from store shelves, but they certainly haven't been forgotten.

Let's explore these dearly missed delicacies and dream of the day they make a delicious comeback! AUTHOR: Chris Phelan

1. Altoid Tangerine Sours

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Of all the discontinued items people brought up, we were most surprised by the near-unanimous sentiment surrounding Altoid Tangerine Sours! "If given the opportunity, I'd say it with my whole chest to the makers of Altoids: Those things were god-tier," one person admitted.

Calling something god-tier is truly the highest compliment, with another user excitedly responding to that comment with a definitive, "Dude, those were like the most amazing things ever! And then they were just gone."

2. McDonald's Snack Wraps

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The people have spoken, and the fast food chain better be listening: McDonald's Snack Wraps are sorely missed! Countless people lamented the fact that their local restaurant no longer offers them for sale.

Of course, one person didn't seem to miss them at all. "Quality precipitously dropped though because, towards the end, I was getting a lot of tortillas and not much chicken."

3. Jagged Ice Powerade

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Some of the most popular discontinued items were certain flavors of sports drinks - especially the "Jagged Ice" version of Powerade.

"Between you, me, and my dad, there are at least 30 people that want this back," someone said. "He and I would drink a bunch of this stuff. We'd get it to ice cold, which was the best-tasting drink for hot summers." Our mouths are already salivating at the prospect of this particular Powerade on a hot summer day!

4. Waffle Crisp Cereal

Waffle Crisp Cereal
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As a kid or a kid at heart, the cereal renaissance in the early 2000s was the single most significant event ever. We don't know the reason behind it, but cereal makers started creating the most sugary-sweet cereals they could think of.

Waffle Crisp cereal fits this bill, and many people mentioned the anguish they went through when it was discontinued. "The syrup tasted different but in a good way."

5. Jolt Cola


Jolt Cola has a strong hold on a large swarth of the population, and for good reason: people frequently call it the greatest soda ever. "Oh god, I used to LOVE Jolt Cola," one person excitedly explained.

"My dad would take my sister and me to the convenience store to get Jolts and sugary junk so that when he returned us to Mom's house later, we'd be hopped up on sugar and caffeine and be annoying pains in the bum."

6. Sweet & Salty Clif Bars

Clif Bars
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Energy bars are a pantry staple, whether you live an active lifestyle or just love eating a delicious snack while watching television. Sadly, there's an outcry for Sweet & Salty Clif Bars these days.

"Where did the Sweet and Salty Clif bars go?! one person asked incredulously. "Why can I only find the regular flavors in the stores now?! I weep. My hikes just aren't the same without my favorite snack."

7. The Original Four Loco


Four Loco burst onto the scene in 2005, giving young adults a mash-up of an energy drink and a potent alcoholic malt beverage.

It didn't last long in its original incarnation, but many college-age adults in 2005 remember it fondly. There was one person who felt left out, however. "Now that it's gone, I wish I had tried it," she sadly stated.

8. Butterfinger BB's

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Truly iconic candies stand the test of time - others enjoy brief stays at the top of the candy kingdom, only to disappear without warning.

For example, Butterfinger BBs - miniature, bite-sized versions of Butterfinger bars - impacted many people's lives. "They discontinued them for being a choking hazard, but I loved them as a kid," one confessed. "I don't like regular Butterfingers, but the texture of the BBs just made them taste better."

9. Baked Doritos


Called the "white whale of Doritos" by one person, many people were shocked that Baked Doritos existed. "I've only seen them in a vending machine at my high school, never seen them again," one person said. We have to be honest. We never encountered Baked Doritos in the wild, either!

10. Original Twinkies

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Although Twinkies still exist today, countless people expressed dissatisfaction with their current incarnation. "Hostess went bankrupt a few years ago, and they were bought by a private equity firm who re-released the Twinkie a year or so later," one person revealed.

"They tinkered with the recipe to prolong the shelf life from 30 to 45 days and also made them smaller. Twinkies taste awful now." To say that many customers miss the original recipe is an understatement!

This thread inspired this post.

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4 thoughts on “10 Foods We Miss from Our Childhood That Need to Return

    1. LEMON ICE GATORADE!!! When I was a kid, I used to drink this stuff like it was going out of style! (That is, until it actually went out of style)

    2. Waffle Crisp is back. It actually never left. You can buy it in grocery stores but especially the chain Meijer in areas around Battle Creek, Michigan. Meijer has been expanding and it could be in all of their stores.

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