8 Best Jalapenos Substitutes

jalapeno pepper

Raise your hands if you love tacos and can’t imagine them without jalapenos. They heat spice levels, giving your food a grassy and bright flavor. In addition, jalapenos are milder than most other peppers in the market, making them a perfect ingredient for many types of cuisines.

However, jalapenos, being everyone’s favorite, usually sell out pretty fast, especially during the weekends. In that case, you may want to explore some substitutes to keep your cooking plans flowing.

Luckily, jalapenos have many excellent substitutes that offer almost the same outcome.

The best Jalapenos substitutes are serrano peppers, banana peppers, chipotle pepper, anaheim, and poblano peppers. 


Have a read, and don’t delay cooking!

Best Substitutes For Jalapeno Pepper

Originating from Mexico, jalapenos are green peppers with an intense and spicy taste. They turn red when left on the stalk of a plant for an extended time. However, the taste of red peppers is usually sweet.

You can use jalapenos in salads, soups, and stews. Besides, they go well with cheddar cheese and biscuits. But there are some other options that may taste just as good, if not more.

Look at our eight substitutes for jalapenos so you know which one to get if you find the supermarket aisles without the infamous green peppers.

1. Bell Peppers

bell peppers

Bell peppers may tick all the right boxes if you need a non-spicy substitute for jalapenos. Although they may not be an ideal substitute for green jalapenos, their mild and sweet flavor is perfect to substitute red jalapeno peppers any day.

Since bell peppers are thick, you can always expect them to give a crunchy texture to your food. Besides, they are rich in vitamins A and C, making your meal healthy and tasty.

You can use bell peppers in a variety of recipes. From pizzas to salads, these peppers taste like heaven in every dish.

2. Serrano Peppers

Serrano peppers

Do you crave tacos with high spice levels? In that case, replace jalapeno with serrano peppers. Both these look pretty similar and offer a similar flavor.

However, there are two main differences. Serrano pepper has a comparatively thinner covering than jalapeno pepper.

Secondly, serrano pepper has a comparatively high spice level. So, be mindful when using this substitute.

Serrano pepper makes your food pretty delicious. Also, it is readily available, so you don’t have to look around much.

3. Poblano Peppers

Poblano peppers

Don’t get disappointed if you find the jalapeno shelf empty. Instead, look for poblano peppers, which are as good as jalapenos.

While these peppers are mild, they are helpful in verdant and savory dishes. You can also stuff them with cheese and chicken for a healthy starter.

When replacing jalapenos, make sure that you slice these peppers. Then, you can enjoy cooked or raw and use them as a garnish.

Poblano peppers give a unique smokey flavor, giving your food a much-needed depth and intensity.

4. Banana Peppers

Banana Peppers

We can’t recommend this substitute enough. Fresh banana peppers are usually hard to find, but you can easily spot them among the pickled goods.

These peppers are yellow in color and possess an excellent spice level to make your dish stand out. In addition, they add the necessary zest to your meal and are also rich in vitamin B6.

What’s more, banana peppers can be used in sandwiches, tacos, and stuffed meals. They aren’t as spicy as jalapenos, but their flavor is enough to help you create magic on the table.

Banana peppers have a crunchy texture rather than a juicy finish. So, they may not remind you of jalapenos instantly. Moreover, pickled peppers have higher acidity levels than fresh ones, so expect this substitute to taste acerbic and tangy.

5. Green Chilies

Green Chilies

Green Chilies are ideal for replacing jalapenos. This is because they are also green and have almost the same spice level.

These chilies are rich in nutrients such as iron, zinc, and calcium. They also have vitamins B6, A, and C, making your food healthy and fulfilling.

You can use green chilies in almost all kinds of foods. For example, they work well in gravies and make excellent components in soups and stews.

6. Fresno Chile Peppers

Fresno Chile peppers

Another similar pepper, Fresno Chile pepper, resembles jalapenos in every way. It has almost the same spice level and can be used in different dishes.

Additionally, you can use this substitute in either crushed or powder form. Since these peppers have delicate covering, grinding them into powder is easy.

When it comes to taste, Fresno peppers give a smoky flavor with a crisp texture. Most people often smoke or grill these peppers before using them.

Since Fresno and jalapenos are similar, you can replace them in the same quantity.

7. Chipotle Peppers

Chipotle Peppers

Next up, we have the chipotle peppers. Jalapenos, when smoked and dried, become chipotle peppers, and that’s why they can replace each other easily. They also have excellent spice levels.

Since these peppers undergo a preservation process, they taste smoky and sweet. So, make sure that you use them wisely.

You can locate chipotle peppers as dehydrated peppers in one of the aisles. Besides, they are also available as a chipotle paste. The paste is much easier to use and doesn’t require prep work.

8. Anaheim Peppers

Anaheim Peppers

These peppers have a moderate spice level. Moreover, they have precisely the same flavor and color as jalapenos.

Anaheim peppers have a sweet undertone, so if you want to replace stuffed jalapenos with something similar, give these peppers a try.

Since Anaheim peppers have low water content and calories, they are healthy to consume. They are also rich in vitamins A and C, adding excellent nutrients to your diet.

If you want to add these peppers to your soup, put them on a grill first. This step will enhance their flavor and elevate the taste of your dish.

Final Takeaway

How did you find eight substitutes, and which one do you prefer? Jalapenos are irreplaceable, but if you find them anywhere, many peppers can easily be the best substitutes.

So, pick an alternative for the weekend, and prepare the best nachos and tacos for a wholesome dinner.

Jalapeno Substitute

  1. Bell peppers
  2. Serrano peppers
  3. Poblano peppers
  4. Banana peppers
  5. Green chilies
  6. Fresno Chile peppers
  7. Chipotle peppers
  8. Anaheim peppers

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