Instant Pot Smart vs Instant Pot DUO Plus

We already saw several additions to the Instant Pot brand of electric pressure cookers. Amongst these new additions is a new member to the IP-DUO family, the IP-DUO Plus60.

In this article I will be giving an overview of the new IP-DUO Plus60. I’ll be highlighting the changes made from its predecessor the IP-DUO60.

I’ll also be comparing it to one of Instant Pot’s more advanced pressure cookers, that has been on the market for some time now, the Instant Pot IP-Smart.

I’ll be doing an overview of both pressure cookers, followed by a comparison of the two. Finally, I’ll go over some ways for you to decide which pressure cooker would be the best new addition to your kitchen.

Overview of the new and improved IP-DUO Plus60

The IP-DUO Plus60 is a new and improved version of the IP-DUO60. It keeps all of the useful features of the ever popular IP-DUO series.

Instant Pot did not just make a few tweaks to improve upon the older model. They made some significant additions.

The Instant Pot IP-DUO Plus60 takes a step up from the rest of the Instant Pot brand by adding more functions.

It’s a 9-in-1 multi functional device that can take the place of nine other small kitchen appliances: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, sauté, steamer and warmer. The two new functions are egg cooker and sterilizer.

The Plus60 is a six quart pressure cooker, with a stainless steel body, lid and inner cook pot.

This pot now has 15 presets as opposed to 14 presets, with the addition of a cake function.

One of the new functions, sterilize is multifunctional as well. Not only can the sterilize function be used for sterilization of utensils, it can be  used to pasteurize milk.

Another new feature of the IP-DUO Plus60 is the quick adjustments feature. This allows the user to easily change time or pressure even if the pressure cooker has already entered the cooking phase.

Before once the pressure cooking started, the only way to make changes was to stop the process completely and start all over.

The display on this pot leaves room for larger easier to read icons. It also indicates which level of pressure you are cooking at, whether you are heating or cooking, and what function you are currently using.

Instant Pot added one more feature to make using this cooker a breeze. This pressure cooker has what is called smart programs. Each of the programs remembers the previous three customizations you have made. This allows for easy recall of your cooking preferences.

One thing that didn’t change with this iteration of devices is the safety standards. Like all other Instant Pot pressure cookers, this one comes with the same 10 built-in safety features to protect the operator from pressure related malfunctions.

Overview of the Instant Pot IP-Smart

The IP-Smart is Instant Pot’s most technologically advanced pressureInstant Pot IP-Smart Bluetooth cooker currently on the market. The IP-Smart has some of the same basic features as other members of the Instant Pot family.

It acts as a multi cooker with the functions of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, porridge maker, steamer, yogurt maker, food warmer and can be used to sauté.

The IP-Smart has a 24 hour delay timer, and automatic keep warm function with the option to select one of three different temperatures at which to hold your food.

It also comes with 14 preset cooking options, which are controlled by a microprocessor monitoring dual pressure sensors, one at the top of the pot and one at the bottom. The microprocessor and multiple pressure sensors help cook your food more consistently.

The Instant Pot name is synonymous with safety and the IP-Smart is no exception. It carries the same 10 built-in safety mechanisms of all Instant Pot electric pressure cooker.

Although the IP-Smart is incredibly similar to most other Instant Pot pressure cookers, there is one main feature that separates it from the rest. That is its Bluetooth connectivity.

The pressure cooker can pair with both Android and Apple devices.

You can pair your mobile device with the pressure cooker and use the companion app to program recipes. Users can download recipes, or write their own, and share them with friends.

This is convenient because it takes some of the work out of cooking complex recipes.

Reasons to choose the IP-DUO Plus60 over the IP-Smart

  • IP-DUO Plus60 can be used for sterilizing and pasteurizing.
  • IP-DUO Plus60 has egg and cake making programs.
  • Changes can be made to the IP-DUO Plus60 after the cooking process has already started.
  • IP-DUO Plus60 automatically stores adjustments you make to the preset programs.
  • IP-DUO Plus 60 has a larger easy to read display.

Reasons to choose the IP-Smart over the IP-DUO Plus60

  • Recipes can be easily expanded beyond the 14 preset programs.
  • IP-Smart has Bluetooth connectivity for easily programming recipes from your mobile device.

Which pressure cooker should you choose?

This decision comes down to features versus ease of use. If you are simply comparing the different categories of foods you can prepare then, hands down, this decision goes to the new IP-DUO Plus60.

The Plus60 shares all of the basic features and functions of the IP-Smart with the addition of some pretty useful programs. The sterilize function, cake program and egg program, are all additions that can be extremely useful to any cook.

Another very convenient feature unique to the Plus60 is the smart preset programs. The ability to make adjustments to preset programs and have them stored automatically increases the usefulness of the presets. They will not go unused simply because they may not exactly fit a recipe you frequently cook.

The one reason you might choose the IP-Smart over the Plus60 is for the Bluetooth connectivity.

The ability to easily program your pressure cooker manually without having to shuffle through menus directly on the pressure cooker is very appealing, especially for those who are new to using a pressure cooker. However, customers frequently report a lack of consistency with the Bluetooth pairing of the pressure cooker and various mobile devices.

The bottom line is, the additional features of the IP-DUO Plus60, make foregoing the ease of use of the IP-Smart an easy choice.

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