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My Breville Pressure Cooker Reviews

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Are you looking for a few good reviews of the Breville line of pressure cookers? Are you looking for a Breville stovetop pressure cooker?

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Well I've reviewed the Breville Fast Slow Pro electric pressure cooker and although it's pretty awesome I am sad to say that Breville doesn't even carry a regular stovetop version. My hope is one day they will because all of their products are made so well.

In any event my review of the Fast Slow Pro pressure cooker from Breville will focus on the price tag - why it is so high and and is it worth it?

Obviously this electric pressure cooker is only going to be worth it to people with deep pockets but even then some offerings from lower priced brands may offer some families better value.

A Quick Summary of the Breville Fast Slow Pressure Cookers

For starters here is a quick summary video review of the Breville electric pressure cooker. Please note that this device is designed to do everything for you automatically and intuitively. Although many features seem like they are the same in other electric pressure cookers Breville seems to take each feature and squeeze more benefit out of it to you than any other brand.

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Review of Breville Breville BPR700BSS The Fast Slow Pro, 6 Quart

As of early 2017 the only pressure cooker of any kind made by Breville is the Fast Slow Pro, model number BPR700BSS. This model was released in late 2015 and has been tested extensively for a couple years. General consensus is that it's build quality and feature set meet the expectations of it's lofty price tag.

The Fast Slow Pro pressure cooker from Breville was designed to really do everything for you from start to finish. You input your altitude and this machine will adjust all cooking times accordingly for you. At the end of a cooking cycle it will automatically release steam for you so you don't have to manually do it.

It will even allow you to manually adjust the pressure cooking in .5 PSI increments from 1.5 to 12 PSI making it super versatile. There's so much more to say so make sure to click above for pricing info or through this link to read my review of the Breville Fast Slow Pro Model #BPR700BSS.

The Best Alternatives to the Breville Fast Slow Pressure Cooker

On the hgiher end of the spectrum there are a few brands making some really cool electric pressure cookers. Sure Breville has a ton of extremely high reviews and they are a trusted name in the kitchen but there are some alternatives that are worth taking a look at.

One name you are probably aware of is Instant Pot. Their newest model, the IP-Smart Bluetooth, is their high end pressure cooker that does everything possible from their other pressure cookers and then some. It runs on an ap controlled by your phone or tablet and includes a few extra features that the other Instant Pots don't include. Even still this model tends to be less expensive than Breville.

A second alternative to Breville is another kitchen brand that has been a trusted high end brand for many years. All-Clad has their own electric pressure cooker that is priced similarly to the Breville BPR700BSS. The reviews of this pressure cooker however are slightly lower but if you already use a bunch of All-Clad in the kitchen you might want to keep it in family. Of course there are also a couple reasons why you might want to buy the All-Clad over the Fast Slow Pro too so make sure to read my review of All-Clad's CZ720051 electric pressure cooker to nmake that decision for yourself.

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