12 Life Secrets from 70-Year-Olds That Will Change Your Perspective

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AUTHOR: Chris Phelan

We can all learn much from our elders — especially those living their best lives. Unsurprisingly, the greatest generation has a lot of wisdom to impart to the younger generations, and it's time we listened. Recently, elder Americans met in an online discussion to share countless nuggets of wisdom.

1. Have Reasons To Move Your Body

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Being active is vital to a long, healthy life, and many people advise you to do all you can to move your body as often as possible! Take my girlfriend's father, for example. He plays pickup basketball three times a week and isn't shy about going to the gym as much as possible. He's in phenomenal shape and health for his age, and I aspire to be as physically fit as he is one day.

2. Find Something You Love

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If you aren't doing something you love, you must ask yourself: are you even living? One person puts it all into perspective. "I spent years in a job where I made other people rich," reveals one woman. "I now work for an organization where I matter, where I help people, and when I pass, I will be remembered for the endeavors I have been a part of. There is a lot of solace in that. I would recommend finding something you feel is important and doing that."

3. Sleep as Much as You Can

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People who are over 70 are unanimous: sleep as often as possible. When you reach a certain age, sleep becomes increasingly more important. The more rest you get, the more energy you'll have to take advantage of all your opportunities later in life. Nobody wants to be the older adult who sits in a recliner all day, right?

4. Wear Comfortable Shoes

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Many people swear by giving special attention to their feet. After all, they'll carry you for the rest of your life; why would you skimp on footwear? "Strangely enough, the best advice ever given to me was by my general practitioner doctor: Wear comfortable shoes," recalls one man. "I was much older than he was and am currently 83."

5. Enjoy Being Present

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Growing older comes with harsh realities, such as not every moment being captivating or particularly memorable. However, many advise learning to enjoy being present in each moment. Not only will this help give you a better perspective on your life, but you'll be infinitely more enjoyable to be around. It's a win-win proposition.

6. Eventually, Stop Lifting Weights

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There comes a point in everyone's life when it becomes time to put the dumbbells down. Muscle mass deteriorates over time, and putting added stress on your joints and ligaments by lifting weights later in life is a recipe for disaster. Many believe weights should be replaced by active stretching and cardio once you reach your 70s.

7. Don't Neglect Important Relationships

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It's easy for relationships to fade over time. However, fostering those relationships, whether friendships or long-term romantic partnerships, is easy. You have to put in the work! "People living their best lives don't neglect their most important relationships — typically long-term marriages or partnerships," reveals one expert. "The ones with long-term relationships are still having intimate contact with each other. They make each other smile and laugh, even during a short office visit. Be those people."

8. Have a Sense of Purpose

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"Wake up each morning with a sense of purpose, or duty to a service, that you are passionate about, even after you retire," explains one man. "These people never stop serving their partners, family members, or communities." In other words, make every new day matter.

9. Save Room for Dessert

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Life is about making memories and having fun, so countless people advise always saving room for dessert! Why would you want to miss out on the best part of dinner? Of course, this means you need to practice portion control during the other parts of the meal, but in the end, you'll always be happier if you enjoy a delectable piece of Key Lime pie as often as possible.

10. Gardening Is Key

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Everybody knows our bodies are meant to keep moving even in old age, but if you aren't as active as you'd like, consider gardening. "I think gardening is the secret to a long life," advises one woman. "It keeps you active, puttering about your land. I will garden all day and hit 30,000 steps."

11. Don't Blindly Take Every Medication That Is Recommended

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Even though your doctor has your best interests at heart (they're the ones who spent years in medical school, not you), many people advise you to be diligent when researching medication. Some side effects are severe, and many senior citizens confess they'd much rather deal with their symptoms than the side effects pills bring into the fold.

12. Don't "Put on a Few Pounds"

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Take it from the greatest generation: "Putting on a few pounds" may seem innocuous, but it's a slippery slope that can become impossible to escape! While on the surface, there's no harm in gaining a few pounds due to a few weeks of unhealthy eating and low exercise; the reality is that dropping those pounds gets harder as you get older. Many report it's borderline impossible. Don't put yourself through that.

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4 thoughts on “12 Life Secrets from 70-Year-Olds That Will Change Your Perspective

  1. Some really nice items here! I'm just close to 70 and all of my Grandparents made it into their 80's - one item I thought they did odd they all eat dessert first!! I didn’t realize that that was the best part of a meal and that way you always had room! I don’t eat dessert often though when I hit 70 I plan on eating Dessert first at every opportunity I get!

  2. I agree with everything said. But our parents were of the greatest generation. We, in our 70s and 80s are boomers.

  3. A really important thing to avoid especially in your later years is "complaining ". It's a horrible habit, especially because it defines you as a cranky old person. You'll wind up day drinking because everyone will avoid you like the plague. My outlook at 79 is that the older you get, the nicer you have to be and the better you have to dress! Get rid of the negative attitude!

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