10 Products That Used to Be the Best But Aren't Now

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Remember those snacks, gadgets, or household items that used to be the talk of the town? Yep, we're talking about products that were once unbeatable but have since lost their luster. From snacks to toilet paper, a lot has changed. These 10 items were once the best in their category but aren't anymore. Let's take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and see what happened.

1. Cable TV

Cable TV
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Remember when Cable TV was the king of entertainment? We all do! But with the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, cable TV isn't the top choice anymore. Why stick to a fixed schedule when you can watch your favorite shows anytime you want, right?

2. Car Dashboard Controls

Car Dashboard Controls
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There was a time when the dashboard controls on cars were simple and straightforward. But as cars have become more high-tech, so have their controls. The touchscreens and digital displays can sometimes be confusing and harder to use while driving. Many people miss the good old buttons and knobs!

3. Toilet Paper

Young woman in panic buying for toilet paper at supermarket.
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Several commenters observe that in recent years, the number of sheets in each roll has decreased, the rolls have paper are narrower than before, and the paper itself is much thinner than it used to be. These changes mean consumers must buy toilet paper more often since a roll lasts a short time.

4. Levi's Jeans

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 17, 2019: Levi's Denim Jeans Model with Leather Brand Label. Levi Strauss is an American Clothing Company, Selling Classic Vintage Denim Textured Jeans. Levis Jeans Top View
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Previously known for their durability, Levi's jeans have consumers less than thrilled with their quality today. Levi's owners decry the poor quality of the denim, with one claiming, "a new pair will fall apart after a few washes," and a second affirming,

"I swear after three or more washes, the seam twists, and they are infuriatingly unwearable." Others attribute the reduced quality to the company using a cotton blend material instead of 100% cotton.

5. Doc Marten Boots

Rome, Italy - January 22, 2021: Classic black leather Dr. Martens AirWair boots. Dr Martens is an English footwear, accessories and clothing brand
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A former fan of the famed footwear details how their father bought a pair of Doc Marten boots 35 years ago, and they're still in good shape. Yet a pair of boots their mother purchased five years ago is falling apart.

6. Hostess Brand Snacks

Los Angeles, CA/USA 08/20/2019 Shoppers hand holding a package of Twinkies brand golden sponge cakes with creamy filling in a supermarket aisle
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Those who grew up eating Hostess products like Twinkies, HoHos, and Cupcakes remember their freshness, flavors, and serving size. More than a few decry their smaller size and taste, which one contributor to the forum describes as tasting chemicals and having a grainy texture.

7. Pop-Tarts

Long Beach, California/United States - 02/12/2020: A hand holds a box of Pop Tarts Frosted Strawberry, on display at a local grocery store.
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A breakfast treat and snack for generations of kids and adults, the current version of Pop-Tarts isn't making a great impression. A user on the forum wonders why the icing doesn't cover the treat to the edges. Another user laments the reduced filling inside them.

8. Household Appliances

Young woman taking laundry out of washing machine at home
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In previous generations, household appliances like refrigerators and stoves lasted a lifetime. Today's appliances are more technologically advanced, but if they last more than three to five years, that's considered fortunate. It's common for modern appliances to break down during the warranty period.

9. Furniture

Furniture repair and assembly, handyman fixing table using tool, assembling at home after renovation. Happy millennial handsome guy screwing detail with screwdriver in living room interior, indoor
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Many responders on the forum list furniture as an item that isn't made as well as it once was. Somebody sums up the issue as "Everything used to be solid wood. Now it's all paperboard." Another poster on the forum concurs, describing how they stopped buying cheap furniture that fell apart and gradually replaced it with quality handmade wooden items.

10. Candy

chocolate candy
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Chocolate candy has experienced a steep decline in quality, say many people from the online community, with one describing it as "Sweeter but a fake sweet, cloying sweet that doesn't taste right. Plus, regular chocolate bars don't 'snap' like they used to." It's a letdown when a familiar childhood treats like chocolate doesn't taste the same in adulthood.

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