10 Simple Pleasures That Make the Kitchen a Happy Place

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AUTHOR: Maya Capasso

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where people gather to discuss their workdays, come together to prepare, and often eat dinner daily. Home cooks on an online forum recently shared the simple pleasures that make their kitchen their happy place, and well, it's easy to see why these simple pleasures make the kitchen so inviting.

1. Cooking for Loved Ones

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One of the best parts of cooking a great meal is getting compliments from your family and friends. Sharing food means sharing joy and creating connections with the people we love. "I say I have the mentality of an Italian Nonna," writes one user who loves to cook for others.

2. The Smell of Delicious Cooking Food

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The delectable smells that waft out of the oven and into the kitchen make cooking all the more enjoyable. From the smell of sautéed onions and garlic in butter to simmering stews, freshly chopped herbs, and chocolate cake baking in the oven, each unique smell brings a new sense of joy.

"Every time I cook something really aromatic, I open the back door while grinning at the thought of the smell traveling out into the night and causing people's bellies to growl," claims one commenter.

3. Perfecting a Fried Egg

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There's nothing better than learning how to prepare a dish exactly how you like it. And it doesn't have to be as fancy as a roast ham or a three-tiered cake. Making the ideal sunny-side-up egg with a runny yolk and just the right amount of salt and pepper can make a home cook's heart sing.

4. Cleaning as You Go

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There's something incredibly satisfying about cleaning up as you cook. After you eat, the only dishes you have to wash are the plates you used to serve yourself.

"I consider that one of my small wins for the day. I enjoy being a nerd about that," adds one respondent.

5. The Rush

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While some people hate the hectic nature of some recipes, other people find their flow in the moments that require precise timing and quick action.

"It reminds me of the fun parts of being a line cook," shares one individual. Plus, you'll feel accomplished and talented when you serve the meal; everyone loves it.

6. A Sharp Knife

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The difference between using a sharp knife and a dull knife in the kitchen is enormous. Once you sharpen your knife, you're bound to notice the difference. It takes much less time to chop when the blade is razor-sharp, so much so that people find the experience fun and satisfying.

7. The Taste Test

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One of the best parts about being your family's designated cook is tasting the food along the way. It becomes even better when you finally take that last bite to ensure the dish tastes good and realize it's perfect. No one will blame you if you take another large spoonful for yourself before you serve up the meal.

8. The Sounds

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If you pay attention while cooking, you'll notice the kitchen is full of satisfying sounds that feel like sensory bliss. Chopping veggies, rinsing the starch out of rice, and even boiling water provide a natural ambiance in the kitchen. But the best sound of all, according to one user, is "the searing sound of adding something to a hot pan. It is just so satisfying."

9. Catching Up on Podcasts

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For many home cooks, spending time in the kitchen feels like a much-needed break from work and other life obligations. It's a time people can spend relaxing, listening to podcasts, or watching TV in the background. Some prefer to pop on their favorite music to create a calming atmosphere to make dinner and unwind from the work day.

10. The Quiet Time After Dinner

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After you prepare the meal, serve it to the family, and everyone eats their fill, many people experience a moment of peace. One respondent describes this evening hour as "happy tummies, a clean kitchen, and an evening of good times." Nothing but a delicious, filling meal could create such a peaceful atmosphere.

Source: Reddit.

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