10 Ridiculous Rules People Actually Believe In


AUTHOR: Boloere Seibidor

We've all encountered some questionable rules in our lives, but wait until you hear about these!

We've gathered the 10 most ridiculous rules people have ever come up with, and they're guaranteed to leave you shaking your head in disbelief. From the utterly absurd to the hilariously nonsensical, these rules prove that sometimes, people just don't make any sense.

1. One Glass Only

Happy Asian family drinking fresh water for heathly concept
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Experts recommend seven glasses of water daily, about three glasses each morning, afternoon, and evening. 

However, one mother thinks differently. As a kid, one person spent much time at their best friend's house, where they lived, with a drastic rule: one glass of water in the afternoon. Why? She thought that more would "dilute the nutrients in our body." Instead, she gave them 7-UP when they were thirsty.

Now, I may be no expert, but carbonated drinks over water? That's wild! They secretly drank water from the bathroom faucet every time they were thirsty and used the bathroom at her house.

2. Everything On The Tab

Father and son shouting at a friend while they are sitting at home on the couch. Son screams at dad while they sit at home and swear.
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Imagine living with your parents but paying for your food, clothes, and essentials. Can't? Count your blessings, then. 

A boy's parents ran a "tab" for him and his brother, comprising how much they spent daily on food, clothes, sports, etc. Once, their dad yelled at the boys and their friend for eating his snacks. When they graduated, they received the craziest gift ever. Their parents "cleared the tab." 

3. Bedtime Rules 

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Most people grew up with a strict bedtime. It was one way for parents to ensure that their kids didn't stay up all night watching Ben 10. They often let go of this rule as the kids grow older. However, one person's parents insist on it, even in his 20s. 

He had to be in bed by 8 pm. If he was sleeping over at a friend's house, he had to call his dad at 8:00 pm to say he was going to bed. Isn't that just creepy and controlling?

4. No Beer — Like, Ever 

No alcohol. Young man refuses to drink beer. Stop drinking. Say no to alcoholism. Treatment of alcohol addiction
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German and Irish folks might lose their minds if they read this one. A man shares that his wife once had a friend over when she was little. Then, the friend's mom suddenly showed up to take them home. 

Why? The little child had seen beer in the fridge and started crying because they were not allowed to "look at, talk about, think about, and especially drink beer." They were terrified when they saw the can.

5. One At A Time

Young modern man eating sandwiches at home
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Someone claims their great-uncle only allowed one of each item in his house; one bowl, plate, spoon, fork, knife, cup, and light bulb. 

He ate first, then the wife, then the kids by age. When he went to another room, the light bulb followed. This defies logic, and I can't imagine how his family dealt with this. 

6. Bagel Towels

Young woman eating breakfast in the morning looking away to side with smile on face, natural expression.
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The kitchen is a separate entity, and most have sentimentalism attached to it. Still, sometimes, people go overboard with it. 

One individual had a friend whose dad had one paper towel for eating bagels. No one could reheat or eat their bagel on anything other than the bagel towel. No plates or bowls were allowed, too. "You got your turn with the bagel paper towel, or you waited till it was free." Asides from being crazy, that's far from hygienic!

7. Stack Properly

Happy young longhaired woman arranging products on fridge shelves and smiling
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Some people are very particular about certain things and how they want them done. But sometimes, they go overboard. 

A person recalls a friend being kicked out of the house because he stacked things wrong in the freezer, and some bread got squished. He spent the week staying at different friends' houses each night until his parents let him return home. Bread is probably the best thing ever, but if it could talk, I bet it would ask that mom to chill. 

 8. No Closed Doors

A little toddler opening the door. Protecting children from accidents. Low angle view.
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Many parents oppose the idea of their children having closed doors, but whether or not they like it, most children need privacy once they are old enough to have their rooms. 

One man's wife didn't have a door in her bedroom until she was a teenager because "you shouldn't have to hide anything from your parents." Her mom also would get upset if she closed her bedroom door at night when she went to sleep. So all the siblings would sleep with doors open.

9. Still Wearing a Mask


I have a friend who was always on the lookout for ways to improve his chances of finding love. One day, he came up with the idea of wearing a surgical mask on a date, believing that it would make him more attractive and interesting to his potential partner.

There wasn't a second date.

10. No Funny Business

Angry adult mother scolding lazy teen daughter for bad school results at home. Frustrated mum talking to upset teenage girl arguing disciplining child must study. Parent and children conflicts concept
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Some parents never adjust to the fact that their "babies" are now full-grown men and women. Take the story of this person, for instance.

They dated a woman for a while and vacationed to see their families. However, at her parent's house, they could not sit next to each other or stand near one another, let alone sleep in the same bed, because the parents did not want any "funny business" happening in front of them.

11. Who Needs Driving?

Asian woman driving a car
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It's hard to believe that folks still limit their female children and encourage gender inequality. One family doesn't let their teenage daughters learn how to drive. It's a rule, and there's no reason for it, even though driving is one essential survival skill. 

This thread inspired this post. 

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