10 Delicious Trash Food Creations We Can't Resist

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AUTHOR: Rebecca Holcomb

We, humans, can like some gnarly, disgusting food creations. My daughter loves to dip her Oreo cookies in ketchup, and I have a niece who will eat ketchup by the spoonful. But some foods barely make the grade as something edible, and yet we humans love to get inspired and turn hardly edible 'food' into slightly more palatable food. Here are some of our favorite creative inspirations using what we'll loosely call 'trash food.'

1. Slow Cooker Corn Pudding

Corn Pudding
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Considering the only cornbread mix I like is Jiffy, we'll consider that a given. However, I've never made corn pudding, so you'll have to take the risk and let me know how it goes. Here's the recipe from one helpful internet junky. "Jiffy corn muffin mix, a can of kernels, a cam of creamed corn, two beaten eggs, some sour cream, and lots of melted butter. Mix it all up, and toss it in the slow cooker for about three hours on high. Amazing cornbread taste with a soft texture and hot buttery center. A good side for literally everything."

2. Breakfast Garbage Plate

Mixed food plate
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If you love to mix your food together like you're three, the following recipe is right up your alley. One commenter calls it Breakfast Garbage Plate: "Hashbrowns mixed with cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos. Then, topped with eggs. Then breakfast sausage, biscuits, and gravy poured over the pile." Just make sure to check your cholesterol at the door.

3. Pizza Sandwich

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You can substitute your favorite personal-size pizza for Totinos and still produce the same level of trash food. Here are the instructions for this food catastrophe. "2 Totinos frozen pizzas, well done. When they come out of the oven, top one with BBQ sauce, smash them together, cheese to cheese. Pizza sandwich. So trashy. So tasty."

4. Chips Sandwich

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Feel free to use your favorite chips in this sandwich, as it's super simple. "I love Doritos sandwiches. Nothing says, "I hate myself, but this is fantastic," more than sliced white bread with a ton of chips inside." Use the spicy nacho flavor if you like some heat!

5. No Lettuce

Man disliking lettuce
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If you're vegan, you can omit the bacon or replace it with the vegan option of your choice. Here's a sandwich recipe fit for a 'deposed king.' "Bacon and tomatoes with Mayo on store-bought white bread, plenty of salt and pepper. Please note, no lettuce; we do have standards, can't have fancy lettuce classying up the place."

6. Queso Dip Burgers

Queso dip with tortilla
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Everything is better with cheese, as one contributor said. "Queso jarred, or canned cheese with spicy peppers is awful for me and loaded with preservatives and all sorts of junk, but it is DELICIOUS. I love it with tortilla chips and hot pretzels on a burger. Nom, nom, nom!"

7. Cheeseburger Rice

Uncle Ben's Rice
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Uncle Ben's printing it on a box does not make it good. However, two people think it's worth a place on this list. "Cheeseburger Rice: straight from the back of Uncle Ben's box." Contrary to popular belief, rice does not go with everything.

8. Munchies

Hot Cheetos and Cream Cheese
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If you have a terrible case of the munchies, one respondent has something to help you. They shared, "Triscuits with Goat Cheese and Hot Cheetos. My partner calls them 'Stoner Charcuterie,' and they're amazing."

9. Sweet and Salty

French Toast
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Call me snobby, but whenever I eat pancakes, waffles, or French toast, I like them solo. I don't put eggs or any other accompaniment with them outside bacon. However, one contributor thought of this 'trashy' option. "Canned corned beef hash. It's full of saturated fat and sodium, and it looks like fresh vomit. But it's my favorite accompaniment to pancakes/waffles/french toast."

10. Slaw Dogs

Slaw Dogs
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If you like hotdogs, you're almost honor-bound to try this concoction. "Slaw dogs. Heat a hot dog in the microwave. Put it on the cheapest, whitest bun you can find. Top with coleslaw you buy in a tub (it has to be the cheapest they have), top with BBQ sauce and mustard. Serve with a side of canned baked beans."

Trash Can Food

Woman in kitchen cooking
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Some of these options are suitable to try despite their curious creation. Like all quirky lists, however, always take them with a grain of salt if you give them a go so you don't end up tossing them in the actual trash.

Source: Reddit.

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