10 Delicious Fruits You Won't Find at Costco


While Costco offers a vast selection of goods, some fruits are just too rare or exotic for its shelves. This list highlights 10 fruits you're unlikely to find at your local Costco, showcasing the diversity and rarity of global fruit varieties.

AUTHOR: Matt Harris

1. Cherimoya

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The Cherimoya is also called the Custard Apple, which gives you a clue to its taste. If you love fruit and custard, I’d urge you to seek this out because I have tried this one; it’s sweet with a rich custard flavor in the background. The Cherimoya is also said to be one of the healthiest fruits, rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

2. Tangelo

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This is a hybrid citrus fruit that combines flavors of a tangerine and a pomelo, which is a type of grapefruit. The tangelo resembles an orange, and consumers see enough of those, so that’s probably why the tangelo isn’t widely stocked. I’ve yet to taste one, but reports claim the tangelo has a good balance of sweet and sharp flavors.

3. Kumquat

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You may have seen this fruit in more adventurous grocery stores. The kumquat looks like a tiny orange, but it is a citrus variety all of its own. The skin is thinner than a regular orange, while the kumquat has a complex range of flavors, from sweet to tangy to sharp.

4. Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit
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The Dragon Fruit has an odd name and a curious appearance, and it doesn’t look appealing when you cut into it. Maybe that’s why it is only stocked in a few high-end grocery stores. It’s a shame because I can testify that it’s delicious, with a sweet and creamy texture that melts in the mouth.

5. Durian

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There’s a good reason why the Durian fruit isn’t widely stocked: It smells awful. Its odor has been compared to a rotting onion. Strangely, the Durian has a pleasant taste, reminiscent of caramel and vanilla, but its noxious smell means that it’s been banned on public transport in some parts of Southeast Asia.

6. Curry Berry

Curry Berry
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The fruit of the curry tree would benefit from having a different name. I’d expect to bite into the curry berry and taste something like chicken madras, but I’d be wrong. They are similar in size, shape, and color to blackcurrant, and the curry berry has a mild, sweet taste with hints of peppercorn.

7. Hyuganatsu

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The rarity of the Hyuganatsu fruit keeps it out of the stores. It’s grown in Japan and is part of the citrus family. It’s yellow in color, resembles a grapefruit, and has one of the most complex flavors. A Hyuganatsu fruit has a floral taste, hints of honey, and an overall sweet and sour balance.

8. Jackfruit

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Any vegetarians and vegans out there may already be familiar with the jackfruit. It’s sometimes used in producing plant-based meals, and I can confirm that the jackfruit chili is seriously good. As a fruit on its own, the jackfruit is hard to track down, and that’s a pity, as it’s described as combining banana, apple, and mango flavors.

9. Persimmon

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Over here in the United Kingdom, the persimmon was relatively easy to get hold of in the 1990s, but it’s since disappeared. Also known as the Sharon Fruit, its resemblance to an underripe orange tomato may have put people off. Flavor-wise, it’s somewhere between a mango and a pumpkin, which is nicer than it sounds.

10. Kiwano

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Known as the horned melon for its spiky exterior, the Kiwano originates from Africa and has vibrant green flesh. Its texture resembles a thin jelly, while the taste is a mix between a lemon and a cucumber. As they continue to ripen, the Kiwano takes on hints of banana flavor.

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