How to use a Pressure Cooker on an Induction Cooktop

Induction stovetop black and silver top view

No doubt you've read or heard that you can't use a pressure cooker on an induction stove.

Let me tell you right now that that is just not true.

There are of course some pressure cookers that won't work on induction hubs and stovetops but if you use the right one properly then it will work just fine.

Please follow along and I'll let you know how to pressure cook on induction burners.

Induction stovetop black and silver top view

It's Easy to Pressure Cook on Induction if You Follow the Rules

Cooking with a pressure cooker is different from any other cooking appliance. The difference can be attributed to the steam-powered heat that raises the boiling point of the water above 212 Fahrenheit.

The boiling point is altered by the pressure cooker, and it allows the appliance to cook vegetables or meat quickly. This gives busy families a lot more time to focus on what matters. There is no doubt that this appliance can be helpful, though it does require a little know-how because it is different from regular stovetop cooking.

Things can get a little more confusing if you change the cooking method. Those wondering how do you use a pressure cooker on an induction cooktop might be surprised to find out that there are a few things they need to learn.

Why Induction Cook Tops Are Different for Pressure Cookers

An induction burner is different from a regular burner in many ways. For one, it has a ceramic plate that sits on an electromagnetic coil. A strong current is produced by the coil that creates a magnetic field.

The ceramic material helps transfer the fluctuating magnetic waves to the pot above it. Now, it should be noted that an induction cooker does not heat up the burner but rather allows the heat to pass through. Also you should know that not all glass top stoves use induction burners. If you are using a pressure cooker on a glass top stove you will have to dig deeper to find out if it uses induction technology.

The burner's magnetic field spreads out if there is no pan or pot on top of it. This dispenses the energy quickly, but things change the moment the pot or pan is placed on the induction cooktop. The magnetic force shoots the currents into the pressure cooker.

What does all this mean? It means that the induction cooktop will heat the pressure cooker faster and evenly. The reason that an induction cooktop is better than regular cooktops deals with the way electricity is conducted. Regular cooktops use iron to transfer heat to the pan or pot. Iron turns electricity into heat, and the energy disperses quickly. This is the reason why heating takes a little longer than it needs to.

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For the induction cooktop, the heat fills the pressure cooker once the magnetic fields reach the appliance. This means that a pressure cooker will boil water twice as fast with this method as oppose to a regular burner.

This also means that you will not have to scrape off burnt food from the bottom of the appliance. The phenomenon where certain portions of a dish burns and gets stuck to the cooker is usually caused by what some cooks call hot spots. Hot spots occur with regular burners because the burner heats up one area much faster than the others. This means that this area ends up cooking longer than the rest of the food inside the pot or pan.

It should be noted that the induction cooktop returns to normal temperature much faster than a regular cooktop. This should definitely reduce the chance of an accident. So using an induction cooktop when cooking with a pressure cooker means efficient and safer cooking, which can be helpful for you and your family.

Here is video of a pressure cooker designed for use on induction hobs.

YouTube video

Yes You Can Use Your Pressure Cooker On An Induction Stove Top

Now, there are a few things you should remember when using an induction cooktop to cook with your pressure cooker, like the following:

  • There is no need to preheat the appliance; induction cooktops heat up quickly.
  • Bring your cooker to pressure using medium heat.
  • Make heat adjustments when the cooker is full to maintain adequate pressure.
  • Use the cooktop's timer to shut off the heat automatically and reduce the chances of overcooking.

Using a pressure cooker on an induction cooktop is a little different, and it does require some heat adjustments, but the results are definitely worth the effort.

What's the best pressure cooker for induction?

So after we know how to use a pressure cooker on an induction stove top, it's time to decide which pressure cooker to buy, based on your needs and budget.

I made a complete guide just for this mission, so feel free to check out the best induction pressure cookers.

7 thoughts on “How to use a Pressure Cooker on an Induction Cooktop

  1. I have a very expensive aluminum pressure cooker that cost $500.00. Can I use a induction disk on the stove. I don’t want to get rid of the pressure cooker.

  2. Hi, I have a Belling ceramic cooktop induction oven. I have a Tefel No 5 Cooktop Pressure Cooker.
    I love using my pressure cooker but I’m completely lost with cooking it on the induction ceramic top.
    What I have been doing is turning hot plate to number 8 then turning down once the gauge is sealed. However that’s when it seems to unseal as it cools to medium temperature. I think it has been a fluke that things have turned out.
    Could you please help me with my pressure cooking problem?
    Cheers Marie

  3. I ordered a 5 quart Bella pressure cooker from Macy's a few days ago and then remembered that I can't just order any old type of pot or pan because I have an induction cook-top now. The only description on the pressure cooker was that it was aluminum. I don't think aluminum is magnetic, so I'm trying to find out whether to cancel that order or not. However, I did order a pan this year that looked as if it was aluminum but it surprisingly worked on my cook-top! Now I'm confused. I called Macy's who said to just try it and return it, because they couldn't give info about whether it would work. I asked them to please transfer me to that department where someone could read the box to me. The phone has been ringing for literally 35 minutes, unbelievable, no one picks up. Now I remember why shopping at the store was better than shopping online.

    1. Sorry Justice... Aluminum won't work. It HAS to be stainless steel, & sadly... some manufacturers will use a 'steel' metals blend so they can advertise steel. I shopped... Stainless Steel Induction Friendly. Good Luck

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