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Fagor Duo Vs Elite

I'm not alone in saying these two cookers look almost the same.

They seem to be very little differences that can be noticed just from looking aside from price.

Fagor Duo stovetop pressure cooker alongside Fagor Elite

The Fagor Duo is one of Fagor's more affordable lines of pressure cookers. It is very similar to many of their other cookers while offering a cheaper price point than many. This is true as well for the Elite Pressure cooker. That being said, if they are the same why would you spend more money on the Elite to get the same thing?

This article today will be comparing and contrasting the Fagor Duo and the Fagor Elite Stovetop Pressure Cookers. Just two out of many pressure cookers manufactured By Fagor.

Fagor is one of the most popular brand names and is well known for having stainless steel pressure cookers that hold up much better than your average aluminum pressure cooker.

Hopefully, this article will teach you something or give you new insight on one of these cookers so that you can make a more informed purchase in the future and get the best value for your money.

That said, let's take a look at any differences between these cookers.

How Are The Elite And The Duo Different?

As I said these cookers are extremely similar. But they are different in a few ways;

  1. As of the time of writing, the Fagor Elite is only available from Macy's.
  2. The Elite is a much older model than the Duo and is marked at a higher price because it is being phased out.
  3. The Duo cookers are extremely affordable and durable

Those are the most prominent differences between these two cookers.

As I said, the Elite Cooker is marked higher because it is quite old and Fagor are phasing it out to make way for newer products such as the Duo. Not to say that is isn't still worth purchasing, there is something to be said for the phrase 'you get what you pay for'.

Either way, these cookers are both incredible and you can't really go wrong.

Let's take a look at both of these cookers individually. Starting with the Duo.

The Fagor Duo

The Fagor Duo pressure cooker is one of the most widely used stovetop pressure cookers. It is a versatile cooker and provides some neat functionality that you won't get out of a standard pressure cooker.

This cooker has many options on it such as multiple pressure settings and variable sizes. Not to mention the safety mechanism on the lid to keep it locked in place. This is nice because it keeps the lid from accidentally popping off while the cooker is pressurized.

The Low-pressure settings are 8psi while the high pressure is 15psi.

Another thing to note about the Duo cooker is its reliability. This cooker has a ten-year warranty and was voted best buy for stovetop cookers in some of the leading culinary magazines and shows.

This cooker will help with cost effectiveness. They last a very long lasting lifespan and as long as you don’t leave it on the burner they won’t be ruined.

The different sizes;

Back to what I mentioned earlier; The Duo has 4 sizes. The 4-quart and the 6-quart are, mostly, made from the same material as the other two cookers. 18/10 stainless steel, the differences is that the 4 and 6-quart have an extra outer aluminum 'sandwiched' coating. This helps ensure that these smaller cookers are able to spread out the heat more evenly without burning the food or the pot.

As you can see, this cooker is quite useful and is a nice addition to any household. For most families, the 8-quart model will be a perfect balance. It is large enough to feed a whole family and is still small enough to allow for easy cleaning and storage.

The Fagor Elite

Most of you will remember the Fagor Elite if you have been into cooking for a long time. This cooker is one of their older models and has been around for a while. Fagor has increased the price of this cooker to phase it out of the market to make way for more of their newer products like the Duo.

Not to say that it still isn't worth buying, it is just much more expensive than the Duo. This cooker for most people has lasted longer than any other product they have purchased.

This cooker, like the Duo, is usable on all surfaces; Gas, Induction, Ceramic and Electric. It is made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel, no aluminum coating on this one.

Having said that, which should you get?

Should You Choose The Fagor Duo Or The Fagor Elite?

Honestly, there aren't too many things that make these cookers different.

The Fagor Elite is the Predecessor to the Fagor Duo. It was marked up so that people would look to Fagor's newer products. Honestly, you can't go wrong either way because even at it's price, there's something to be said for getting what you pay for.

But truly, any price conscious consumer would choose the Fagor Duo as it is the newer model of the Elite and in most every way including price, it is superior.

So for this article, I personally would have to recommend the Fagor Duo over the Elite Simply for that reason.

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