Easy Instant Pot Recipes

One afternoon, I was expecting my kids after school and they told me, on very short notice, that they were coming back with friends. I had a wooden spoon in one hand, my instant pot over the kitchen counter, and only a few ingredients inside my refrigerator. What do I feed them all with? I didn’t have enough time to go buy groceries and my wife was not going to be able to do it neither. I didn’t want to order food neither, I want my family to eat homemade meals.

These are the situations were easy instant pot recipes come in handy. I transformed the meatballs I made for my kids’ lunch into meatballs and potato soup, and turned boring, although nutritive, asparagus sticks into a delicious snack by wrapping them with prosciutto and garnishing them with parmesan cheese. And it took me less than 20 minutes.

You can always find something amazing to prepare using whatever you have at hand and in a short time if you have the right recipes.

Instant Pot Mild Curry Omelette

This omelette is very light, scrumptious and fluffy. It is a pleasure to have it in your breakfast. It is good

Instant Pot Apple Butter

This is a delightful butter. You can use it with different eatables. This apple butter is creamy in texture and

Instant Pot Baked Potato

This baked potato has a crisp, golden skin, and is light and fluffy on the inside. This is great as an appetizer

Instant Pot Burrito With Pork

Burrito with pork is a perfect and luxurious main course for the dinner table. Instant Pot Burrito With Pork 5

Instant Pot Chutney Eggs

This is a yummy dish served as a side dish. It is a pleasure to have it in different parties. It is easy to make.

Instant Pot Buckwheat porridge

Buckwheat is a plant and is very healthy for humans. Buckwheat porridge is scrumptious and yummy. Instant Pot

Instant Pot Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are sweet and tasty. They fulfil your hunger pangs and gives you energy for the rest of you day.

Instant Pot Simple Green Beans

Green beans are very healthy for us. They are a great side dish and can be seasoned with anything you like. Don&

Instant Pot Broccoli

This instant pot broccoli has a perfect scrumptious texture and it tastes so amazing. Cooking it in instant pot

Instant Pot Pulpo Gallego

This mouth-watering pulpogallego has the most amazing fragrant and taste.You can enjoy it with your family.

Instant Pot Baby Carrots with mint

These baby carrots with mint dish has a pleasant taste and is quickly made using an Instant pot. It is nutritious

Instant Pot Egg Salad

It is a very easy salad that is cooked in Instant pot and is a treat for people who love salads. Adding eggs in

Instant Pot Fish Tacos

These fish tacos are great treat to you and your family. You can also serve it with different dips and enjoy.

Instant Pot Gluten free Spaghetti with Tomato and Basil

This is a very popular dish which is yummy and easy to make to satisfy the cravings. Serving with bail and tomato

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese Made with Ricotta

Mac and cheese is one of the most popular dishes over the world. It’s easy to make and kid friendly, which

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